McSwain to choose between IU and Kansas State #iubb

Junior college forward Freddie McSwain has whittled his list of transfer options down to two.

McSwain will choose between Indiana and Kansas State on April 24 at 6:30 Eastern, he announced through his Twitter account on Tuesday. The 6-foot-6 forward from Neosho County Community College landed his IU offer on March 29.

He plans to visit Bloomington next Monday through Wednesday.

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  1. I don’t recall KSU winning their conference Championship outright or going to the Sweet 16 twice in the last few years. Must have missed that.

    Trolls are what they are.

  2. Seriously t? Why are trolls like you on here? Did Harvard fart you out? You’re just pitiful.

    I’m all for a variety of viewpoints from actual contributors but you’re just nothing. Why waste the electrons?

    Feel free to flame away but I read the Scoop through an RSS feed and you just got deleted so I’ll never see anything you write.

  3. Another nice piece to the puzzle. Priller certainly on the illuminated seat if TW does not go pro. If the 4* Australian PG should like IU and commit there will have to be more give. Don’t forget experienced Pitt transfer Josh Newkirk will be the next IU PG. Bigs, guards and long wings, the way IU BB was intended. We are by my observation in the right direction for re-entering IU’s position of BB elitism.

  4. I’m surprised TP has hung around as long as he has. He could gt some real PT at a DII school and they give scholarships. Of course, he may be hip deep in an academic program he wants to complete.

  5. Why would not T.P. want to hang around a beautiful school like IU and take advantage of what his situation and school has to offer him?

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