Kick time, TV assignment set for IU’s football opener #iufb

Indiana is in line for some Thursday night football.

The Hoosiers will begin their season under the lights at Florida International, kicking off at 7:30 p.m. on ESPNU. Indiana announced the time and television assignment on Wednesday morning.

Four kickoff times are now official, including an 8 p.m. showdown with Michigan State on Oct. 1 at Memorial Stadium. The Hoosiers will host Nebraska for homecoming on Oct. 15 at 3:30 p.m. and will travel to Northwestern for the Wildcats’ homecoming on Oct. 22 at noon.


  1. The late start time in the season opener will benefit IUFB. The heat and humidity in Southern Florida that time of year is intense many years. At least playing at night will take the hot sun out of the equation but IU will still have to deal with heat and humidity. IU’s depth will be tested which will help them for the B1G season. I hope they come away with solid win.

  2. V- best thing about this game is that it will be nationally televised. Tom Allen should have the defense flying around and hopefully the veteran offense will continue putting up huge numbers. I look for this to be a statement win because of the national coverage, the importance of Florida recruiting, the need to get Lagow off to a strong start and Tom Allen and all the Florida guys on defense wanting to put on a show.

  3. 123, You are right about all the factors that make this opener special. I hadn’t really thought about the Florida guys and the fact they will be back in their home area. It should be a great recruiting opportunity as if gets IUFB into the minds of more Florida players letting them see the style of ball IU plays.

    I really hope the team comes out and plays the way last year’s team finished the regular season. It sure would be nice to see the defense playing harder and with better fundamentals. I think our new DC and the players added to the defense will show a much better defense; of course there is still some question about the defensive front and how well those new players can play.

  4. In a perfect world I’d rather not play a south Florida team during a hot month (most months in Florida) but at least the kickoff is late.

    It will certainly give us an idea about our depth. I’m guessing the D substitutes early and often.

  5. Let’s not psych ourselves out about the conditions for this game. My memory of Bloomington in August is that it was nasty hot and humid there, too. Presumably there will be plenty of conditioning going on during two-a-days. Emphasizing adverse conditions about which a team has no control can serve to make losing seem inevitable (= acceptable).

  6. Davis you are right about the weather in August for some summers but we have had some cooler summers. I agree there will be plenty of conditioning during two-a-days and IU will put # 2s into the first team practice. As I said before, this game will a good one to play our #2 players to help keep everyone fresher for the game.

    The team will be excited to play, especially the Florida players, showing how they will be this year. Takeaways for the defense will show how well they were following the coaches teaching. The defense has depth with playing from last year. I hope the secondary shows they learned a lot last year to help hold down the passing game of the opponent. I expect the defense will be more fired up and be better more fundamental about tackling.

    It is a shame Patrick can’t play until in the middle of the season as I wanted to see how good he really is. Based on what the coaches said about him last year he will be a big addition to the team when he returns. It will be nice to see some of the others that missed last year as they were players with some skills and speed to add to this team. Hopefully everyone stays healthy this summer and season Go Hoosiers 2016!

  7. All I can say is in south Alabama the summers are brutal. From now until September you can bet the stove is on high. That’s why I cut my grass and do my yard work at 8:00 AM Saturday. I like it down here but I do miss the actual seasons in Indiana. The seasons run together down here.

  8. Ben, you know but many don’t but Alabama and Georgia are the hottest places in the USA due to an odd confluence of factors. I tried to tell my wife how hot things could be but she always said how could be be worse than 90% humidity and in the mid 90’s. After a local zoo put in a tropical area I took the family and opening the door my wife breath was taken away. I said this how it can feel worse.

    IU will be alright in the opener but will need to rely on their backups to play a significant part of the game. The defense front gets hit the hardest as they have to run much more than the offense. Add in the battle with big men every play and it wears you out in a hurry.

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