Kickoff time set for homecoming game vs. Nebraska #iufb

Indiana has set two more kickoff times for the upcoming season, including its homecoming matchup against Nebraska.

The Hoosiers and Cornhuskers will meet in Bloomington on Saturday, Oct. 15 in a game scheduled to kick off at 3:30 p.m. Eastern. It will be the first meeting between the programs since Nebraska joined the Big Ten in 2011. The last time IU and Nebraska played in football was in 1978. The Hoosiers lead the all-time series, 9-7-3.

Indiana also announced Wednesday that its Oct. 22 game at Northwestern is scheduled to kick off at noon Eastern. The Hoosiers will be the Wildcats’ homecoming opponent.

Television assignments will be announced on a six- or 12-day basis.

On Monday, the Big Ten Network announced that IU’s conference home opener against Michigan State on Oct. 1 will kick off at 8 p.m. Eastern.


  1. “The Hoosiers lead the all-time series, 9-7-3.” Given the beat down I witnessed in 1978, it seems incredible that IU has an all-time winning record against Nebraska! Would love to see that expand to 10-7-3. We’re certainly a better program and Nebraska is not nearly what they used to be.

  2. I was at the ’78 game. I haven’t checked this out on the web but I remember the crowd being silenced in Lincoln the year before as the game came down to the wire.

    The ’78 game was the “rematch”.

    So it goes.

  3. It would be great to beat Nebraska and based on last year the two teams should be pretty even. It should be a good game to go to especially if the crowd gets into it. When I was coaching I got to look at the 1978 film and it was amazing to see Nebraska’s center reach our DT [IU had a 5-2 defense at the time] on running plays which let the guard and tackle get out in front of the runner to block LB and DBs. There OL back then was head and shoulders above most college teams and the film showed why.

  4. I think IU’s Mike Friede burned Nebraska’s defense for the two touchdowns IU scored in that 1978 game. Friede kept the score close during the first half. Nebraska’s cornerbacks could not match Friede’s speed, so after his second long TD, to slow him down, they double teamed him and tried to beat him up on every play. The final score of that game was 69 – 17.

    IU started the 78 season playing three consecutive ranked teams; LSU on the road (24 – 17 loss), Washington at home (14 – 7 win) and Nebraska at home (69 -17 loss). Washington was a huge win for Corso at the time. But reality set it the next week. After playing those three teams to start the season, IU’s players were beat up, they only won three more games. I remember thinking, “who was the moron that made this schedule?” It was insane to schedule those three powerhouses for IU’s non-conference schedule.

  5. Friede went on to be drafted in the third round of the 1980 draft by Detroit. He was traded to the New York Giants and played there for two seasons.

  6. It was a brutal start to the season but the start of B1G season is just as brutal now that we are in the East. I sure hope players learned from last year and figure out how to win games instead of falling short. It will be fun to see how our defense plays this year which should give the offense a boost. I still am very high on Lagow and hope his play shows what I have see on film and at practice.

    Nebraska should be a good draw for homecoming and there will be all red in the stadium.

  7. Yes, Nebraska should be a good draw for homecoming, but the question is, how many fans inside Memorial Stadium will be Hoosiers and how many will be Cornhuskers? The Hoosier Nation (students, alumni and fans) has still not proven that it is worthy of an improved football program.

  8. I was at the ’78 Nebraska game, too. I remember 1) that they handed out pom-pom thingies to the fans ’cause the game was on nat’l TV, and 2) as the drubbing went on, my soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend lamenting, “Oh, to think that I could have gone to USC!”

  9. davis, your ex-girlfriend saved a lot of money coming to IU and probably had a safer experience when off campus. That ’78 Nebraska game was a big disappointment but brought fans back down to earth after beating Washington at home. IU didn’t have much of a weight program back then [I out performed several OLmen in PE class] while Nebraska had a national lifting program and it was obvious as the game went along. IU has upgraded its facilities and our OL now matches the best defenses we face. This is the year the team needs to show fans they can win in the B1G. It would be nice to have the team at the level Bill Mallory had them in the ’87-’88, ’91,’93,’94 although I hope once there Coach Wilson will sustain the progress. Coach has a ways to go to have teams where Bill Mallory had IUFB.

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