Ferrell works out for Clippers #iubb

Yogi Ferrell isn’t letting a combine snub hurt his visibility.

The former Indiana point guard worked out for the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, trying to boost his profile a month ahead of the June 23 NBA Draft.

“I think what I can show them is my knowledge of the game, the way I understand different things defensively and offensively and the way I share that knowledge with my teammates,” Ferrell told reporters in Los Angeles. “Hopefully, I showed them that here today with myself being a vocal leader and telling different guys where they need to go defensive and offensively. Just showing them how I can be a great leader.”

After working out for the Lakers on Monday, Ferrell’s visit with the Clippers was his second with an NBA team this spring. He’s reportedly scheduled to visit with at least nine more teams, including the Phoenix Suns on Friday. It comes after Ferrell was denied a full invitation to last weekend’s NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. He was listed as an alternate, but did not participate.

Already, Ferrell believes he has a feel for what scouts and front office personnel want to see from prospects at the point. It starts with defense, which is an area where Ferrell made noticeable strides as a senior, especially through his consistency.

“You gotta be a dog on defense,” Ferrell said. “You can’t have any mishaps. Another thing is you have to have great conditioning. (With) point guards, you gotta be able to run the court and talk at the same time. You gotta make sure you have that endurance. If you gotta play all 48 minutes, then play all 48 minutes to lead your team to a win. Somebody like me has to be able to knock down the open shots and get everyone else involved.”

Ferrell has the potential to get drafted in the second round, but that’s far from guaranteed. DraftExpress.com considers Ferrell the No. 65 overall prospect and the No. 7 pure point guard in the draft class.

“This is just the beginning for me,” Ferrell said. “I’m going to do the same thing that I’ve been doing in these past workouts that I’ve had. I’m going to stick to what I can do and stick to my ability then good things can happen.”

Ferrell’s former IU teammate, Troy Williams, was also supposed to work out with the Clippers Wednesday. According to the Orange County Register’s Dan Woike, Williams was scratched and replaced by Louisville’s Damion Lee. Williams worked out for the Pacers on Tuesday and said he’s also scheduled to meet with the Lakers this week.

After visiting with the Suns on Friday, Ferrell will reportedly work out for Utah on Sunday, followed by a trip to Chicago on Monday.

“This is my second one getting up and down with some of the best guys in the draft,” Ferrell said. “… Overall, I think it went pretty well.”


  1. Obviously, Yogi got this workout because of Crean’s ties to Doc Rivers. The least Doc could do after maneuvering his bricklaying son to come to IU while sending the real baller to Duke.

  2. They have an obvious need at point dude it has nothin to do with a son that played at IU 7 years ago u disrespectin the mans abilty to play in NBA with that comment

  3. If I was any GM in the NBA and I was looking at Yogi with a possibility of him not being drafted I’d be killing myself signing him to a FA contract.

    Yogi is gonna play a long time in the NBA.

  4. The NBA is littered with guards. I loved Yogi’s college game, but he’ll be playing in Europe. He’s no Isaiah Thomas…or Nate Archibald. He went to Ruth’s Chris…but his game is more Texas Roadhouse.

    Doc and Crean go way back. A connection never hurt anyone except IU(e.g. A-Hope and bricklayers).

  5. Disagree. Yogi will indeed play in the NBA but I don’t think it will be for a long time. As Harvard suggested the league is filled with guards. I mean he will do well, but I don’t see the long tenure he will have in the league.

  6. Ricochet- You’re probably right. He may get on a roster for a couple seasons…There are dozens of guards in the NBA that can do everything Yogi can offer and much more. Many of them can get to the rim as well. Playing for a top program in Europe wouldn’t be such a bag gig. Yogi will be successful in plenty more endeavors than just basketball.

    Troy Williams has more “it factor” and remains the much more interesting gamble/prospect to develop at the NBA level. Troy could be quite the showstopper in two or three years…

  7. “Dozens of guards in the NBA” who can do what Yogi does, ok but there are 30 teams! So 12-24 players leaves lots of roster spots open! At 6-7 1 and 2 guards per team that is 180-210 spots. Yogi just needs 1. How long he stays is up to Yogi and his play. But every team needs guards who can initiate their offense fast and effectively. That is Yogi. You have to guard Yogi out beyond the 3-point line, he can beat his defender and penetrate, that sets up the defensive scramble, and Yogi can find the open man. Nothing is a given. But Yogi brings high level skills in his tool box! Good luck Yogi!

  8. Steve Alford was one of the best guards to play at Indiana. How long was his NBA career? Not very long.

  9. Anything is possible. It’s not just the dozens of guards…It’s the dozens that seem to be playing the position at a ‘superstar’ level beyond anything I can remember. Can Yogi break into that exclusive/elite NBA group that now makes for a much wider and deeper top class of talent? There were once numbers of “elite” NBA guards that you could count on one hand …Just not the case anymore. The shelves are fully stocked and they are fully stocked with a great amount of superb talent already struggling to get onto a court and filter into rotations.

    Yogi has a lot working in his favor….He’s proven to be extremely sturdy. His motor is unmatched. He has ‘Indiana’ placed on the resume of his basketball roots. His b-ball IQ is high. But does he have that “it factor” that can somehow claim a niche in such a vast and deep talent pool of elite guards? 30 NBA teams ..? Yup, it’s a big number…But think of the number of D-1 colleges year after year pumping out top quality guards. Demetrius Jackson…Nic Moore….Yogi….Guards…guards…guards..Quality guards everywhere. There is a lot of fighting for very few prizes. You have to be nearly godlike to separate from the pack.

    But as soon as you write someone off, out of the dust bowl of forgotten names comes a guy like Isaiah Thomas on Boston..Suddenly a guy that looked like he was destined to be one of those to never truly find his star in the universe is resurrected by a coach who had the patience and ‘the trust to put him on a parquet stage where the NBA gods of Russell, Havliceck, Archibald, and Bird were once hoarding the headlines dedicated to the best in the game.

    Thomas was selected by the Sacramento Kings with the final pick in the 2011 NBA draft

    (courtesy: Wikipedia)

    Anything is possible for Yogi.

  10. Never thought about this before, but most everybody seems to approve of the new structure where college underclassmen get to test the NBA waters without having to make permanent, hasty, often ill-informed decisions. I do, too. It benefits almost everybody. But I haven’t heard anybody talk about who this hurts, which is a player just like Yogi. A four year guy who was a star in college and would likely make at least a solid contribution to an NBA team, with potential for more. But he isn’t offered the same opportunity to impress as others who may not be seriously considering going pro quite yet anyway. You’ve got, what, 10-20 guys taking up those combine slots who would have in all likelihood been returning to college regardless. If everyone were honest, how many of the prospects would say “yeah, I’m only here to get some feedback and– unless I have a few phenomenal days of competition and am suddenly a guaranteed a lottery pick– I’ll see you again next year…”? Probably enough to get Yogi an invite.

    There’s no perfect solution and nobody to blame. I get it. Talent rules, and NBA execs would rather spend their resources evaluating those with potentially/likely higher ceilings than the more proven commodities (even if the proven commodity has a substantially higher floor.). I’d do the same thing if I were an exec or even just a younger fringe player with potential on a fact-finding mission. It’s just unfortunate for guys like Yogi. Hopefully it all works out for him.

  11. Not a fan. I think it makes a mockery of the sport. I realize this goes against the Student Athletes Bill of Rights but I think it should be perfectly acceptable for a school to pull a scholarship once players put themselves in this position. It’s just a risk they should have to bear.

    I realize that most of the schools are waiting on pins and needles hoping the players will return to the fold. I’m not sure about Troy. Probably depends on who you ask. For JBJ this is just summer camp. I’m sure there are a few in the mix whose coaches would’t miss too much. They may be the real winners in this.

    The ‘one and done’ rule is an NBA thing forced on college basketball. The NCAA allowed this to happen.

  12. I think the new policy is very good in what is otherwise a very flawed system. It’s about freedom. Having opportunities and choices is good for these young men. Given what these schools, their administrators and their athletic departments get from these young men, it’s not too much to allow the young man to have an option and honor his scholarship if he decides to return to play for his school.

  13. Sure, I get that. It’s just that this whole thing strikes me a little too close to Bret Favre teasing the media while waiting to announce his next bowel movement.

    You know, it just seems like basketball continues to drift away from a team sport into increasing opportunities for a player to place themselves ahead of the game. High school kids routinely have press conferences. WTF? Different players are involved in this ‘combine’ for different reasons. From all reports, for Troy it’s been a cold splash of water in the face. I hope he uses it to his best advantage.

    It just seems a little more forthright to just say what you are going to do and then do it and let everyone else move on. Asking for a little more spotlight just leaves me cold.

  14. I’m with Chet 100%. It is the grandest of mockery. There are nearly 30 games during the season(not including postseason/NCAA tournament/conference tournaments) where execs can evaluate talent. College scholarships are a privilege…If you choose to treat a scholarship as a mistress of the night while you go “test the waters/brothel” of something you believe more attractive, then a school should have every right to pull your scholarship if something more attractive comes their way as well.

    Personally, anyone wishing to participate in the insult of these “combines” I would prefer not come back. There priorities have already been fully exposed. Their hunger is for something that will never include banners or more humble pursuits above those of mere narcissistic/individualistic.

    Times are very tough for a lot of parents/students. College debt for most on this planet is at an all-time monumental high. These purely selfish systems need a hard slap of reality in the face. The joke should be on them when upon return the door is closed at what they believed a brothel or a one night candy stripe stand.

  15. And it’s also a complete joke that Troy Williams even received an invite. Even the most casual fan of college basketball only needed a few games of observation to know he is far from meaningful minutes on an NBA roster. This entire invention was to eventually build a product for viewership on ESPN. It was built for dollars that no university will see. It is the NBA whoring upon the college name while never having to pay a dime for the borrowing and infecting upon the mind such distractions upon virgin/naive talent. College coaches that support this crap should be ashamed.

  16. And who pays for the opportunity lost if one of these young men get a season-ending injury at a combine? What value do you give to dismantling a college team if an overworked potential next level “star” gets hurt while trying to impress an NBA exec. It may not have happened this go-around, but it will happen. How many dollars in exposure lost for a college when a key component of the team comes back on crutches? Will the NBA flip that bill? Will ESPN flip that bill to indemnify the university?

  17. I think it takes less custom fabric to make a set of picture window curtains than a suit coat for Shaq…If Shaq gets any larger he’ll need a draw cord and pleats. Saw a shot of him in the stands after the Warriors vs. Thunder game(with the TNT postgame crew) and the wall of gray looked like a backdrop for senior pictures. Very big man…

  18. Po,
    I also do not think that perpetuating privilege is doing these kids any favors. Where else can you go off and test the greener pastures and expect everything you had to be waiting for your return if it doesn’t work out? That’s no kind of message to send to a twenty year old.

    Choices have consequences.

  19. Harvard, I agree with your Thomas comparison. That’s who I’m hoping Yogi will compared to 3 years from now as a late draft pick-turned-All Star.

    Can we all take a pause to celebrate the wonderful demolishing of Mr. Mouthgard and his choir boy bandwagon last night? Boy, nothing gives me pleasure like watching the “Dubs” get “drubbed.”

  20. I have a feeling Draymond Green will be quite prepared for tonight’s game.

    Seahawk- Hope you’re doing well.
    Go Thunder!

  21. THUNDER!!!!!! I hope Geoff has someone to hand him kleenex. Probably a lot more empty seats on that bandwagon now.

    I don’t think this series is over, unfortunately. But I will say, as far as the ridiculous Bulls-Warriors comparisons go, da’ Bulls would have NEVER got blown out like that twice in a row, nor would they ever need 7 games to finish off a team.

  22. Wow, Chet. Is that the best you got? So claiming that the best player on the basketball team of all time wouldn’t flop like the Warriors did is like saying a team from 50 years ago could beat the Patriots? Wow, you’ve really ingested too much Warriors Kool Aid.

  23. Not even a Warrior fan. I thought your post was cute, though.

    MJ and Pippen were great. Do you think the rest of those guys could make a 2016 roster? Kerr has said he couldn’t.

  24. Horace Grant …Rodman…BJ Armstrong…Luc Longley….John Paxon…Tony Kukoc….

    Yes…YES….yes…yes…yes…and YES. Any of the Bulls teams from the Jordan era would destroy the Warriors.
    If MJ doesn’t fiddle around in baseball, they have 8 successive championships instead of two three-peats.

    Kerr was the weakest sauce on those Bulls dynasty teams. The Warriors are no dynasty. I knew dynasty…I saw dynasty. Dynasty was a good friend of mine. Warriors, you’re no dynasty.

  25. Never really understood the Illinois folk who come on Indiana sports boards to talk of the past glories of their Illinois teams. Indiana has its own pro franchises. Certainly, at least in football, the Indiana team has been far more successful in recent memory.

    Illinois teams have their own sites. The Scoop is intended for Hoosiers.

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