1. I am not sure I am a good estimator of attendance but I would say there were several thousand at the game; how much more I don’t know.

    My take from the game is the offense can be good but needs work. The defense at this point is measurably better than last year. The front was able to mount a pass rush pretty consistently. The team pursued to the ball much better. The secondary played much tighter in coverage but still missed assignments now and then; it looks like communication problem between C and S.

    If I were coach I would put Lagow at #1 and get him as many reps with the #1 receivers as he can get. It is clear Lagow was head and shoulders about the other QBs in the scrimmage. Lagow and the receivers still need to time up as the receivers need to adjust to the ball getting on them so quickly. I see this as a receiver problem because Lagow puts the ball where they should be but the receivers don’t seem to recognize the ball will be that far out there so the ball bounces off hands at times. Cameron was the second best QB but struggled completing passes because the coverage was much tighter than last year. I believe King has the second best arm but in the scrimmage he looked like he was in over his head. He just needs more snaps to be comfortable in the offense.

    The defense played well but needs to improve quite a bit yet. The players are more enthusiastic and gang tackle much better but there are still too many mistakes [not as many as last year though] which leads to big plays. Other than the first drive against the #1 offense they played well keeping the offense out of the end zone. The defense didn’t do nearly as well in the scoring part of the scrimmage. They got exposed one on one too often but showed they will produce takeaways [one strip resulted in a defensive TD]. This defense may live and die on takeaways as they may not be able to consistently stop B1G offenses. On the other hand they did an admirable job against what has been one of the B1G’s better offenses.

    Overall I was hoping to see the offense be more productive but the defense had something to say about that. Despite no TDs until the scoring portion of the scrimmage [from the 25 yd line] the #1 offense with Lagow moved the ball well. When Cameron came in with the #`1 offense, later in the scrimmage, the offense struggled to move the ball. It looked to me that with Lagow, IU will have a potent offense but
    #2 & 3 need to get better if IU is to withstand an injury situation. The defense shows improvement but it is a ways from being a dependable defense yet. The defensive front look much better than I thought they might as QBs were pressured all evening.

    It turned out to be a great night for football. It will be nice if IUFB can bring out 30K for the Spring Game but the fan base is far from that right now. What would our football team do if 50K or more came out to see their Spring Game the way fans do at more established programs. There were enough people at parties on campus to put 20K in the stands. Maybe some day IU can become a big time football program. For that to happen the team needs to start winning B1G games and competing for the championship.

  2. Yeah, I watched it online and I completely agree with your observations.

    On the defensive side the corners were pressing more than I can remember an IU secondary doing in a long time. Line play was, I thought, a wash. Linebackers were obviously assigned to gaps and not just reading. They did fine.

    Cameron may know the play book but his arm strength does not inspire confidence. The timing was weak overall in the passing game.

    I thought the running backs did little to stand out.

    I didn’t see anything that made a huge impression in one way or another. If anything the defense looked much more athletic than in the past.

  3. Chet, v13, thanks. I have some Q’s developed from thoughts from a couple of people I know who are closer to campus than I am. As it turned out I was unable to take advantage of BTN2GO.

    How was the energy and urgency on the field and off with the D and also the offense even during the drills?

    Like Chet I have no confidence there is enough of Zander to stay alive for even a half a season running a zone read offense or extending plays. So Donovan Hale to me has to be the intangible at QB. Did you see him play and how did he act and perform?

    Even though he is a 1000 yd. rusher and got better the more he played last season I have my doubts Redding can hold the starters job. Now with CP out for significant time I think the fortunes of Williams and Majette to magnify their styles as feature backs. With 2 starting OL out I suspect this was hard to evaluate. I understand Brookings will be all over the field. But what did you see? Also is RB Andrew Wilson no longer with the team?

    I kind of think the pass rush by the middle of the DL had an advantage since Feeney and either Rogers or Bailey were hurt and did not play. So do the DE’s have any speed indicating their potential?

    Who’s doing the punting?

    Did you pay attention to Allen and Hagen and did they make their presence known on the field.

    Just some statistical observations before the bulk of the 2016 recruits arrive; there are 20 DB’s on the roster, 16 DL and 13 OL(which is pretty normal). I have no negative thoughts on this. I do think it shows how aware, accommodating and loyal Wilson was to Knorr and even to Mallory.

  4. HC, I thought the energy by the team was good once again as they have shown they bring energy to each practice. Coach Allen and Hagen bring some of the energy to the defense but I see the other coaches starting to buy into doing the same thing.

    As an outsider, I see Lagow as the clear #1; Andy Graham wrote an article following the game saying the same thing but couching it in the team’s talk that the competition is still on going. Lagow showed a command presence on the field and clearly has a live arm that gives him an edge. Hale has a strong arm but is a real project if he is ever to be a B1G QB. I saw him play and wasn’t impressed except by his athletic ability when he scrambled. He was comfortable on the field but not with reading the defense when pressure was coming. King has the talent and just needs time to get accustomed to playing against B1G talent. You have to remember that coverage was much tighter this Spring than in the past. That should push the receivers to learn moves to create separation between themselves and the DBs. The DBs played zone coverage very well and will bait some QBs into interceptions if they continue to develop.

    The punting looks to be up to Joseph Gedeon from Columbus North. It appears that punting will be more of a crap shoot this year although there is a lot of time for Gedeon to get more consistent. He is a good athlete with long legs to give him a leverage advantage.

    Coach Allen and Hagen were evident on the sidelines and the field; especially when the defense made a play. The defense showed more fire and spirit than in the past so I think the defense is feeding off the coach’s energy.

    Andrew Wilson was a senior last I believe but in any case he is not on the team any more. Majette had one really nice run and did a good job otherwise against a pretty stout defensive front. I think Redding showed last year he can take the step to become the lead RB. You are right that it was tough to see what the RBs could do as the defense won the majority of the plays. In a one on one pass rush drill I was very disappointed in the way Wes Martin got whipped so bad. The only OLman that did an excellent job was D Camiel with a couple of them doing just a decent job. It also made running tougher since the offense wasn’t setting any plays up trying to trap the defense in a disadvantage.

    Chet I am glad to hear someone else watching the game saw some of the same things I thought I saw. As a coach I learned that until I saw the film I really couldn’t tell what happened. Often thinking one player was to blame for a breakdown it turned out another player lead to that breakdown. On the other hand a successful play felt like everyone executed their assignment while the reality was the play worked despite a mistake or two that was made.

    I was really encourage to see DBs picking up receivers as the passed off receivers to other DBs. If they can continue this type of teamwork then our defense will be much better. Dbs without deep responsibilities were conscious about coming under routes run by receivers which will break up a lot of passes with the possibility of turning some into interceptions. There was enough good shown in the game by both sides to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

  5. v13, being there obviously was way more informative. The coverage wasn’t terrible or anything but it just followed the script given them by CKW. There was no way to single out a player and observe him. You got to see the plays as they were run with mostly field level cameras.

    All you could really do with the television feed was to pick out trends…such as the press coverage of the corners and, to a lesser degree, the safeties. That was a big takeaway for me, after watching opposing receivers run seemingly unnoticed for too long. I really like the change in philosophy in pass coverage.

    Anyway, glad you got to go and thanks for the feedback. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to watch a game with you sometime and I can pick your brain. I coached football but never at the level, or success, you’ve had experience with. I coached football in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and track in the spring, with a little basketball mixed in years ago. I even coached Little League for a couple years in my late teens. Most of the time it was because there was no one else to do it.

    I appreciate the insights you bring. It’s very informative.

  6. Thanks both of you for giving my Q’s some attention. If you 2 do get together for a game I’d like to be on the seen setting on the other side of v13 asking what Chet may not. Ha, some trio we’d be!

  7. Chet and HC it would be great to see a game with the two of you. I pick one game to attend as it is too hard for me to make it to each game. If I am lucky I might get to go to tow games but that hasn’t happened yet. Look for me in the handicap area sitting in what looks like a lawn chair recliner but really my portable zero gravity chair. Chet you sure kept busy with your coaching as your schedule didn’t give you much down time.

    By the way, my user name is from back in the day without much security [still not a lot I know] on the web. My name is Mark so feel free to use V or Mark.

  8. Mark, I’ve probably given out enough personal info on the Scoop to open a home equity line. I once had someone question my educational credentials because he found an old bio of me online. I even posted the colleges my kids competed for. Pretty stupid, I know.

    If I’m in good enough shape I plan on heading to Alaska for a couple months in August. Well, a couple months for the whole trip. I don’t imagine the Hoosiers will get much coverage in the Yukon Territories. My buddy in Alaska is a Hoosier, as well, so we’ll figure something out.

    Yeah, I was all over the board coaching. At least I knew something about most of the sports. Baseball I was flying blind but we did pick up a championship along the way. All I needed to know was more than my kids. We won at least one title in each sport I coached except track and we went from last in the conference to second. I coached both the boys and the girls track team. Coaching girls is brutal. Constant TMI.

  9. Chet I coached boys and girls in track along with coaching wrestling and MS basketball. When I got to be a football HC my wife said I had to limit myself to coaching just two each year. I picked track because I wanted most of my players to run track to improve their speed. The bigger kids could do shot and discus so I knew where they were in the off-season for football.

    I have high hopes for IUFB and it looks like they now have the coaches to bring the defense up to the level of helping the offense win games.

  10. I wasn’t able to get down for the Friday night game and missed the first Spring game of the Wilson era. But watching on BTN2GO, seemed like Lagow is the real deal- strong arm, accurate, makes good decisions with the ball. King is a distant second with talent and Cameron is hopefully kept to a practice qb. The defense looked much more solid as a unit then last year. The db’s were able to cover much more closely and much fewer blown assignments. Last year, even the 4th and 5th string running backs had big days against the defense in the Spring but not this year- a good sign. The defense looked more athletic on the back end but lacks play makers up front. Looks like they are going to have to stunt a lot and take chances to generate pressure although the 2nd team d-line generated good pressure against the 2nd team offense. What really jumps out is the depth of talent that is light years better than when Wilson started. I think the offense is still going to have to win games but at least the defense will be good enough to allow that to happen.

  11. 123, There is no doubt offense will have to win games. I agree the defense looked good enough to compliment the offense and give IUFB a chance to win more games this year. The defense just looked more organized and doing a better job responding to their responsibilities. There were several defensive alignments that looked weak against the run but the two SS reacted quickly to any run key getting help where the defense needed it.

  12. V- I think the juco safety we got at the same time as Lagow, Jayme Thompson, is really going to help out. He’s bigger and a solid tackler. He’s a guy that can clean up a lot of mistakes. I always try not to get too excited after the Spring game but the team just looks more solid then ever before with still lots of offensive weapons and a better overall defense. Maybe 8 wins is not out of the question?

  13. Great DBs come out of nowhere. Josh Norman is considered by many as the best corner in the NFL and he played at Coastal Carolina.

  14. I’ve only seen one post. I’ve seen it a thousand times but it’s the same post.

    Alas, I never see anymore as I read the Scoop via RSS. Has he not been posting?

  15. I haven’t seen any lately. Tell me more about RSS. When a message is posted, does it email it to you?

  16. Not on the one I have. You might be able to set it up that way. I just click on RSS in my browser. It’s kind of a collection and editing system for blogs, etc. There are all kinds.

  17. 123, I agree about the team looking solid for 2016 and based on Coach Wilson’s comments he sees them doing better this year. Jayme Thompson was a great pickup for IUFB as he will really help out the defense. It also looks like Green, transfer from SCarolina, will be a big improvement for the defense as he did a great job covering receivers in the Spring Game. I am just sorry Patrick will miss out on half the season and I hope when he returns he is back with the receivers as he was a great receiver coming from JC. Along with Lagow, IUFB has several new players that will upgrade the team.

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