1. It is good to see a report from the defensive side of the ball. Listening to coach Allen convinces me the defense will be better because of the approach he takes. It is important to demand a lot from the players because as he said they deliver what you expect of them. The key will be to have all 11 know what they are doing and playing like demons to make plays.

    Listening to coach Joseph it explains why ball skills weren’t very good the past couple of years. I can’t imagine a defensive staff not emphasizing and practicing ball skills especially on the deep ball. Deep passes become a situation of angles and how much field you can cover. I coached DBs as a high school and my corners knew they had FS help on deep balls because we practiced drills on deep balls emphasizing how much field you could cover. My FS was expected to get there and call who would take the ball or who had the receiver based on his position on the receiver. I questioned last year if the coaches were teaching this [they weren’t]; Coach Joseph makes it clear they are doing it now.

  2. v13- Hope you are right. Over the last several seasons a lot of commenters here moaned about the lack of talent in the IUD, but that was not the problem in so many cases. Low-rent or not, our DBs were furlongs out of position on play after play. I say that’s a coaching problem; if the players don’t understand the system it needs to be scrapped or the persons teaching it need to be scrapped.

  3. davis. like you I hope the changes do bring better defensive play as there was little excuse for the big plays with players out of position. I am cautious though because our offense makes the leagues good defense look poor at times so I know IU’s defense will come up short on some plays. However there should be players in the area making it tougher on teams instead of free lanes to the end zone.

    The best comparison with talent and a good defense is NW and there is no reason IU defense can’t play at that same level.

  4. WR Dom Booth has asked for and received his release from the IU FB program. I hope this puts Patrick back to WR now that a couple of D backs have returned to RB position.

  5. Are the amounts of dollars donated to the football program by John Mellencamp public record?

    Though the battery charges were reduced(with an additional undisclosed $$$ settlement between Mellencamp and the family of the young man erroneously beaten and kicked), I personally believe it to be shameful to have the Mellencamp name or any of their ilk anywhere near our sports programs.

    I got a kick(no pun intended) out of the statement released after the years of delays and maneuvering of this case: “The felony battery charges against the brothers were reduced to misdemeanors during a court hearing Friday, because medical records did not substantiate “serious bodily injury” as charged in the felony battery case.” I’ll refrain from saying what I really think….But when considering how the term “thugs” was thrown around Bloomington as a way to reference some of Sampson’s players, every time I see a photo of the IU practice filed displaying a huge wall painted with the name “Mellencamp,” I think of how money paints a thug into Miss America.

    Things have a strange way of finding a certain sort of karma balance….I don’t expect IU Football to have much more positive movement than the level of integrity it maintains for the price o a few donated dollars on the fists of “celebrity.” The football will smell with the same stench of manipulated court rooms. It will smell for a very long time.

    We shouldn’t compare what happens at Northwestern to Indiana Football. A culture of entitlement and apology nests in the southern hills walling off Bloomington from a level of honest scrutiny and accountability found at most other institutions. We run people out of town with labels of “thugs” without ever a touch of honest introspection of a protected culture of hypocrisy elevated as something more pure at Indiana. We aren’t Northwestern.. I don’t believe we have the integrity that starts from the top. Much like Indiana, I’m sure Northwestern struggles to maintain the money machine to build a legit football contender in the Big 10…
    But I honestly don’t think coaching names like Carmody, Collins, Fitzpatrick….would ever be content at IU. ..Sadly, I tend to believe I.U. attracts a different sort of lot these days. It’s a place of prettier ‘thugs’ ..It’s a place where coaches hire their own Athletic Directors….It’s a place rather hidden from the urban eye of a large and more balanced media…It’s a tough place(much like PSU in its ugly days of protection) to find objectivity…A columnist for a newspaper in Chicago doesn’t have the Peyton Place pressures that continually force apology and agreement in the southern Indiana town so removed and influenced by the ruling powers of privilege protecting the inner circles of IU Athletics. There will always be names who will find such a place not so appealing. A beautiful campus and hip Kirkwood village is no substitute for a culture that can exhale by way of an honest canvas sustaining thorough scrutiny outside of those forever describing and painting upon its own portrait.

  6. Well, it started out as a good discussion about football! Then Don Quiote de la Mancha decided to ruin yet another thread. Where has Sancho Panza run off to?

  7. H4H, sorry to hear you are so down on IU but that is your prerogative. I am not so quick to tarnish a name because of one incident because if that were the case, few of us would be unblemished. I have avoid many of life’s missteps but I have always known that it only took one incidence to change that IE someone threatens my wife or kids. I come from a hard school which the Marine Corps honed and I don’t take to those threats kindly; fortunately we have avoided those situation. I don’t know the situation with Mellencamp other than to know it wasn’t the severe beating portrayed in the lawsuit. I have been around Mellencamp [my uncle refurbished his cars] a bit through my uncle and found him to be a good old boy from Seymour not some vicious thug to eliminate from Hoosier campus. Lines do have to be draw but I am discouraged by the “high and mighty” that hold their behavior up as the ideal. For me I have no problem with people, that do no real harm to others, that act differently than I do. Too many today want all of us to behave the same way and think the same way but American greatness is based on different peoples and different ideas not group think that has invaded many campuses.

    Once again I have no problem with your statement, just discouraged you chose to paint sch a wide brush at so many of us.

  8. HC, I wondered if this was coming as he never seemed to develop into the WR people thought he would. I agree I would like to see Patrick back at WR as we have very good RBs but no stud receiver just good ones. Having him released takes away any discontent that could infect others. One of the hardest things for coaches is convincing players to be team players not me players. It is something I hear from Coach Allen that makes me optimistic the defense will improve this year.

  9. i’m really looking forward to the next week’s Spring Game/practice. Right now everything is positive and everyone is undefeated and getting faster, stronger and more athletic. The Spring game really helps separate hope from hype. Looking forward to the new defense. Let’s see if the front four can put on some pressure and hopefully we’ll see the d backs covering more closely than last year. Also looking forward to Lagow and King at QB. Too bad the “best player on the team” won’t play in the Spring game for the second straight year (Camion Patrick). Too bad Dom Booth is leaving but also a great sign that he’s probably going because he wasn’t getting onto the field with so much talent stacked up at wide receiver. Everyone should go to the spring game– it’s usually a great event with free food, free tours, free seating and an up close look at next year’s team.

  10. 123, I am looking forward to the Spring game too because you are right about separating hope from hype. It will be fun to see how the new defense operates and how well they play the way Coach Allen wants them to play. The game also should separate the QBs to give us a better idea of who will be in the running for starting position. I also want to see how the RBs perform without Howard in the backfield. The OL seems to be up to his standards but this game should show how effective they can be. I want to see how the defensive front plays to see if they can take some of the pressure off the secondary. The game won’t show the team IU will put on the field in the fall as defense has at least three players missing and offense will have at least one missing.

    I hope I can make it up to the game but my daily pain has flared up into the stratosphere so I will have to see if my body calms down before the Spring game gets here.

  11. I am discouraged by the “high and mighty” that hold their behavior up as the ideal. For me I have no problem with people, that do no real harm to others, that act differently than I do. Too many today want all of us to behave the same way and think the same way but American greatness is based on different peoples and different ideas not group think that has invaded many campuses.

    Yup, that’s the tolerance I witnessed when Kelvin’s entire team was painted as thugs(none of which committed any level of violence that could compete with what was accepted and fully tempered as were the thug-like acts by the children and friend of a washed up celebrity who throws some of his small change at IU Sports).

    Do you honestly believe any sort of judgment in a courtroom necessarily reflects the beating that took place on that front porch? Do you honestly believe the two years of sweeping the events under a rug(by IU Athletics with ties to the names involved and the local press) was a quest for truth? Don’t forget…O.J. was innocent too. I have no room for violence or the tactics of intimidation those on this blog have used to threaten the use of violence(via there own history with violent behavior)…I don’t want one ounce of their ilk attached to the Indiana name.

    We should demand more of ourselves. i think you’re right…Bloomington is full of many “good old boys” that rule its little world… And that’s exactly how we end up with average coaches who find a nice home to funnel their one way of seeing the world…Narrow and exclusive defines the place. It’s more of a small town high school world that has not evolved(nor ever will under the current type of leadership)….They forgive who they choose to forgive and accept differences when it fits within the exclusivity of the protected/celebrity/donating class. It has nothing to do with a true desire to bring integrity, objectivity, and competitive sports to Indiana. The only way to truly break through is to tear down the walls of inner influence that has a stranglehold on the spots programs.

    I don’t think you’re a good old boy, vesuvius. I hope you never go beyond cheering and blogging about your favorite college football team…I hope one day you take your football coaching skills to place that is actually operating with the mindset of transparency, accountability and a sincerity toward fairness that actually can foster becoming better….I tend to see IU Athletics under Fred Glass as a hotel run by Donald Trump. They’re a different sort of “thugs”…that want all the benefits of “liberty” within their terms and their walls. They could bankrupt it of all integrity and still somehow find a plus sign in a bottom line and claim it to be the “greatness” they’ll soon bring to your doorstep.

  12. V and H4H- I wish I could get both of you guys to try my way of eating for a couple of weeks. I know it would change your lives. I used to have chronic low back pain, chronic low-level nagging pain in my hands and feet, chronic allergies (used to get 3 shots a week and go through 100 Benadryl a month), I had to get up 1-2 times a night to go to the bathroom, had no energy and just had a kind of sour “been there, done that” feeling about life in general. I switched to eating a low carb, high plant and high healthy fat diet to loose weight. I lost 30 lbs in 2 months 4 years ago and have kept it off. But the biggest changes were everything else. I have no joint pain, need no allergy shots or Benadryl, sleep 8 hours straight every night, blood sugar now normal, blood pressure now 111/76, cholesetrol numbers great and just plain feel better about life in general. There are a lot of shows now on PBS on the weekends about this- Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, Eat Fat, Get Thin- all by leading doctors. All the processed flour and sugar foods we are now eating have us fat, sick, in pain and not very happy. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now, but no doctors anywhere can give you pills that will do for you what cutting out flour, sugar, processed food and replacing them with vegetables, meat and natural fats can do for your health. I’m told I look 20 years younger. But I feel 30 years younger! And everyone I know that has tried eating this way for at least a couple of weeks sees the same kinds of results. Can’t promise V that it would get you off pain medication, but I know it would make the pain levels go down a lot. I know I probably sound like a used car salesman but I’m not selling anything because there’s nothing to sell. Just changing your diet can make huge changes that I wouldn’t have thought were possible.

  13. H4H, I am unable to coach any more to due my disability and I do miss coaching and teaching young men the right values. I had inner city kids sweeping up and cleaning their locker room not because I made them but because I gave them an example of what it meant. I brought in our maintenance man in front of the team and I threw down a paper telling him to pick it up. Because of his position he started to do it [I also hope it was because we were friends], I stopped him and told the players that was no way to treat another person. I told them when they left a mess after practice or a game they were throwing their trash down telling him to pick it up. Inner city kids care about people like most of us do so from that point on they cleaned their locker room.

    I am not far from being a good old boy but I have always been able to deal with all social classes throughout my life. I tend to enjoy the workers more than intellectual or educated because workers have no pretense they no more than you. I hold my own with intellectuals, [it helped being in the intelligence field while in the military, national intelligence] but often find them too pretentious. I know Fred Glass from a school in Indy where I taught and coached and I found him to be an honorable man. Maybe you have more more of an in with the Athletic office than I do but emailing Fred he seems to me to be the same man I knew in Indy. I also see many things he has brought to IU athletic programs and I would call him successful. It is still open whether his hires in football and basketball were the best but both programs weren’t places top coaches wanted to come.

    I still don’t understand your blaming the father [he is the one that donated the money for the indoor facility] for the fight his son was in. As a father I know as hard as I worked to teach my kids the right things; I would be a fool to think they have never done anything I would see as wrong. Working with teens I know every parent that thought their child couldn’t do wrong was a fool. Some are fortunate enough to have their kids make it to adulthood without being caught in a “situation”.

    I hope to make the Spring Game [are you coming to the game?] as I know listening to coach Allen and knowing his approach the defense will be better this year; not outstanding yet but much improved. I know many of us have said with the offense Coach Wilson puts on the field we only need an average defense to win 8 or 9 games and maybe this year will be that year. I told my wife that maybe a former High School coach is what it takes to turn the defense around. At least Coach Allen is emphasizing the things I and other successful high school coaches have preached to our players. Listening to coach Joseph I could believe he said they are now emphasizing ball skill something they hadn’t done before – unbelievable. Coach Allen preaches takeaways not turnovers because takeaways are an result of extreme effort; a very high school coach approach. It certainly seems as if Coach Allen has remember his roots along with picking up college strategies and coaching techniques.

  14. I tend to believe homes of arrogance produce the real thugs of the world. They are broken of the important types of lessons and love. Spoiled rotten slobs that have never touched a hard day of work in their lifetime….Instead of giving these privileged thugs probationary sentences and four lousy days in jail, they would do much better to send them to serve as line cooks at an inner city shelter for the homeless for a summer..Strip them of their iPhones and Twitter…and Facebook…and Instagram….Strip them of their umbilical cord dragging around that celebrity status that attracts more boneheads and bimbos than dog crap attracts flies…Give them three months of honest work and a chance to macho their way through a place where real daily strife and panic has no answer to be found in running like cowards after the use of a fist or candy-ass kick. .

    I remember plenty of sick comments on this site aimed at Kelvin’s son and his family….And the comments were the sort of lifetime condemnation because dad made some 3-way calls and some players skipped classes…Please don’t talk of acceptance and “dealing with all social classes.” Indiana University has demonstrated a level of hypocrisy like few other places. Many on Scoop have never even made mention of the Mellencamp incident…..Do you think the local press would have treated it the same if that sort of porch beating had been done by DeAndre Thomas and some buddies? Those same rats in the sewer that would spend a month crucifying every recruit and family name that spent any time around our program during the Sampson years went as silent as a grave.

    I’m not surprised that you feel it’s wrong to blame the father….You’re right…It’s not fair to blame the father. We should blame the mother as is the case for all our societal blame game to sum up the institutionalized poverty and the violent ridden mess found in most of our American inner cities and households…We should never blame the running father or “bro” who runs from the scene of the crime(fatherhood) like cowards from a front porch beating in the night.

    Such a strange thing to see the practice football tacitly with a celebrity name of someone whose kids were into more violence off the football field than any tackling or punching a ball loose on the actual gridiron. Such a strange and ironic thing to see the name of such macho behavior painted upon our very macho football program that simply beats the pants off every sucker-punching Buckeye, Wolverine, Nittany Lion, Badger, or Spartan….Maybe we should leave the name up…The name does most certainly fit the history of wimpy Hoosier football…And do you know the bad-ass “mother” that deserves all the blame for us needing to make Hoosier football into a charade of a “Machocamp” where a few bucks in a donation can buy a billboard or change the name of a facility like a butt tattoo on a cheap hooker? Here’s your mother of Bloomington that abandoned her Hoosier football child She is one mean street bitch.

  15. 123, I am glad your diet change has done so much for you and thanks for the tip. I have changed my diet this past year close to what you describe and agree it reduced my pain. I have periods of pain levels more like the way an ankle sprain [if I could apply it to my whole body] did but my spine acts up for months with pain levels that many would call suicidal. I have had three major spinal surgeries and the last one cost me a rib so they could get to the disk. My disk deteriorate leaking caustic spinal fluid on my spinal cord along with the disk material compressing the cord causing partial paralysis which led to different levels of spinal surgery. I was suppose to have more surgery but as long as paralysis isn’t a threat I am staying off the table. I have found using my inversion table [purchased this past year] and a zero gravity recliner that really reduces my pain on bad days. I hope to get my pain flare back down so I can attend Spring Practice but I will have to wait and see.

    I am excited about this 2016 team and want to see if there is a good reason for my optimism. At the practice I attended, I saw the talent for the team to be very good but didn’t get to see any team activities just 7 on 7. I really liked the way Coach Allen and Coach Hagen coached that day. I hope it rubs off on the other defensive coaches as they are still not vocal and I believe they need to encourage players with loud enthusiasm. I also want to see how Lagow and King have meshed up with the receivers now since both were talked about in the past scrimmage as making great plays.

  16. There really are no games with “balls” left in Bloomington…There is only Glasses of lemonade, soft scheduling, and incompetent attempts at macho behavior served and sold on porch swings replacing Rose Bowls and banners. .

    It’s losing that must pimp itself everyday. One can only imagine how Bobby would have dealt with a Mellencamp or a Fred Flintstone at the end of the only chokehold that really matters and can’t be bought: Winning. The ‘Mother of Winning’ switched roles….She-Bobby left all the fathers at the trailer park stuck in the isolated limestone hills to sort out all their macho success painted upon the place….They run around yelling “Because it’s Indiana” and “Win Today” without any real footballs or basketballs of much size.

  17. Doesn’t make sense …If you’re not into pain, how can you watch IU Football? For that matter, how can you watch Tom Crean attempting to coach a game of basketball? Dietary improvements can certainly help and make for a healthier brain more chemically in balance….Why throw it all away on the dysfunctional mental frustration of watching a sports program that would rather apologize in defeatism for decades of incompetence. ? IU Sports needs to follow your diet rather than keep the fat in lousy coaches gorging on unnecessary fattened up salaries who cook every average season in the lard of arrogant tongues rather than honest and lean measures of how a truly objective coach/administrator(instead of potato chip execs living on marketing gimmicks)..should measure success at IU.

    Maybe that’s the appeal….? You have to get your fat somewhere….Watching IU spend…spend…spend on empty carbs in silly bowls and fatty soft opponents fried in Assembly may be fooling your senses into thinking you just ate a fat juicy bacon cheeseburger every Saturday for the last twenty years.

  18. My diet is Trojan Horse pork tenderloin sandwich and a love for a most delicious thin crust Pizzano’s sausage, pepperoni, and green peppers pizza from State Street I will not abandon.

    But to completely honest, I have a method of cooking broccoli for stir-fry that could convert almost any broccoli hater. I add it to a dish called “Oyster Beef” ….I purchase two filet mignon cuts…I slice the filet paper thin….Anyway, the secret with the broccoli involves proper cutting technique of the bulky veg, a flash form of blanching, and rinsing in bowl of ice before the stir-frying….Thoroughly dry the blanched and ice-rinsed broccoli with paper towel and leave it in the fridge to stay cold….Dry it off again before stir-frying…During stir-frying, I add a couple splashes of whatever white wine I have hanging around(usually a Pinot Grigio), a bit of minced fresh ginger and few drops of sesame oil..and .just a tiny bit of salt, fresh ground pepper. …and a pinch of sugar if you like…just a pinch. It won’t kill you. I do the stir frying of the broccoli(it takes only a minute or two) after the beef has been prepared and on the platter…

    If anyone would like the “Oyster Beef” recipe, I’d be happy to share the basics….It is an unbelievably delectable stir-fry dish….My sister was living in England years ago…She had a neighbor of Chinese heritage that swore by only one cookbook author….The recipe from this recommendation remains one of our favorite stir-fry dishes for the last twenty years. I loved a grilled steak as well, but Oyster Beef is something truly special….

  19. H4H, I would think you would be a Coach Wilson fan because he makes no excuses about games they don’t win. His success on offense shows he and his fellow coaches can coach unfortunately he was sold a bad bill of goods with his first DC. That led to a change but few options for him to hire. Now he went out and got the DC he was after so we will see if close losses begin to become wins.

    Yes if we could have gotten a established winning coach like IU did when they got Coach Mallory it would have turned the program around faster. However, it may turn out the hiring of Coach Wilson will turn out to be exactly the right choice. In no way does Coach Wilson make excuses about the loses which is one reason I support his tenure. I would have loved to see Coach Wilson have a DC when he started as capable as he is with the offense. We may now get to see that combination which is why I am excited to see the Spring Game.

  20. V13, sorry to hear about your malady. Spinal pain is another level no one should go through. Though my experiences are a shaving cut in comparison I have had a couple spinal surgeries along the way. Bad juju. I had an MRI last week for my most recent structural failure, a severed biceps tendon and whatever else they may find. The biceps thing was pretty obvious when it happened. It was my 8th MRI preceeding my 10th trauma/neurotransmitters surgery. Too many. My wife is over the injury thing but she engages in the same sort of activities, having blown out an ACL at age 47 in a martial arts tournament As I said though, nothing in comparison to your ordeal. I’ve yet to suffer through anything that couldn’t be more or less fixed. I send you good vibes in whatever way suits you best. The diet advice is a good suggestion though you obviously have a lot on your plate. Check out a TENS unit, too. They block pain quite well. You can get good ones OTC and cheap. If you have any interest I can give you some suggestions.

    Regarding the gradual rate of improvement under Coach Wilson, unless you have a program with a previous history of success, ‘overnight ‘ turnarounds quite often come with a price…and that price frequently comes at the hands of the NCAA. Anyone who thought this would be a quick fix, and that may include Coach Wilson, was not being realistic.

    I have high hopes for the defense this fall.

  21. Chet, you have been through the wringer too and I don’t envy your current painful injury. Yes TENS unit was great but does me no good any more as pain is now body wide with intense pain in my thoracic spine. Your wife isn’t a women to mess with, good for her.

    You are right about the history of the program plays a role in how fast you can turn things around. I just wish Coach Wilson could have started with a top DC as things would have been turned around two years ago with that offense they had. I hope all our expectations about the coming defense turn out to be true as it would be great to see IUFB in the upper echelon of B1G football.

  22. I thought about the TENS unit after my post and realized it might not help for systemic pain. My Mom suffered from significant spinal degradation the last decade of her life, much of it apparently a result of childhood poverty and poor nutrition. I can appreciate what you must endure and you seem to manage it with style and grace.

    My currently injury is more inconvenient than painful. I’ve been trying to learn to compete left handed with mixed results. That has been interesting. It’s just the price of admission. I am learning that the ‘some day’ I’ve been cautioned about over the years is finally here.

    My wife is pretty much a badass though she would never admit it. She could only effectively train against men as she has a 36″ inseam (which, in TKD, is an enormous advantage) and there simply weren’t women tall enough to compete. She had a 8-10 inch reach advantage over some of her competition. She was very skilled with 2 US titles and a 5 year reign over the mid Atlantic region within the governing organization in which we competed. She retired from competition following her ACL tear. Beside the TKD she was also a kickboxing instructor. Still tall, slim, and muscular at 58, she has always been a great example for our kids. I’m sure she made quite an impression every morning when she rolled up to the hospital (she was a nurse) on her solid black Triumph Bonneville wearing all black leathers except for her red cowboy boots. She has style.

    Our daughter is cut from the same metal.

    That should give Harvard an excellent opportunity to make more snide comments about my family (which I’ll never see).

    I wonder if athletic department politics played a bigger role in CKW selecting his first DC than we would like to think. As a first time HC he may have been easier to manipulate to hire a Hoosier friendly name than he is now with a few years under his belt. I think we all tend to be more susceptible to suggestions from management when we are new to a job than we might be when we know the situation inside and out.

    I also think that an attacking style defense can put your best athletes in a position to showcase their skills than a reactive defense. It can also help to hide weak points. The absence of quality interior line play may not be quite as obvious if you are running multiple stunts with skilled linebackers and rover/wolfman. If you have both it gives you great opportunities to force third and long situations…as long as it works.

  23. Chet, the TENS unit helped me delay surgery for years and was a treat for my students. They asked what the device was on my belt so I told them it was for my back pain. Then I showed them how it would tighten my back muscle and cause me to arch backwards if I turned it up too high. They got a kick out of it especially since they learned it was an electrical device.

    It is good to hear your daughter takes after her mom as more young women need to be able to protect themselves. As a big guy [compared to regular population] at 6-2 225 I didn’t worry about being attacked after my Marine Corps training. My sister came to me needing me to talk to a IUFB player, he was a big time recruit at RB [not AT by the way], about taking no for an answer. I would have preferred for her to have the training to go with me for our talk so he knew she was serious. I didn’t mind going alone and fortunately he saw the wisdom of finding women attracted to his charms instead of bothering my sister.

    I prefer the attacking style of defense because it does cover up some deficiencies of the defense. When I was still just a DC learning the game I charted every play, what stunts I called, the result of the play [this was before computers], and found our team averaged 3.6 yds [running plays] against for each defense [the Jimmy Johnson 4-3] with no stunt. I was doing this to figure out the best stunt or stunts to run more often but found it made no difference which one I called. Defenses with one or more stunting LB gave up 1.8 yds against for each running play. I also found pass against went from 48% down to 31% while stunting. This is why, along with the attention to detail Coach Allen brings, I expect a marked improvement in the defense. Another reason is IU’s recruiting classes now, Jr an Sr, were the highest rated classes so far, so athletically the defense should be better despite losing quality Sr.

    I have little doubt CM was pushed on Coach Wilson, after all he was a first time HC with a lot to do and Bill Mallory was a known name and still involved with IUFB. It is a shame Coach Wilson had to get started that way as it definitely slowed the development of the whole team. I had high hopes for our last DC but WF football did play the quality of team, at that point [no FSU, UM, and Clemson was down compared to today] and I think he was overwhelmed with what he faced at IU. Coach Allen has coached against some of the country’s best teams so he should handle B1G competition much better.

  24. The family name certainly helped I’m sure but Wilson being his own man chose DM for his resume. I don’t think he is political enough to chase bait. After all Mallory was a very successful DB coach at many programs including OSU under Miles when Wilson was at OU in Norman. He had 1 year DC experience at WKU prior to that. Miles took him to LSU where he coached 4 years, 1 as DC. The NM gig was a fog of lost talent through graduation the year before he arrived and the cluster____ created by HC Locksley. No, I believe Wilson felt his hire of DM was solid. Solid enough he gave him assistant HC status.

  25. vesuvius13-

    The following is a list of links to the “Beef with Oyster Sauce” recipe…..I’ll be glad to offer any suggestions as you work through the recipe…. I like to use Chinese Cabbage as the vegetable(chop the leafy areas into approx. 2″ squares…cut the stalk sections on the diagonal around 1/8″ – 1/4″ thick for a nice appearance)…You can use broccoli or mix a bit of broccoli with the Chinese(Napa) cabbage……but you’ll want to blanch it a bit ahead of time…..Bok Choy can also be a fine substitute(more stalk with darker green leaves than Napa).

    I don’t use flank or basic sirloin…..For our family, this is sort of a special treat night…and I use Filet Mignon cuts…Two decent sized filets(8-10 oz. each) will be enough for three people….The meat is cut as thin as possible and it goes a long way. If you are cooking for bigger numbers, you can stretch by using some New York Strip cuts with the filet cut, but nothing tops Filet Mignon in this dish.

    The original recipe is found in a cookbook titled, “Pei Mei’s Chinese Cookbook Volume I “…You can still find the original editions on Amazon($45-60)…Her original cookbooks are becoming more difficult to find and prices seem to be going up.

    Additional cooking note: I don’t use the wok for my cabbage/broccoli…If you have two woks, then, by all means, use the wok if you prefer…I use a large dutch oven pan and very high heat from the stove…I also don’t use rice wine for cooking the Napa or broccoli…I simply use a clean tasting white wine(Pinot Grigio)…I start with a tablespoon of peanut oil…and splash in a few tablespoons of wine while stir frying in the dutch oven…Try not to get it too wet…The cabbage releases a ton of water..I often drain a bit of it off into the sink..You can also add a few drops of sesame oil, black pepper, dash of salt and tiny bit of sugar… I’ll give you some more helpful hints as you go…

    Stir fry is all about cutting technique, temperature(high heat)…..I’ll give you some great pointers on how to cut up the beef along with some tricks that sort of go against how most people approach “stir fry” techniques.


    If you do decide to make this dish, I would also suggest using a couple specific brands: (1) “Dynasty Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce”…and.serve the Beef with Oyster Sauce” with (2)”Nishiki Premium Grade Rice”(the package says ‘Perfect for SUSHI RICE). I generally cook with less water than the rice recipe will tell you to use…I usually go with 1¼ water to 1 cup rice…Rinse the rice thoroughly before cooking…I hold the pan under the sink and move my hand though the rice,,,,drain and repeat about four or five times….The rinsing removes a lot of the starch..You’ll see the water looks less and less milky as you repeat the rinsing…Don’t go for perfection..

    Have fun….

  26. oops..

    cup water to 1 cup rice

    Here’s another link…..


    But if you don’t mind paying a bit of premium, I would really suggest ordering Pei Mei’s Vol.1 cookbook. My sister(a simply unbelievable chef) provided me with both original volumes over 25 years ago.

    I’ve also made a delicious shrimp stir-fry from Pei Mei’s Vol 2 cookbook(It’s called “Lovers Shrimp”)…….There is also a wonderful “Chicken with Dried Red Peppers” recipe in Vol.1 if you like a more spicy/hot and very simple chicken dish. Most of Pei Mei’s dishes are not “saucy” affairs….(as most Americans have unfortunately become accustomed to in restaurant preparations).

    Again,…have fun…It’s hard to screw these dishes up…My techniques/tricks are only suggestions..In no way do I want to suggest boxing yourself into my methods/brands/accompaniments …Feel free to try flank steak instead of filet, etc…The real areas I can help you are in time-saving and cutting techniques….and bringing out the flavors(often less is more with stir-fry..Quality ingredients are a big key)….The great thing about stir-fry is how you can develop your own tricks and preferences. Again, just have fun. Share back with me your results..Feel free to ask me more questions…
    Cooking shouldn’t be stuffy and pretentious…nor should the explanation/teaching/playing/posturing of ‘coached’ sports.


  27. Oh…and if any of the rest of you would like suggestions, I’d be happy.

    Warning: My cooking is of a delusional nature and my tastes a bit crazy. I’m thinking of starting a cooking blog called “Chasing Pepper Grinders: A Stir-fried Schizophrenic’s Adventures in Chinese Cooking” ..

  28. “Chasing Pepper Grinders: A Stir-fried Schizophrenic’s Adventures in Chinese Cooking”;;…Hee-hee.

    Wok and Roll Forever!..?
    I wok the line! ..?
    Don’t judge a man until you’ve woked in his shoes…?
    Too many pitches of this recipe resulted in a wok..?
    Today’s special guest on ‘Chasing Pepper Grinders’ is Wokquin Phoenix ..He’ll be sharing his Johnny “Hachoo Cash-ew” Chicken recipe…? Next week we’ll have Christopher Wokin’..
    It’s a Wokie-Talkie Monday ..?

  29. vesuvius13-

    The Lord of the Flies island boys have sharpened their sticks today….It’s filling up the sidebar and I was thinking you might not find your way back to ‘Beef with Oyster Sauce’…Just placing my comment here so you get the recipe I promised you.

    Take care.

  30. H4H, thanks for the recipe, I too use a dutch oven and high heat on stove for stir fry. I would love to have a stove with a special burner for a wok but our small house/kitchen couldn’t handle the higher heat. I love your adaptations to popular sayings.

    Reading several articles about the last scrimmage and this past Saturday Coach Wilson said this was the best his team has practiced and I took that to be any team here at IU. He said he was really impressed with the juice the players brought to practice. He made it a point to say tackling has been improving and getting better each week. I hope the team becomes successful enough this year that all of us can be proud to follow the Hoosiers.

  31. You’re welcome, vesuvius..

    Just to clarify, I use the dutch oven for the Napa cabbage(Bok Choy, broccoli). I use a nice heavy wok for the beef and the final stir-frying of the cooking sauce into the beef…

    Many of Pei Mei’s recipes involve stir-frying the meats and then removing them from the wok to be added back into the Wok after a simple 2nd step of stir-frying/infusing ginger, dried chili peppers, etc….

    I will sometimes use the wok to finish up some veggies(julienned snow peas, etc)… while the competed “meat” aspect of the dish is only in the oven for a minute or two….I’ll preheat an oven-safe platter or bowl that was placed in a hot oven beforehand. The technique and browning/searing of the beef(and the dark, thick nature of oyster sauce) makes the dutch oven more of a necessity for the cabbage/broccoli in “Beef with Oyster Sauce.”

    Final note: The most time consuming part of “Beef with Oyster Sauce” is slicing the Filet Mignons paper thin before placing in marinate it…With all Pei Mei recipes, there is a small amount of ‘marinade sauce’ for the meats and a ‘cooking sauce’ added as final step. You really don’t need to marinate for more than 20-30minutes….
    I wish I could show you my technique for slicing the filet…..I first cut the thick filets on the horizontal……I then cut the four less thick filetes into lengths/sticks appox 1″ wide each..You’ll end up with meat pieces resembling the size of 1″ square fish sticks of various length….Slicing: ( I don’t have a tremendous expensive nor exceptionally sharp knife to achieve the thinness)..While cutting the meat thin, it often has a tendency to stick to the side of your blade…I quickly take the knife and smash each slice of meat against the wood cutting board…This detaches each small slice of meat from the blade while pressing/flattening each slice into a thinner result than could ever be achieved by slicing alone. Through the years, I’ve managed to turn this into quite a fast process….slice, turn, press into board, scoot to side pile…slice, turn, press into board, scoot to side pile….Repeat 150 times. The rewards of this investment in cutting time, make the dish far more delicate and delicious.

    Take care….Go Hoosier Football!

  32. V13, good to hear. If the Hoosiers had tackled better we’d have had a several more Ws the past three years. The best defensive scheme in the world means nothing if you can’t tackle.

  33. H4H, I wasn’t clear about how I stir fry meat as I use a cast iron skillet I can get super hot but thanks for the clarification. I freeze the meat until it is firm not frozen then it is easy to slice thin plus it thaws quickly since the slices are so thin. I have a knife, not expensive, that slices too thin if I am not careful with it. I only use it for a couple of dishes and use a chef knife for just about everything else.

    Chet it is good news to hear coach Wilson talking about better tackling as he hasn’t made that point with past teams. You are right IU would have won several games with better tackling. Coach Allen said there were still mistakes that allowed the offense to make plays that need to be corrected. It shows the difference with Coach Allen as DC, he focuses on any mistake made by the defense. To show the attention to detail, he post takeaways on both sides of every defensive door each practice. Not only are the takeaways posted but next to them is a chart for things that lead to takeaways IE strips, forced fumbles, etc. I really believe we will see a significant change in the defense this year. We should see how they can play at the Spring Game. My pain has finally calmed down from the extreme pain I was in so I plan on going to the game this Saturday. If I can’t I will watch it on the BTN.

  34. v13-

    Whatever works for you….I’m usually too last minute to partially freeze meat, but the colder the better. Cast iron sounds great…The only advantage in a wok is concentrated heat in the middle and to slow down cooking of items you choose to move up the sides of the wok…The other advantage is far less food constantly sitting in oils. I generally add bits of peanut oil as I go….If the wok gets a bit too coated with food residue, I’ll splash in a bit of wine or water..to deglaze the surfaces….Sometimes I’ll do this after cooking and removing the chicken or meat…I’ll poor those deglazed bits and juices through a small hand strainer back into the bowl serving as temporary hold for the meat or chicken.

    Your a good dude, vesooooov. Enjoyed sharing…Feel free to hit me with any other questions….Take care.

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