Niego leaves IU to pursue scholarship elsewhere #iubb

Harrison Niego turned down a handful of scholarship offers last spring to accept a walk-on opportunity at Indiana.

He produced more than expected in his role off the bench, but with IU’s backcourt set to crowd next season, Niego will look to spin that success into a scholarship situation elsewhere.

Indiana announced Niego’s plans to leave the program on Friday evening. It’s an unsurprising development given the Hoosiers’ plans to add three scholarship guards in next year’s recruiting class. IU will also have former Pittsburgh point guard Josh Newkirk eligible after he sat out last season due to NCAA transfer rules.

“Coming to IU and being part of the program has been one of the best experiences of my life,” Niego said in a statement. “After much thought, I have decided to look for opportunities that will allow me to have an expanded role on the court and one that will also pay for my education. I’m indebted to Coach Crean and the staff for believing in my ability and inspiring me every day to get better and to my teammates who will always be like family. It has been an honor to play for Indiana.”

Niego appeared in 25 games off the bench last season, often playing meaningful minutes for a team with only three scholarship guards available after James Blackmon Jr. suffered a season-ending ACL injury at the end of December. He averaged 4.4 minutes per game, scoring 11 total points, grabbing 15 rebounds and dishing six assists against four turnovers.

Although his time in Bloomington was brief, Niego made himself a part of program history when he hit the Hoosiers’ 19th 3-pointer in a win over Illinois in January. It set a new Big Ten record for most made in a conference game.

A native of Western Springs, Illinois, Niego played in the same Lyons Township High School program as former IU guard Nick Zeisloft.

Prior to taking the walk-on opportunity at IU, Niego held scholarship offers from North Dakota State, Illinois-Chicago and Northern Illinois. Niego also considered Ivy League schools Yale, Dartmouth and Cornell.

In a text message sent to The Herald-Times on Friday, Niego said he’s looking for a scholarship at a mid-major or smaller Division I school, “that fits my style of play and also has high academics.”

“I certainly believe that he is a Division I player and we want to help him in any way we can to achieve his goal of earning a scholarship,” IU coach Tom Crean said in a statement. “He will impact a program with his decision making, leadership, shooting and tenacity on defense and is a high character young man. He brings a tremendous work ethic and great energy to everything he does.”

Although Indiana must replace graduated point guard Yogi Ferrell next season, the Hoosiers have plenty of options. Robert Johnson could take on a bigger role as the initiator of the offense, while Newkirk provides IU with another natural point guard possibility. Blackmon is also expected back, and the program will welcome a pair of combo guards in four-star prospect Curtis Jones and three-star recruit Devonte Green, the brother of San Antonio Spurs forward Danny Green. Crown Point shooter Grant Gelon will also be in the mix.

“We will miss Harrison,” Crean said, “but I understand and we will support him fully and completely. In our minds, he will always be part of our Hoosier family. He did everything that we had asked of him and more. He got better and made us better.”


  1. “We will miss Harrison,” Crean said, “but I understand and we will support him fully and completely.

    How can anyone read that statement and keep a straight face…? “But I understand…” Hilarious. You should learn to understand how Villanova can beat an unbeatable team, Mr. Deep Understanding.

  2. He’s a walk on looking to pursue a scholarship. He’s not good enough to get one at IU, but his time here probably gave him better opportunities than what were available before. Not a hard one to figure out.

  3. HH, what an absurd post. Harrison’s statement is easy to understand and has zero to do with Villanova’s great run to a Championship (with a “Watford shot” to grab the victory!)!

  4. As soon as I saw the headline of this story, I laughed out loud because I knew Harv would be first to post some delusion-inspired and inane comment. He did not disappoint. And now, Harrison Niego joins the long list of young men FORCED to transfer from IU as a result of that evil, manipulative puppet master, Tom Crean. In Harv’s mind, young men lose all free will and the ability to think for themselves once they fall under Tom Crean’s mystical spell (hey, maybe it has something to do with that Christianity thing, right Harv?). To Harv, Crean has the power to control these intelligent your men’s minds (but can’t prevent some from drinking alcohol and violating other team rules). His mind-control powers are so strong, it overrides any influence that the young man’s parents and family have. Therefore, according to Harv, Niego was “forced” to transfer from IU, and he’s just another one of Crean’s victims. I mean who cares if Niego can obtain a full ride scholarship, saving him and his family $40,000 dollars a year? Who cares that Niego will increase his chance of getting more playing time by going to another team? Who cares if he might get to play closer to home? To Harv, anyone who transfers from IU has been victimized. Is there any remaining doubt that Harv is delusional?

  5. Where did I say he was forced to transfer? You’re a bit too caught up. They are all better off when they leave clown central….whether pushed or by way of better opportunity. Doesn’t change the fact that Crean’s usual empty blow of deep understanding is hilarious….as our his apologists.

  6. Good for Harrison. Smart move. He would have seen zero minutes next year with the influx of better guards. The kid that should also go is Priller. The question is if he could even get an offer from another D 1 school. IU has some transfer options in case Williams leaves and Priller would need to go to free that spot. This assumes Priller actually wants to play instead of sitting on the bench.

  7. Bad to the bone…Just where I choose it to be. Unlike you, a complete fraud and apologist too weak to ever want the best for IU.

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  9. Hoosier Hopeful your post is insulting to real Hoosiers! Coach Crean picked Tim Priller for a scholarship whe IU was really “hurting” for players on the roster over 6’8. The demands on each and every scholarship players on the Indiana roster from conditioning, strength, individual skill training, team workouts, travel, academics, etc. are intense. In addition to these demands Tim has been a model student-athlete, well liked on the campus, a lovely IU coed girlfriend, and a great smile on his face, under the intense public scrutiny that Indiana basketball creates. Any parent would be proud of a son like Tim! Most fans assumed that it would be in his third year that Tim would get a chance to show that he could contribute in games as well as in practices. Next year we will see. What we see in you is a shallow, no nothing, back-stabber with nothing better to do than to denigrate a good kid who may not be a great basketball player according to your “lofty” standards.

  10. Priller can’t be cut…He’s in charge of the snacks for Scooby Dooby Doo Doo Crean…

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  11. Harv, you calling me “a complete fraud” is a badge of honor for me. I cherish that coming from you.

  12. Let’s also keep in mind how “bad” you have “it”….Why? Because, per usual, my first post made no mention of you, nor was directed at you, but you still had to start back up with the “delusional” stuff.

    What do you know….? I look over on the side bar and there’s another post where you are making reference to famous Spanish literature again…? Is that the only classic work where you hit the Cliff’s Notes? You should really expand your horizons….Are you familiar with “Old Man and the Sea”..? Anything by Dickens?….Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray?

    Not only are you a complete fraud, but your range in literature is rather shameful.

  13. I wonder what “considered Ivy League schools Yale, Dartmouth and Cornell” means. Shoot, I ‘considered’ them, too. Unfortunately, they did not respond in kind. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t a very good student. That may have played a part. If this kid was accepted to Yale, Dartmouth, and Cornell but chose IU he really was chasing a basketball dream. It will be interesting to see where he lands.

    Anybody remember Errick Peck? He was an Indianapolis kid who finished his career at Purdue but not until after he graduated from Cornell.

  14. Ya PO it was not directed at you but did start “how can anyone”. Very specifically stated “anyone” is not you. Hell we all recognized that. It was clear as the usual mud thrown around here by the now insignificant h4h.

  15. You’ve been insignificant since your Barney Frank comments on Scoop that revealed just the sort of “man” you are. Keep attacking, Mr. Worldly Clarion. Keep oinking.

  16. The tribalism is strong amongst the fans. Every single bit of Hoosier news (and not even related to basketball at lot of times) devolves into drawing lines over who hates or loves Crean. It may be the single most boring topic on the internet now.

  17. Why didn’t you consider it boring when it was hating on Lynch or Samson…or Knight? Your hateful and divisive comments aimed at Knight were no less boring….

    And when Crean basketball settles back into its inevitable boring level of uninspiring apology and acceptance of mediocrity, there will once again be a banner reunion planned by Fred; supplemented by various attempts at giving Scoop rankings shock treatments via stories of Bobby still giving his middle finger to CharlaTom and the traveling circus act. Double Down will proceed to tell us how he’s had enough of the :”old bitter man”: while using his next four posts to slobber over the phenomenal Golden State Warriors(a topic of most stimulating interest to all Hoosier fans watching their college basketball program rot in apology, tempered expectations, and defeatism.).

  18. DD, you have some of that exactly right. Redundant rants are extremely boring. And who is the one Scoop participant most likely to perpetuate this boring topic? Who is the one participant who routinely destroys a thread by inserting anti-Crean rants that are completely irrelevant to the topic of discussion that a story initiated? Who is it that uses the Scoop to perform his monotonous and delusional soliloquies? Who is it the routinely posts five or six consecutive and long posts that drone on and on about his obsession? Who continues to fail to understand that those who oppose him no longer do so in support or defense of Tom Crean (he needs no one’s defense), but simply because they resent him continuing to ruin so many potentially fun and interesting IU sports discussions on the Scoop? Reading a Scoop discussion thread without that one person inserting his cancerous anti-Crean nonsense is like taking a breath of fresh air on a warm, sunny, spring day. Too bad there aren’t more of them.

  19. Such another jealous little boy…..Tsao saw right though your “spring days” . a level of warm found in a Chicago winter…A Hoosier somehow scorned….A child with level terrorizing inane clear as cellophane. A defeatist who will change with the careful wind and light the torches for “wreckers” to be punished when its most in vogue. It’s these entrenched defeatists that brought you Crean on the Zero Tolerance Train of the Establishment. They want nothing of success for Indiana. And if at first they don’t succeed, they will …?

  20. Harv, are you crabby because the glory days of your passions are a thing of the past? Why do you choose to define yourselves by purities of your rooting interests. We get it. You’re vastly superior in your ability to call hypocrites to the mat.

    My hateful and divisive comments toward Knight? You argue with more boogymen than all the 5 year olds in America combined.

  21. Just recall you acting as if your Rosebud stolen when Knight attended a barnyard dance for Gene Keady ..

    Passions are often prisoners of hopeless results and dysfunctional love…but I’ll keep fighting.

  22. PC doesn’t get it with me. My comments described Frank accurately. But PC controls you so you did not like my term. Plain fact. Unlike you making up things to fit your bias about Coach Crean I made nothing up about Frank.

  23. It wasn’t my “PC” that brought the outrage ..I never saw the comment…I only witnessed the aftermath, comments from Chet, and subsequent removal of what must have been your lovely level of pig farm uncouth.

  24. Egads Harv.

    I’ve criticized and defended aspects all Indiana’s coaches at various times. I don’t claim to be right either. I’m just having discussions. You have it out for Crean. I don’t love the guy either (even after this year), but you’re obsessed.

    Sorry if I hold you to a higher standard. You love Indiana basketball for all the right reasons and you want the program to reflect those reasons. You have the ability to be so insightful. I’d normally just ignore it, but I know you’re capable of better.

  25. It’s time to choose your island tribe, DD. This side is of smaller numbers….but we won’t push a boulder off a cliff to smash anyone. Violence or talk of its previous joy is not our way. And we won’t push a boulder off a cliff because your of a more passive nature, agnostic, or chubby.

    I know the tribe you belong. You would always choose civility and be capable of looking inward enough to know nothing of judgment or belief is worth implying man a beast.

  26. Thank you, Harv. That was very considerate. Given your perspective, I consider an insult from you to be a good thing. It reassures me and brightens my day.

  27. I’m humbled that anything from a delusional, manic, windmill chasing nutbag and spoiler of all things sacred on Scoop is just enough for your pure and pious spit to fire up some reassurance. You have now just placed meaning into my life. I wish I could be you for a day. Then again, how much beauty of the earth and sun can arrive for anyone chasing my dark and sinful delusions? How much warmth of spring day rests upon thy shoulders while I type away..? I would guess that’s enough sun to make your soul quite cold and your skin quite pale. But, oh, to spend a day in the purity of your cold and damp dungeon that gives such claim to its own warmth. ..? You are the Lord…You are the sun….Be careful…To own the light on the misguided of the lost(whether by truth in your heart or to deceive in public advantage) will call upon a judgment not from anyone here you seek or claim reassurance.. Proverbs A-117.5 + 6 = Clouds – 14 Abraham + Joseph & David, page 1746, Old Testament.

  28. It is your PC and post 18 proves so. Outrage. How silly. I was and still am not influenced by PC or the proponents of the same. And my description of Frank is still accurate. You can’t refute it. People have caught up with your BS on here and your being challenged more and more. We all know your bias against Coach Crean but you just keep creating stories to feed it. Your readership is steadily slimming.

  29. If you’re not influenced then keep using the uncouth word you chose to describe Frank.

    And if you my readership is slimming, it’s getting more fat from the pig farmer …It sort works like this…If you’re responding, you’re reading. I may write a lot of crap, but I can be assured Podunker, Chet, and Clarion will still roll in it. Don’t kid yourself…and Frankly speaking, Chet is still reading….

    I don’t care if I’m read by Team Apologists. Creativity of wisdom and words could set no lower bar for peer review. …and thus explains the level of appeal you hold in CharlaTom.

    Seahawk Tom still seems to enjoy a bit of my rants and assessments of the day….It’s never been a numbers thing for me.. NoMendacity shines bright as the only admitted opposite sex contributor at this Gentlemen’s Yacht Club to vote in approval… …Their opinions, though not as frequent as the hate mail, mean far more to me than the Hoosier defeatists and the uncouth that follow Crean cologne like a dog in heat.

  30. Chet the reason that you say “considered” the Ivy schools is that they technically do not give athletic scholarships. They can not offer you anythi