Washington takes Nate Sudfeld in 6th round #iufb

Nate Sudfeld became the third Indiana player drafted this weekend, going to the Washington Redskins in the sixth round.

Sudfeld, the No. 187 overall selection, was the 11th quarterback selected — and the fourth from the Big Ten, joining Michigan State’s Connor Cook, Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg and Ohio State’s Cardale Jones.

Indiana now has three draft selections for the first time since 2010.

Sudfeld is the first IU quarterback drafted since the Redskins took Gibran Hamdan in the seventh round in 2003. The Modesto, Calif. native is the 12th Hoosier taken by Washington, which also selected tight end Ted Bolser in 2014.

Sudfeld is expected to battle for a backup role in training camp. The Redskins have Kirk Cousins playing under the franchise tag this season, and recently resigned backup Colt McCoy.

ESPN analyst Todd McShay said he graded Sudfeld as the eighth-best quarterback in the draft class.

“The more I watched him, the more I appreciated him and really thought he had a chance to make it to the next level,” McShay said. “Now, he’s inconsistent and he’s really gotta become more consistent with his footwork and work on that, but he makes throws that a lot of the guys I studied this year can’t make. He’s got that big time arm, he gets the ball out quickly, he’s not mobile and he’s never going to be a running threat by any stretch of the imagination, but what he does is he creates some tiny pockets and can maneuver just a little bit as a big quarterback inside the pocket to buy himself a little bit of extra time.

“As the rush is coming on, he does a nice job with his feet. He’s not going to extend a lot of plays, but he does a really nice job with his feet of finding extra time in the pocket. He took a lot of hits over his career. He has a 3-to-1 touchdown to interception ratio. This guy played a lot of football at a high level. Very productive. I think he’s got a chance to be a really good backup in the league.”

Sudfeld finished his college career as one of the most decorated quarterbacks in Indiana history. He is first in passing touchdowns (61), passing yardage (7,879), 350-yard games (6), 300-yard games (11), 250-yard games (13), 200-yard games (19), four-touchdown games (5) and three-touchdown games (10).

Sudfeld was named a third team All-Big Ten selection as a senior after leading the league in passing yards per game (297.8; 14th nationally), passing yards (3,573; 21st), total offense per game (293.2; 20th), total offense (3,225; 20th), touchdowns (27; T-21st) passing efficiency (151.0; T-21st), yards per completion (14.5; 4th) and yards per attempt (8.7; T-15th).

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  1. I was really surprised Nate dropped so far in this draft. I knew he was not going to go in the first three rounds, but I figured the fourth or fifth for sure.

  2. Cardale really missed a big pay-day by 12 months! Washington is a graveyard for QB. Dallas, Denver, Jets, etc. would have been better fits. Free agency might have been better for Nate! Why did Nick Mangeri not receive any interest? He was our best defensive player for each of the last 2 years!

  3. Po, I think Nate went in the round his record showed he should. Nate has good physical tools but as one analyst pointed out he was too inconsistent and could be a good back QB in the NFL. He is what I call a stats QB that can rack up great numbers but comes up short in games too often. He has been a very good QB for IU but he didn’t show the knack for winning games in the 4th quarter. Nate worked hard and set a good example for the team at a time when IUFB was struggling to be competitive. Now the team is at the point that we need our QB to have a knack of winning games in the 4th quarter by making winning plays. The 2016 team may be in the position to pull off big wins because a QB like Nate helped the team to learn how hard they have to work and prepare to win in the B1G. Last year’s team got close and made it clear that all players need to work as hard as the best players did this past year. I hope Nate does well in DC and surprise people with his play.

  4. Chet, it is hard to believe IU had more players drafted than FSU did. There can’t be any years that this happened. Hopefully this year is a precursor for the # of players IU sends into the league each year. OSU’s season had to be a major failure with all the talent NFL teams saw on the team. Imagine if another team did “so poorly” with that talent the fans would be in an uproar. To only have OSU’s problems, our football coaches can only dream about those problems for now but down the road they may have bigger issues to deal with.

  5. V13, my thoughts exactly. Nate was simply inconsistent. So, many times I looked for that great third down throw only to see it hit the turf ten feet in front of the receiver. I’m inclined to think it’s a maturity thing.

    With a little luck he’ll get traded to a decent organization before the draft dust can settle.

    FSU had a miserable recruiting year in, I believe it was, 2012. Half their recruiting class turned out to be busts. They are loaded with underclassmen, though. As long as the Tallahassee police keep looking the other way they should be tough next year.

    I think we learned all we needed to about the depth of talent Urban Meyer was stockpiling when they put in their third starting QB of the season and he looked better than anyone else in the country winning the title. They should have won another this year but that’s why they play the games.

  6. I read an interesting article about I U Football in the Sunday Edition of Omaha World Herald. On a business trip to Omaha today.

  7. Being IU’s best defensive player over the last two years is not, in relative terms, saying very much. I can understand why no NFL team drafted an IU defensive player. Hopefully, that will begin to change.

  8. Davis, I am hoping that IUFB 2016 makes it 10-7-3. With our new DC the defense will be better as the DC is instilling confidence and making sure the players focus on stripping the ball and covering their responsibilities. Also with our new players from JC and transferring players the defense should really help the defense. Add in our JC QB that has a great arm and more mobile than Sufeld should have the offense up to speed from last year and even better in the the red zone and on 3rd down.

    I certainly hope they beat some of the better teams this year along with the teams they should beat. It is time to have them step up and do better than in past seasons. I am hoping that this team shows major improvement this year with most starters coming back with lots of experience in the B1G. We won’t know until the season gets here and see how the games go.

  9. BTW guys, my shoulder surgery came and went…about 6 hours worth. Sent me home with morphine and percocet. Sleeping upright in a recliner and my arm is supported by a small spacecraft looking thing.

    All went as well as I could hope. No problems. Thanks for the good vibes. If I can get a steadier handle I think I can take over Troy’s spot in the lineup. Probably why he’s testing the waters now. I’m just too much of a threat to take the chance. It’s likely a good call on his part…

    Time for more pain meds…look!…a squirrel…

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