1. Didn’t Indiana simply swap head coaches with Northern Illinois when Mallory came to Bloomington?

  2. Chet, no Sam Wyche was the IU coach that Bill Mallory replaced and Sam went to the Bengals as their HC.

  3. OK, thanks. I know Corso ended up at Northern Illinois around that time frame. I’d forgotten about Wyche.

  4. Chet, good memory as Corso replaced Mallory at N. Illinois when Mallory came to IU. Corso only lasted one year at Northern.

  5. It’s interesting how Bill Mallory remains amicable with the locals after his son was canned and made a scapegoat. Now we are on our third DC(along with many other new assistants) and nothing is yet to be proven. The moral victory of participation in a low tier bowl game after a 2-6 conference record hardly seems like anything solidly proving a corner has been turned against solid conference opponents.

    Ves13 remains optimistic that the new names heading up the ‘D’ are going to release the tiger in our Hoosier tank. Unfortunately, I see most of this as sugar coating on the same old cornflakes. I remain skeptical of the whole experiment. I believe Wilson, a very adept offensive coach, has been brilliant in buffering true accountability via the revolving door of defensive coaching changes. But the reality is that we’re six years into this coach and coming off a 2-6 conference record. I also watched a bowl game get flushed down the toilet via risk aversion and lost opportunities in simply pounding the ball against a Duke team that appeared very weak against our run game.

    At the end of the day, it’s only the final score of each game(including the loss against an inferior Duke football team) and W/L reg season tally at the conclusion of the season serving as the platform for how all coaches are ultimately judged. Making IU the old tired exception to the rule of accountability sorta reeks of the same defeatism that got us here. Watching a 2-part “classy” interview with Bill Mallory as the placid Hoosier father whose son was rightfully canned doesn’t give me any reassurances regarding the overall measures of “fire in the belly” aimed at the perpetual stagnancy in Hoosier Football. It often feels as if the whole product is built to merely take up space. I’m yet to be convinced we are a D-1 school with two MAJOR sports programs. One has always measured itself against championship banners….The other measures itself as simply being happy to forgive, forget, and to be (sorta) breathing.

  6. H4H, Coach Deal and Hagen were two very good hires and very good at firing up players. The talk about the team being more energized than some other 5 Power teams the visitor had visited was from him not our coaches. Watching practice and the Spring game I can say the defense is playing better, more fundamental, and more fired up. They were more fundamental and coaches are were focusing on the problems even the little problems. The players say they like this defense better; they can now attack teams instead of sitting back as before.

    Yes H4H, we will have to wait for the season to see how well this team plays. I do know we have some new players that are very good and Green [from South Carolina] showed he can cover receivers which gives IUFB two cover Corners now. Add in Jayme Thompson to the secondary along with Dutra we can expect the DBs to be much better than with a bunch of freshman playing against the best teams in the B1G.

    This season needs to be the season the football team makes a breakthrough in the B1G. It won’t be easy adding Nebraska and Northwestern to IU’s East schedule. The team needs to do well in the pre-B1G season because it will be a battle every week in the B1G. The team also needs to do well and knock off a couple of the “big boys” so recruiting can start bringing in top players instead of working hard developing players not rated as well. The way we have seen the offense improving players is what I expect the defense to start doing now as Coach Deal is a teacher along with a coach that will develop players. That is what Bill Mallory did when he was here and what it takes to make the defense a real deal at IU.

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