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  1. When AT was running the ball was the time IUFB was among the top teams in the Big Ten. It was back in the day of ball control offenses and IU was excellent at controlling the game by feeding the ball to AT. His records as a RB may not be broken by a Hoosier because they won’t get the ball 52 times like AT did. Even when IU didn’t lean on AT so much he still routinely got more than 30 carries a game. The biggest year during his time at IU was IU beating both OSU and Michigan in the same year. Of course it was a year where both teams were down but still a milestone for IUFB.

    IU has excelled at football in the 40s after WWII, the Rose Bowl team, and the era with AT playing RB under coach Mallory. Now I hope IU continues to improve to include the 2016 teams into this same level of teams at IU.

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