Hoosier Morning: Weekly Roundup

Junior college transfers Tony Butler and Alex Krupa have helped spark the lineup for IU baseball, Mike writes.

Taylor Uden and CaraMia Tsirigos each homered and drove in two runs to lead IU softball to victory in the Big Ten Tournament opener, we reported.

The softball Hoosiers entered the tourney with some momentum from a late-season surge, Mike wrote.

IU baseball entered this week with work to do to make the NCAA Tournament despite leading the Big Ten, Mike wrote.

Indiana’s Troy Williams measured up at the start of the NBA Combine, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Troy Williams hope NBA teams see him living up to his potential and calls his decision 50-50 at the combine, Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier writes.

Williams is undecided but said he’s not above working his way up from the D-League, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla says Williams may be more successful in the open court of the NBA game, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

A Q-ad-A with Christian Watford on his brother, his pro career and health, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Tom Crean talked about what the 2016-17 Hoosiers might look like, including Tim Priller, last weekend in Warsaw, Anthony Anderson of the Elkhart Truth writes.

The return of Thomas Bryant is the fuel for future IU basketball success, Eamonn Brennan of ESPN.com writes.

A Q-and-A with IU running backs coach Deland McCullough on what the Bears are getting in Jordan Howard, Rich Campbell writes for the Chicago Tribune.

IU football coach Kevin Wilson was inducted into the Catawba County Sports Hall of Fame earlier this week, whky.com reports.

A song for the NBA Draft Combine and Troy Williams — “Some Might Say” by Oasis.


  1. Troy options:

    1) Coming back for your senior season and potentially making a Final Four run, getting better and parlay that run into a more stable spot in the draft.


    2) Going to the D-League and playing against Mitch McGary.

  2. A little shot across the bow at Tim Priller.

    You can fault Crean for a lot of things, but he does reward hard work with PT. The fact that waste of scholly Priller was beat out of playing time by preferred walk-on Niego is telling enough. Neigo worked his way on to the court last year. Perhaps Priller answers the call this year?

  3. Other than being a deplorable X’s and O’s coach who must rely solely on his players talent(including their absorption of the game via past coaching or current assistants on the staff), Crean is a grossly overpaid and a perfect human being.

    Troy may share some D-League time with Mitch, but he’ll never take an NCAA tournament by storm under the current bozo at IU. Even top talent aided by guys already possessing guts and a high b-ball IQ(e.g. Midwestern/Indiana h.s.ballers with mojo and not the soft spine of soft Californians) can get a team past the first weekend, but it stalls around Sweet 16 levels without premium head coaching.

  4. oops

    …Crean is grossly overpaid and a perfect human being(much like Donald Trump).

  5. Bernie Sanders will win Kentucky after claiming he is a cousin of Colonel Sanders.

  6. Priller was not a wasted scholly. It was Hanner Perea who was constantly getting wasted.

  7. Comparing Crean with Trump is not necessary and a bit ridiculous. Knight endorsed Trump but has yet to endorse Crean (or even acknowledge him). Here’s Knight’s endorsement speech of Trump. No mention of nuclear attacks. Just saying three or four times “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to coach in Indiana” one mention of Harry Truman (as being “non-presidential”) and one long drawn-out fable about long hair.

  8. Great. I have to watch the 3 bozos running for president on every news station, social media feed and article from now to Nov. Escaping this clown show to the refuge of the Scoop to talk Hoops only to get treated to over other post referencing Trump. Yay.

    Would love of moratorium on politics on this site. Very divisive and it isn’t like there aren’t 4 billion other places on the Net to talk about this crap.

  9. I have to stop commenting via mobile phone. Autocorrect is getting unbearable. Type my brain dad-gummit. 😛

  10. Comparing Troy Williams’ to Mitch McGary is no less ridiculous than finding similarities between Crean and Trump. Troy Williams has never taken any big stage by storm. McGary has gone to a Final Four and did so via clutch/big stage performances along the way. Of course, McGary had a competent college coach.

    coachw-You’ve likely made a hundred “orange” and “tan” references aimed at Crean. Trump is just as artificially orange and has been frequently compared to an Orangutan. If a legendary and controversial former Indiana coach can bring his notoriety to influence the political process, I see no reason that an ordinary citizen of Scoop and longtime follower/fan of Indiana hoops can’t do the. same.

    Knight now joins the “Clown Club.” Crean appearing more the Pale Rider

  11. Great, now we get a heard of hippos polluting the water.

    Your analytical skills have degraded. Never compared Troy to the human Cody Zeller footprint. I just said they would be playing together if Troy goes NBA. Seems like a weird decision as another year in college with a good team behind him can only increase his chances.

    But please, in the meantime, I beg of you. Give us more Trump references. Can’t wait to hear more insight around your feelings about him.

  12. Let’s begin with your “analytical skills”….Your theory is that Niego outworked Priller for PT? And you use such a flawed theory to compliment Crean because he awards hard work? You give no consideration to the fact they play completely different positions. You give no consideration to Niego being required to step up because of injuries to Blackmon and RJ…You give no consideration to the fact that Priller oowas recruited with Jeremiah April when cupboard was nearly completely empty with regard to inside play…
    You give no consideration to the fact Crean was desperate to fill said “big” spots when offering scholarships to a couple very raw players barely the quality of a Tijan Jobe.

    Niego is a guard. He is a polished basketball player. Priller was a move of desperation. Priller could work like a coal miner and he’d still ride pine. It has absolutely nothing to do with a reward system or a competent evaluation of hard work. Priller is to Niego as Peter Jurkin to Matt Roth. The former of both are space takers and practice players brought with little basketball skill sets/savvy during desperate needs. The latter are actually skilled basketball players functioning within a system/team already deep within their position.

    The only “footprints” fans care about are those made on the biggest stages of the game. Nobody cares of Cody Zeller while March Madness moves to deeper rounds
    (Elite 8 & Final Fours). Nobody cares of players lost on crappy NBA teams when the playoffs proceed to conference finals and beyond.

    There are no footprints with a coach that can’t get his team to play collectively at a level higher than the individual parts of their NBA draft stock. You may reward him with sloppy and irrelevant comparisons but there are no rewards for fans to watch millions wasted on a coach without the acumen to take a quality team deep.

  13. The top political jab over the past few weeks was from Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Though I do believe Ted Cruz could still out-coach the illegal Hoosier alien, Tom Crean.

  14. Wow..Cubs are 26-8! Nearly playing .800 ball! Cubs are currently the Cody Zeller of Major League Baseball….We put “footprints” on everyone until it matters most. We grace the cover of magazines …We look like world beaters….and then this Daniel Murphy guy(the Mitch McGary of big stages and big moments) full of guts and gumption takes an NLCS and Wrigley by storm.

  15. Trump and Crean are distinct varieties of oompa loompa’s but that’s where the similarity ends. Ten days ago Indy Star tried to put together a Trump cabinet made only of Indiana sports figures and Crean I think ended up as (bobble) head of the department of happenstance. Here’s the link if you want to take a look.

    But to get everything straight we need to start from actual facts. Fact #1: Obama is Frozone. This is well known and documented. Bill Clinton is Mr. Incredible, Hillary is Elastigirl and Trump is Syndrome. I’m just stating the obvious (also Syndrome is the right kind of Orange). Meanwhile Bernie is from Harry Potter, appears first in Bernie Sanders and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Crean … Crean is Manuel from Fawlty Towers (original title as a Monty Python sketch: You Wrecked our Program!).

  16. They both pretend to be ‘men of God.’
    They are both manifestations seizing a moment based of hatred and frustration.
    They both enjoy witch hunts….”You wrecked the email server!”
    They share a common level of extreme athleticism.
    They both want to build walls to keep everything sacred and untouchable(translated: protect their own corrupted level of economic privilege/circumstance).
    They are both control freaks who give little access to anything but the flopping of their own tongues…

    There are plenty more in this “happenstance” political year.

    Continue with your cute superhero and fantasy fiction characters…..

  17. I wonder which D-League team McGary will sit on the bench for next season? OKC is obviously done with him. They have de-activated him and his most consistent stat line the past few weeks is ‘DNP-coach’s decision’ which is statspeak for, “He’s healthy, we just don’t have any use for him.” A crowd pleaser.

    I took a few minutes to check out headlines and the guys who cover the OKC beat only refer to him as a player who might be tossed in as part of a multiplayer trade down the road. OKC has already moved on. He’s not in their plans. Those jerseys are collectibles now.

    I don’t really follow OKC (or the NBA other than as the most casual of fans), other than said headlines, but, if anyone here does maybe they can fill in the details of his ‘mysterious absences’ (the expression the Thunder chose to use) from the team. Sounds like something Geoff would know about. When the management uses a phrase like that when addressing your situation you probably don’t want to be signing any long term leases.

    He hasn’t quit being tall but his days of speaking English during timeouts may be drawing to an end. He’s still young so maybe he can still regroup and get his act together and not be the power forward version of Johnny Manziel. Personally, I’m not terribly sympathetic to people who were handed the keys to the candy store and throw it all away. I’ll take the normal human sized guard who puts it all on the line against giants and plays his heart out every night.

    Oh, wait. I forgot he once took college basketball by storm for a half hour on his way to not winning anything. That should make him a lock for the ‘Do you know who I am? American Express HOF’.

    Didn’t he wear Bobby Plump’s old number? They both played for Milan, right?

  18. Maybe McGary will get signed by a bottom-feeder and will start putting up huge stats because when you’re on a bad team, the good teams let you score a lot because they don’t care….or something.

  19. twitchybabe must not have found your link in your last post.
    Lord….What on earth are all of you protecting to be so damn sensitive and afraid? Walls…walls…walls…protect..protect…protect. What the hell is this, Penn State?
    Sports is politics…Knight is/was politics…Zero tolerance is politics..Crean is the most politically driven/motivated coach IU has ever had. He is a master at maneuvering the portrait of a game with never knowing how to paint…It’s about everything but quiet and humble confidence and a need to not display and spin every fart of achievement for glorious examination. Selling is politics. If you want politics out of your life, then stop latching onto coaches and leaders that only know how to sell and project an empty slogan or the empty lingo of day.

    And have a sense of humor. Relax. Bobby Knight is arguably the most recognized names associated with Indiana. He never gave a crap…It doesn’t matter if you agree with his political messages or his latest blow. Learn to not be afraid. When afraid of topics it reveals a sensitivity that mirrors inferiority of compassion.

    I may not miss Bobby Knight…Change is good. What I do miss is the Indiana with eccentric confidence. I miss the place(and discussions on these very blogs) not so afraid to fail that everything must be put on a pedestal of marketed purity and propped up sunshine on every shadow cast by a carefree cloud. Lighten up.

  20. Harv, you’d be on my Mt Rushmore of Hoosier fans that I’d love to sit down and have a beer with on a patio on a hot summer night. I mean that genuinely. I can be accused of a lot of things, but lack of sincerity is not one of them. I’ll even bring some delicious IPA from some hippies in Oregon that can sure make a beer that will make your toes curl.

    In this case, you aren’t seeing the point. You sometimes have an aspergian tendency to completely misread where people’s feelings are coming from. You feel more justified trying to defend yourself instead of hearing people who don’t want to come onto the Scoop and experience the same vitriol, anger and “othering” that surrounds our political discourse today. On BOTH sides. We jab and have fun at each other’s expense sometimes, but it is fairly harmless. The next 6 months are going to be painful for a lot of people. Would be nice to reserve this for talk about Hoosier sports. Which, you know, is the actual point of this blog.

    Most of us are completely relaxed and are already light enough. You’re smart enough to get your point across more artfully. Put down the sledgehammer and pick up your hammer and chisel. You might be surprised at your ability to actually reach people with your discourse instead of getting jollies in watching them react.

  21. Has anyone else noticed how the ‘combine’ has taken on a new, and different, life of its own?

    It probably was intended as a chance to demonstrate their skills against each other. But that’s just one part now. Yogi has no eligibility left. He has been the center stage ring master for 4 years. There are no question marks about Yogi and be has nowhere else to go. That’s why he wasn’t invited. What would they learn and how would it affect his options?

    Now, the combine is just another tool in the box. Are you a very athletic player who does not possess all the tools yet? Work on that standing vertical leap and your shuttle run. Maybe someone will roll the dice if you can put up gaudy numbers. It sure beats working on your left hand until all hours of the morning.

    It was just a matter of time but I think the players (and their advisors who most definitely are NOT agents) have taken over this part of the process. I expect to see it ‘revamped’ soon. Maybe something with gladiators.

    Everybody likes gladiators.

  22. I love it when the geniuses tell you how “you’re smart enough.”

    I wouldn’t get to bent out of shape over the current fiasco in the political wars aimed at the grand prize of a presidency. The most able and renaissance man in the world whose urine wouldn’t smell after a light lunch of asparagus crepes will, like all others over the past half decade, be locked in the bureaucracy of a system that only serves those from within its bells, rolling numbers, bumpers and flippers. America’s leaders function within on giant pinball machine….a ton of glitz, lights, and small steel balls(and hands….) pushing a couple buttons as the meaningless numbers tallying the score grow and erase…grow and erase. …grow and erase.
    Meanwhile, the earth is depleted its beauty ..the waters warm to kill the seas…the majestic mountains get stripped for their resources…and Americans continue to buy gas-guzzling tanks to transport their fattening asses to feed the careless greed for nothing a betterment of a better day for their children.

    Politicians? They are only a center stage of all the clowns that are man. We were born into a disgraceful form of a living thing that cares nothing of its own rare home or to respect the other inhabitants it can destroy, dominate, or give no value.

    I almost enjoy watching it hopelessly destroy itself in hands of mankind’s narcissism gone wild. It proves gods brought us to function merely as a large form of meaningless bacteria; a way to cycle the planet back to its original cocktail of atoms and gases to start anew.

  23. Double Down- You’re smart enough to not get bent out of shape over the Barnum & Bailey show that is mankind. You are also smart enough to never approach a comparison of Niego and Priller. You are also smart enough to know any NBA decision from a few select Hoosiers won’t change our chances for a banner. You’re smart enough to know the only impediment to that destination has nothing to do with the revolving door of talent through the toilet that runs the team.

    Want to know how anal Indiana is..? I can’t get Tsingtao beer anymore. I’m told it was the distributor’s decision…We just don’t win against China anymore.

  24. The SCOOP word for the day Is……………………????????……………….?????????…………..????????………….????????…………..??????????………CHETASTROPHE.

    witchycoo park.

  25. We have some people on this blog who get all boo boo faced when you even try to debate them. I’m not surprised that Double Down isn’t smarter then Jokko The Clown at the circus. What I can’t understand is why is it so hard to just agree to disagree, instead of running the blogger through the mud?

  26. Harvard I missed you too buddy… but the way this blog works seems to be like this: nobody should say anything critical of Crean or deviate from insipid stories about shoulder injuries or you’re labeled immediately as a thread hijacker. If Chet brings up Knight’s endorsing of Trump that immediately becomes a profound and significant contribution to the blog. But if you try to nuance a bit Knight’s endorsement it apparently turns into politics and you immediately get someone with a fake handle like witchybabe complaining that you’re posting politics so you should stop. (Never seen witchybabe before and never will I see it again I’m sure except for complaining.) If OG says he won’t participate in the draft they argue that it doesn’t even qualify as news and they immediately start announcing they’re not planning a trip to Mars either. But then when James Blackmon announces he will take part in the draft (in spite of spending almost the entire season injured) doesn’t that mean that trips to Mars remain, as a matter of fact, very much on the radar? If Blackmon had instead announced the opposite it would have been again considered non-news I’m sure. What we have here on this blog is just a solid confederacy of dunces trying to stifle this blog with the highfalut-ulence of their thoughts. Trump-glodytes is how I call them when I think of them. I very much like the way you write and I enjoy reading your opinions on sports and basketball in Indiana in particular. I know you are attacked frequently. Ignore the sometimes sickening feeling of having to argue with such bunch of intolerant and dogmatic individuals and if you can … forgive them. Did you get to see Dana Carvey on SNL recently interviewing Donald Trump (as Church Lady)? I wonder when and if Crean will ever make it on that show… his Church Lady is almost as good as Carvey’s and certainly one of the most brilliant moments in Hoosier Scoop photoshop history, thanks to you.

  27. coachw- You’re forgiven.

    There is not much to learn from this Yacht Club anymore. I have nothing as profound to say as you. I tend to believe we’re stuck with a certain cocktail of personality mixed from other cocktails. You can go back five years on Scoop(or back even further to Basketblog) and there is little variance in tone from the same cast of many of the same characters. There is an age reached where few people have the capacity to evolve or change e from the hardwired beliefs and models of chosen forms to posture and interact in this world. The window of opportunity is narrow. I think we all finally succumb to the inability to effectively change toward something more forgiving. We cling to what we’ve created of ourselves and fear digs its claws firmly into our hearts and turns to steel the layers that could expose our long protected vulnerability. How can we have the capacity to forgive and change if we cannot make ourselves fearless to our own vulnerability? Instead of embracing the vulnerability we choose to offer snide remarks, disregard, or trivialize a voice. We offer asparagus urine and talk of how RSS feeds allow us to enjoy a place without those we now have labeled the contemptible “hijackers” of Scoop…But we all know nothing has been hijacked. We are too hardwired to have our hearts hijacked and our minds reopened to the childhood days our personalities and our innocence still had a slight chance to truly see each other beyond the words. Topics would rarely be taboo if could somehow reclaim an eye not burdened to discriminate and judge upon every utterance.

    And that is what I’ve always valued in you, coachw. You remain innocent and vulnerable. You remain flippant of the topic rather than the person. You remain with open heart…and thus you remain inviting to forgiveness and open to change. You retain your sense of humor(unmatched in explosive genius)…and in the process of it all, your heart of gold stays true.

  28. H4H,

    In response to one of your posts about sensitivity. Unfortunately, we live in a world that you can’t even say or do anything anymore without getting attacked by groups who want it their way and no compromise. We won’t get into the Facebooks and Twitters of the world. All I’ll say about those is some people feel powerful behind a computer. I bet 90% of that crap they wouldn’t say to your face. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about the Chet’s of the world.

  29. Pobrecitos. You fellas are sooooo persecuted.

    Rico has added not one ounce of substance to the discourse around here. His posts are limited to times he feels inspired to lay into another poster. Then has the audacity to get internet tough guy by claiming others are hiding behind a computer.


    Harv, my opinion on the matter has been stated. The rest of your posts trying to say things I didn’t say is just par for course in dialog with you. Would be nice to argue merits of what I actually said versus the straw men you create. I will just let my comments stand on their own. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  30. Aren’t they all “imaginary” here, Chet? Until you look into an eye, shake a hand, or share one of those Oregon beers with Double Down, they are all imaginary.

  31. Double Down- You can stand one Niego on top of another imaginary Niego and proceed to have the stacked Niegos stand next to Priller. Your comment oozing some foolish astuteness and fairness given to Crean could then “stand on its own.”

    You also have a good weekend….Maybe even imagine one. Trump has an imaginary publicist. Hell, imaginary friends means your presidential material.

  32. Double Down,

    You responded as I figured you would. I got exactly what I wanted and more. Learn to take the good with the bad. It goes a long way.

  33. One tends to forget this is a blog. As Harvard mentioned until you meet someone you’re just imaginary. That’s why I find it funny people like DD try to be so correct as if we’re really going to meet. Fat chance. That’s why I find it funny some of the bloggers here get their feathers ruffled so easily. Relax. It’s an ONLINE COMMUNITY.

  34. oops..

    …you’re presidential

    And let’s not forget the biggest “imaginary friend” of all…He lives up in the clouds and our Hoosier coach tweets to him and repeatedly reminds all Hoosiers of his heavenly imaginary existence. I doubt if anyone on here has shook hands, looked eye to eye, or shared a beer with Mr. Desert Sandals.

    We should be cautious in belittling any conversations with imaginary friend of choice….You never know, the mocking of such imaginary friend could be your ticket to a top floor room in eternal paradise.

  35. In my experience it is entirely futile to address Chet since it is well known that he has his short fingers stuck as deep as they go into his ears most of the time while typing his invectives with his disproportionately long nose

  36. I guess I just don’t have the heart to argue with online strangers anymore. Over the years on various online communities, I’ve made friends from afar. In one place, we’ve been doing a regional beer exchange with each other for a couple of years. Seems to take the edge off of the keyboard warriors. I appreciate the human being on the end of this exchange. I’ve seen great online communities thrive.

    I’m just going to move on. Maybe I’ll pop in on occasion when football season starts, but guys like Rico Chet who have no desire to get along don’t make this any fun. Now there are personal screeds about Chet who has hardly made a peep in this thread. Par for the course on the internet.

    I’ve said my piece, now I’m accused of being as dumb as Crean. Yawn. Even your insults are boring. But I don’t want to be around people like this anymore. I choose to spend my energy in things that matter more. I have a family member who is very very important to me who is fighting for their life right now. Talking Indiana sports was a nice refuge to escape reality for some time. The anger and the vitriol around kids who are 18-24 yrs old is something I just don’t care for that much anymore. Circumstances around me have put that all into perspective.

    You guys keep on trucking. Far be it from me to try to request some civility and bring some fun back to the comments. To think that we all could respect each other as people, was my own folly.

    So, I’m just going to bow out. I genuinely wish everyone the best. Even you Rico. Truly. Hope to celebrate some Hoosier successes with my fellow Hoosier fans sooner rather than later. But I’m sure there will be ten follow up posts insulting my intelligence about how it’ll never happen because the coach is a clown…..or something.

    Good luck everyone and go Hoosiers.

  37. Double Down-
    Very sorry to hear about your family member’s dire health situation. It certainly does put things in perspective. Don’t be hard on yourself for needing a bit of escape from the hardest of things we all must face and fear. Take care.

  38. DD, good luck with everything. If you want to chat Hoosiers have Jeremy send me your email address. He has mine. There are other Scoop ex-pats who have moved on from the noise, as well, who I keep in touch with via email.

    Since I screened Harv and his other ‘personalities’ (the guy has the easiest language ‘tell’ I’ve ever read but he doesn’t have any idea) you are one of the rare posters outside of women’s basketball. There won’t be much opportunity for conversation around here.

    Drop me a note if the mood strikes you.

  39. I confess….Chet is right. I have about six screen names on here. I’m Rico and coachw…I was also Reggie and NoMendacity when they were active contributors. I live in a yellow submarine at the bottom of Lake Michigan. My real name is Lord Reno Hightower.

  40. Another confession. I’m Mitch McGary’s high school dance teacher. He was one of my best pupils. I always dreamed of taking a ballet by storm.

    Price- When are you going to tell them Mike Miller is a hologram?

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