Dawkins, Gardner part ways with Indiana #iufb

According to a press release from Indiana University, a pair of Hoosiers are no longer part of Kevin Wilson’s program.

Redshirt sophomore defensive back Will Dawkins and redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Tim Gardner have left the Hoosiers.

“We thank Will and Tim for their contributions,” Wilson said in the release. “They are leaving IU in good academic standing and we wish them the very best moving forward.”

Dawkins, a native of Vero Beach, Fla., redshirted in 2014, then appeared in nine games for the Hoosiers in 2015 with 12 unassisted tackles and five assisted tackles to go with one kickoff return.

Gardner, from Indianapolis, sat out the 2014 season after transferring from Ohio State, then appeared in 11 games as a redshirt freshman in 2015.


  1. I hate to see the players leave but both have histories of problems and I hope a new start help both of them out. Gardner has already had a second start so he will have the hard time to stay with what school he goes to. Every team has players leaving for different reasons. Neither player leaving puts IU in a bind like in 2014 when two QBs left.

    I am excited about this year as we have a good DC now along with adding very good players on defense with also having returning players. With the way the team played last year coming back with another good offense [the season will tell how good] and now a real chance to have a solid defense how much better can this season be. A lot will depend on injuries, team chemistry [which was high during Spring Practice], and how the breaks will favor IU. I am an optimistic person so I have to temper my enthusiasm for this team but the pieces are in place and only the team can hold themselves back.

  2. I am mildly optimistic about this year’s football team, but still have very low expectations for the defense. It will take a few years before IU has the personnel necessary for a “good” defense, and that will depend on improved recruiting. Losing two players that had significant playing time last year is not good, but it is to be expected, especially when key coaches turn over. Every football program loses a few players every year.

  3. Both Athlon’s and Bleacher Report predict a 6-6 season. I think we have a chance to better than that, up to 8-4. I think the offense has quality depth on the line, rb’s and receivers. I think Lagow will have a better completion % than Sudfeld and will lead the league in passing. The defense has quality depth on the back end. I think Tom Allen will get these guys playing with emotion and passion. The wild card is the defensive line. Don’t see a lot of impact players or depth. When Wilson first got here, both our offensive and defensive lines got pushed around by the likes of Ball State. That doesn’t happen on the offense anymore against anyone. The defensive front needs to be the same. Last year, Michigan beat us by throwing to big guys covered by little guys while we were throwing to little guys covered by big guys. That will change this year. We have taller, longer and more experienced db’s and some bigger receiver and TE options. I think the improvements give us a realistic shot at 8-4. But for that to happen, Lagow has to stay upright and the defensive front has to develop in a hurry.

  4. The key word or appropriate word is hope. Same old comments forever regarding what IU fb record could, would, want, will be for the upcoming season.

  5. In theory, every team has a chance to have a winning record. But I think 8 – 4 is a reach. I prefer to manage my expectations so as not to get too disappointed over what is otherwise, and in relative terms, a good season. 6 – 6 gets IU to another bowl game, with the chance to have a winning season. That would be progress, showing the football world that last season was not a fluke. But just as importantly, I want IU to play the elite Big Ten teams like Michigan and OSU just as tough as we played them last season. IU can not afford to have blow-out losses anymore. We must be competitive in every game, no matter the outcome. And who knows, if you remain competitive, you can steel a game against the conference big boys once in a while.

    Michigan will be much improved this season. The crazy man is a very good coach. OSU lost so much talent in the recent NFL Draft, but my guess is that they’ll just re-load, and it will be hard for anyone to notice the difference between last season’s talent level and this season’s talent level.

  6. T and Po- i agree that 8-4 is a stretch but I think this team has that kind of potential. Whether they reach that potential remains to be seen. Last year, we were looking good on the O line, running backs and qb but the receivers were a question and you knew the defensive backfield was in for a long season. I predicted 6-6 for that team and thought they could go 7-5 if everything broke their way. This year the team is solid everywhere on offense with maybe the exception of the tight end group. The defense looks to be the longest and most athletic KW has had. The question marks remain on the d line where they lack disruptive impact players. The 3 players we lost to the NFL have all been replaced by solid players with NFL potential of their own (Lagow, Cam Patrick and Brandon Knight). I will be thrilled with 6-6 but I think 8-4 is not the impossible pipe dream it would have been for any other KW team. The talent gap for IU and the elite teams of the B1G is not what it used to be. We’ve made the jump from bad to mediocre. Now lets see if they can move up another notch to good.

  7. I wish there were no bwl games of 6 win 6 loss teams. I prefer 7 win 5 loss cut off and less bowl games.

  8. I prefer a disastrous football season. This would firmly place priorities and pressures where they should always be with regard to Indiana University sports; the Men’s Basketball Program.

    We have now entered the ‘Era of Complacency’ in both major sports at IU. We have been apologized into the acceptance of getting to Sweet 16’s(basketball) and low tier bowl games(football) as our defeatist motto for justification those sucking the hope and well dry.

    Disastrous football was always the opening follies of the fall. It was wrought with optimism because we fully knew it was the opening act, the purposeful comic relief, the tragic play, before we(based on Indiana’s bread and butter…and lore) would get down to business with the round ball and maple that built the only true dynasty name attached to IU . And at the crossroads of that dynasty second act slipping away, we picked a basketball coach who guaranteed such low X’s and O’s basketball acumen as to lock us into the Complacency Era(brought to Indiana by Establishment apologists, coastal alumni with stronger affiliations/loyalty to schools in their stomping grounds, and journalists with a eternal BK grudge). Uninspiring and ‘just better than average’ is the new gold standard at both addresses on 17th St. If our programs put a couple athletes into a draft, then it’s even more frosting on a stale old cake to keep the highly overpaid coaches on their ‘Thrown of Defeatism.’

    Give me back the days of comedy football followed by brilliant hoops. The only thing that will ever erupt again in Bloomington is basketball led by someone more than a beauty pageant judge for the “upside” athleticism hoping for a number to come up on Crean’s NBA roulette wheel. There will never be enough pigskin gravel roads heading to hills of Bloomington as a detour for the top football talent to bypass Michigan. ND. OSU…

    The state of Indiana has a limitless supply of basketball talent. It is a crime that we don’t have the best coach in the land at Assembly to foster, teach, and grow that talent into championships..What do we do instead? We cultivate coaching mediocrity, we water the 30 year drought with squirt gun mind, in the basketball gym packed to the rafters to simply apologize for more of the same at Memorial(now one step above the old cellar its lived in for decades). We are now an equal employment opportunity home for vinyl and average at the Hoosier duplex of tempered eternal septic tank results flushed away at the highest possible cost(in dollars and national notoriety). Yippee.

    6-6 defeatism or football and Sweet 16 defeatism or basketball ….I count three sixes in that equation pool of inspiration……Hmmm? Three sixes…? Who would be responsible for such expectations….? Hmmm? Maybe…..?

  9. “I am mildly optimistic about this year’s football team, but still have very low expectations for the defense. It will take a few years before IU has the personnel necessary for a “good” defense, and that will depend on improved recruiting.

    I bet we all wish we worked for companies as lenient, permissive and low in their expectations as the football faithful on the Hoosier Scoop. IU seems to be the only school in a BCS conference with fans who are willing to perpetually defer expectations for a winning season 2 or 3 more years down the road. Do IU football fans watch and monitor the rest of college football, or do they blind themselves as a defense mechanism? Worse programs being reborn or rebuilt into 8, 9 or 10 win teams in far less time than Wilson has taken to build a 6-win group. And yet going into year SEVEN, fans are still happily adding “in 2 or 3 more years” to the picture as if it is totally normal to have a 10-year rebuilding project. Maybe in a few years, they will add on another “2 or 3 more years” and we will be looking at a 12 year rebuild to get to 7 or 8 wins. Gotta say that this is a pretty sweet gig if you’re KW.

  10. Right on, Seahawk…

    They do the same complacent apologizing for basketball….This is even more criminal considering the fact there is more premier basketball talent per capita in Indiana than anywhere else in the country.

    Maybe all these apologists on Scoop are somehow tied to the payrolls of those leading us through the Complacency Era? Maybe they get stock options in t-shirts and bumper stickers? For every new guaranteed coaching extension and additional 10 million offered in contracts for Crean and Wilson respectively, they get one “Win Today” bumper sticker and one “We’re Back” t-shirt in the delusions of grandeur size of their choice?

  11. That was brilliant, Seahawk….

    Hoosier Football: Forever improving our defense…… mechanisms. So that’s what they mean by new defensive “schemes?”

    I never knew Buddy Ryan’s 4-6 Defense was named after Doug Plank…And I call myself a Bears fan…? Shame on me.

    Hoosiers play a 2-6 Defense Mechanism…Attain this “Win Today” conference record and no coach shall walk the plank.

  12. Seahawk Tom, as much as I am hopeful the IUFB needs to show this year that they can compete [which I mean wins some games] against the best teams in B1G. Last year was a step up as for the first time in a long time IU took the teams to the edge but still lost in the end. If they don’t win this year then recruiting won’t improve to get players to challenge OSU, UM, MSU, etc. Last yer it was obvious the secondary was going to be weak with all the freshman playing. This year the team has quality players at each position so there is no need to just come close.

    H4H IUFB fns have been patient because we have had to be. When Coach Wilson was hired IUFB was at a place that no up and coming name coach would take the job and if they did they would have been gone after four years if successful. Coach Wilson was a good gamble as a coach that knows what it takes but had to learn how to be a Head Coach. In my coaching career I learned even in high school the job was different from being a coordinator. This year we see coach recognized defense was still a problem and went out and got a DC rated as one of the top ten up and coming DC. Because of the situation at IU there were mistakes made in hiring DCs but coaches have shown they know how to coach as we had the #1 offense in the B1G despite losing the #1 RB and our starting QB lost for more than a game. This is the year that the pedal hits the metal or IUFB will not get the job done under coach Wilson. I like this team and hope our long suffering is over.

  13. Seahawk Tom- Nice straw man argument. Who is saying they are willing to have 2-3 more losing seasons? The closest you can get is PO saying he expects a few years to build a “good” defense. In addition, this is Wilson’s sixth year, not seven or SEVEN. I like your style, if you can’t win on facts, just make stuff up. So just go for it. Make up the most ridiculous straw man arguments you can dream up and try to pass them off as legitimate. Your opinions wont be respected but at least you’ll be entertaining.

  14. Really have no fear the IU D will perform well this year. Crawford, Fant, Scales and Oliver will be tough backing up the line and “Hoss” Hoff, Green, Bowen and some talented 2nd and 3rd year men will benefit from Hagen’s coaching. More experience means less big plays.

  15. Now there must be patience with the defense…..while there was absolutely none to go around with Mallory in a much more fledgling/thin stage of rebuilding..

    Or is this now akin to cleaning up Mallory’s mess(much in the style of 15 years Crean gets to clean up a 3-way calling scandal)? Or is it Knorr’s mess?

  16. Seahawk Tom,

    You’re way off on many fronts. I think it’s fair to say we monitor college football. If we didn’t, why in the hell would we be talking about it? I don’t know what you been watching, but the team as a whole has improved as well as depth. We are two deep in most positions now. When Bill Lynch was coach it was a prize to just get a 3 star recruit. That’s the norm now and throw in some 4 star recruits. Coach Wilson’s coaches have done a tremendous job developing players as well. It was a rare occurance during the Lynch years.

    You’re right about one thing and that’s the fact Wilson has a sweet gig. Can you blame him? He inherited a cupboard that was on bare bones at best. It takes awhile to stock up in this business. You might live in a world where “overnight fixes” might happen, but this isn’t an overnight fix and most fans of the game know this.

    This is the most stable the team has been in the last 15+ years. IU’s problem for years upon years was burning through coaches. It’s nearly impossible to build a team and trust when you hire and fire in 3 years or less. So yes, it’s a sweet gig and he deserves every penny. This team continues to improve and the security of knowing this is our coach for the foreseeable future is priceless and shows something to recruits.


    You’re Mallory junk is useless and a hopeless argument. You just use the man’s name to stir the pot. I doubt you even care. I have no idea why I’m ever debating you other then I have a 4 days weekend and time on my hands for a change. Coaches hire and fire yearly. Just part of it. When a team grows so do the expectations. Perhaps Mallory needs good talent around him to produce. Whatever it is, he didn’t get the job done. He sucked. End of story. Just like every working American, If you can’t do the job or always late then you’re fired. Wilson’s mistake was hiring Mallory if it was purely to bridge the wounds that led to his fathers firing and ill feelings toward the school.

  17. Ben….Ben…Ben….

    How’s the dancing and the new marriage working out? Still fireworks?

    Mallory sucks no more than Wilson….And it’s Wilson that believes just as much in “hire and fire” than the fans who remain skeptical of this so-called, 2-6/6-6, toilet bowl, progress. Wilson is on his third defensive coordinator/defensive strategists in six years.

    We’ve fixated on making a diamond out of a dud and all it’s perpetuated is the ultimate “defense mechanism” such distractions serve. It protects the Establishment’s greatest magical trick to keep Indiana in a Twilight Zone of basketball irrelevance while remaining hung with a truly dysfunctional coach who is still playing with chilidren’s building blocks compared to his football counterparts.

    Most of you severely challenged football fans are sucking the life out of Hoosier national relevance one Tom Crean season at a time. Instead of hiring and firing where improvement can be faster than a ‘Rocket Mortgage,’ you choose to obsess over the eternal football vampire you brought out of the darkness to feed. Should have left it sealed in the ground of its rightful “Memorial” name….Or, when you brought it out of the dusty coffin, it’s first meal should have been a handsome blabbermouth with Grade over basketball blood over at McCracken.

  18. We’re doing fine Harvard. Thanks for asking. Hope all is well in NW Indiana. Happy 4th of July.

  19. H4H- We’re opposites! I hope IUBB stinks for all eternity so people will have to pay attention to IUFB. Is it any wonder we attract (flies)?

    Rehire Kevin Wilson? What were they thinking?

    Bill Lynch 19/30 overall (.388), 6/26 conf. (.188), 0/1 bowl.

    Kevin Wilson 20/41 overall (.328), 8/32 conf. (.200), 0/1 bowl.

    Looking at the records, one wonders what heights Lynch might have scaled had he the improved (by seemingly everyone’s estimate) talent with which Wilson has managed to achieve an identical record. Oh, wait, Lynch did inherit Hep’s talented (by IUFB historical standards) team; took it to a bowl game. After that it was rough sledding indeed to the bottom of the hill. Where Wilson found it. And has clawed back up to a bowl game. And therein lies the difference. Or at least that’s the only way I can explain what’s happened.

    Oh, and please spare me the comments how bowl games for 6-6 teams are not worthy, etc. I also don’t think 6-6 v. 6-6 bowl games are worth much- but then again, I didn’t practice my butt off all year and play my heart out on Saturdays, now did I?

  20. Oh, spare me…The godawful conservative approach in Wilson’s one bowl appearance was enough in itself to prove a man more concerned about appearances than true risk taking and shock treatment required for IU Football.

    Complacency and careful protection within Fred’s Yacht Club circle is where Wilson now finds his comfort. He’s already been doused of his fire…It only took six years to play it safe rather than go for broke.

    It is beyond a joke that a team with a 2-6 conference record can even appear in a bowl. There are enough bowl games to declare the nearly 100 teams playing in December and early January as improved/competitive. There are now far more teams invited to bowl games than the number of D-1 basketball schools making it into March Madness.

    Blue ribbons for all these football teams considered “improved” or “winners?” Complete BS. It is highly debatable just how incrementally better IU Football is….And while you build that best circus in town, the real clown and showstopper is over at Assembly. Could you please recruit him over to IU Football where he belongs?

  21. Happy 4th to you, Ben.

    Glad to here all is well. Just for the record….I grew up in NW Indiana, but I now live elsewhere….That would be Elsewhere, Kentucky….just kidding.

  22. H4H, what makes your assessment more valuable than the assessment college football coaches across the country and in the B1G have about the job Coach Wilson has done. You and the rest of us would like the team to have won some of the close games but OSU, UM,MSU, and PSU know they have to play very good football to be IU now. In the past those teams could walk all over IUFB but they know those days are over and have said so with their comments. When you look at the difference in levels of talent on the teams it is a wonder IU can challenge those teams but they do. It is very important this year that IU knocks of a couple of those teams so they can draw in better talent to compete with those programs

    I find it odd that you thought the bowl game was a conservative effort by coach Wilson when so many others wanted him to play more conservative football. It seems to me, he tried out scoring teams with shootouts and that didn’t work so he tried protecting the defense and that didn’t work. Its not that he has been unwilling to try different approaches. IUFB just was short in talent last year and shouldn’t be as short this year. All you need to do is look at UM to see that even with a winning tradition and pulling in 4 and 5 star talent it was easy to become mediocre. Imagine if they had the roster IU had the past four years, how Hoke or Rodriquez would have done in Wilson’s shoes. They didn’t get it done with top talent so I think they would have done even worse with the level of talent IU has had under Coach Wilson. The shortcoming has been the defense and Coach Wilson has been behind the 8 ball after being encouraged to hire Doug Mallory as DC. DC Allen is the first DC that coach Wilson has been able to get the man he wanted as DC. This season will determine how good his judgement is and we have all said if the defense were decent the team would win many more games.

    This is a cut bait or fish year for the IUFB as they have the pieces in place to win games. Yes, it will take a couple of years to see how good the defense can become but that is no reason they can’t be a solid defense this year. It is only another month until the players report for Fall practice and we should get a better read on how the team looks this year – do they build on the excitement of Spring Practice or take a step back from last year’s team. I am looking forward to a winning season; I was disappointed that last year’s defense took a step back which hurt the team’s chances to have winning season.

  23. Wilson has a sweet gig because he earned it. Mallory was still a good coach when fired but his achilles was he was fast losing ground recruiting over his last 4 seasons. He would not take recruits he did not think could help the program and he was not getting the recruits who could. Over his last 2 years he left many available scholarships unfilled. That = fired. Lynch on the other hand awarded scholarships to anyone who played HS football. That also = fired.

  24. Bottom line is IU fb is slowly tugging along like a big offensive lineman in the right direction. However, it is concerning what earlier started out as a positive momentum in recruiting was a firecracker dud and settled into not much of nothing thus far.

  25. I believe Wilson to be the next Bobby Knight of football…..If only he was at a place where such genius/inventiveness/charisma could intersect with top talent that will ever seriously consider those chrome motorcycle helmets and artificial vibe marketed by Glass (not to mention such genesis efforts for Wilson is living across the parking lot from the black hole victim act coach sucking all press coverage like the William Jennings Bryan of the Indiana southern hills.

    Wilson could take a program like ND to the stratosphere….He could make the Irish into an offensive machine that could propel them into yearly consideration for national championships….

    Sorry guys…But if we would have hired a mind like Wilson’s over at Assembly, we wouldn’t even care about the Memorial follies….The follies would be the follies and elite would return to McCracken. Glass is a smart man….Much more money is made in the Complacency Era by fostering false hope via Sweet 16 ceilings painted by Michelangeblow, candy stripes pimped onto chrome helmets, and Puddlejump Bowls .

  26. Vesuvius- You of all people should know that some mountains aren’t meant to be climbed. IU Football is that mountain….The eruption will be short and all its force kills the green basketball village. The banners are dusty in our hidden gem of old basketball olive trees. But somewhere the fires burn for a tiny mountain that must prove itself equal to Knight’s Everest. Hoops will be your lava lamp. Our national prominence, our dynasty built in the fields of the ‘little Indiana that could”…. might as well be Peach Basket Pompeii.
    Ashes to ashes

  27. It’s easy to cheap shot the team. Sure the progression of the Wilson era has not been great- got it. Move on. A lot of folks, myself included, thought he needed 6 wins or it was time for a new coach. He got the wins. So now he got a lengthy contract extension which has already improved the coaching staff and should improve recruiting. Is he Urban Meyer or Nick Saban? No, but he’s not Darryl Hazel either. His record indicates he has transitioned to a capable head coach. And now that the team has inched along to reach mediocre, no one would our should be happy if they backslide to a losing team. But an honest review of returning and incoming players shows an overall improvement that should be reflected in this year’s record. That is not based on some sort of blind loyalty, but a careful review of the facts.

  28. H4H, I wanted to post as I thought my post to you might be seen as a slam and I didn’t mean it that way. I believe all mountains can be climbed which is why I took a school to two state championship games in five years despite never going before. That program was a disaster until the coach before me took over and made it a solid program and I made it a championship program which subsequent coaches took to never win any titles after I left and once again it is a terrible program. I think IUFB can be the same kind of program that must become solid first then can recruit the players to be champions. The few years it will take IUFB should have winning seasons.

    123, I really like your post especially the point about hope for this coming season based on facts. This coming defense adds quality of players that will make the defense better. We also will see a defense that is motivated by its DC along with one that has focused on the fundamentals and focuses on takeaways.

  29. More facts…? Tom Crean also made the “transition” to a head coach…Yikes factorial facts….very ugly facts, indeed. Some that “transition” get protected for a reason. One has to decide if it’s because potential and qualifications or something else being sold that has nothing to do with the success at the job at hand.

  30. Ben-

    Lastly, I think you fully understand how many of my posts are with tongue in cheek. You are not so imbalanced as to take it all literally. I have made many posts in the past supportive of Wilson. But I believe there is a point that blaming the defense eventually has to fall on the man in total charge….There is a point when the revolving door of assistants(under Tom Crean) or the revolving door of DCs(under Wilson) must be seen as simply buying more time at our expense….It’s like making a wonderful and exhaustive meal around a horrible cut of disappointing steak/beef. I don’t go to Ruth’s Chris for the choice of sides or the masterful salad creations….

    It seems as if our low quality steaks(head coaches) live a full and prosperous life at IU by frequently blaming/changing the salad to excuse and apologize for disappointing seasons(or when we get our asses whooped at Sweet 16’s).

    We were better than that Duke football team, Ben. You know it. That loss is far more troubling than all the “positives” in the world for simply getting to a Puppy Palace Bowl for teams that win 20% of their conference games.

  31. I understand Harvard. I wrote a very lengthy post but it was denied for some reason.

  32. Ben-

    Please don’t think those remarks were for you…I’m sure you know that… I was responding to another post that was removed…faster than 1.2, 3.

    Take care…..Once again…Have a great 4th! I am anxious for you to tell me just how wrong I’ve been about Hoosier Football when they have a breakthrough 2016 season.

  33. I figured. It’s fine. Happy 4th to you as well. I hope to say I told you so…..

  34. Our defense keeps going this recruiting season as they got a commit from Texas DE Bryant. This player has a motor that doesn’t stop and when he gets in a good weight lifting program like IU has he will become a beast to stop. The recruits this season for defense are much better and will make our defense better in the future. IU still needs to get a couple of LBs, to go with Allen, this season as we will be losing several after this year. Things are looking better for the future and I like the look of the guys that have committed so far.

  35. v, I’d almost bet a chocolate malt he ends up a LB before his Sophomore year. Hagen is going to find DE’s to contain and rush. But impactful playmakers at LB the size Lance Bryant is going to be make the 4-2-5 thrive. In fact an argument cam be made 3-4 players just like Bryant could start in that Allen type D.

  36. HC, you could be right but Bryant reminds me of Mathis with the Colts, an undersized DE that never quits on a play. I have no doubt he will end up playing where if helps the Hoosiers out the most and the players they are recruiting now have high motors which is hard to teach. Give each player a chance to focus on weight training and technique on the field and we will see beast on the field we haven’t seen at IU in a long time.

  37. I hope they can hang on to these players as the months go by because they are exciting to watch on tape and it is exciting to think about them in Hoosier uniform. Add these 2017 players with DT Johnson, DE Stringer, and IU’s defensive front has the potential to be exceptional. Not only do these players have high motors but they can hit when they get to the ball [something Bryant needs to improve upon]. Often times 3 and 2 star players only need more time to develop physically to become dominate players in their own right. It takes proper evaluations by the coaches to recognize which players have that potential if you can’t get 4 and 5 star players. I really like the type of player Coach Allen is going after; big hitters and/or great motors. These players can be coached up in technique to be better players as they start out with traits most players never have.

  38. Yup…I’m sure the 4 and 5 star players that Michigan. ND, and OSU successfully recruit don’t have great “motors”…or shy from being “big hitters.”

    Can talk until you’re blue of how all these middle road players will be “coached up,” but NBA “upside” has yet to take a Hoosier basketball team under Crean to an Elite 8 or Final Four. But somehow we should believe that Wilson, dealing with an even more gargantuan task, and five times the size of a starting roster than a basketball team, will make mouthwatering risotto from Rice-A-Roni.

    Please….Somebody give me an actual figure. What is the timetable for a “Win Someday” tree to blossom and produce fruit from a “Win Today” seed?

  39. H4H, all you have to do is check out IUFB’s offense to see how they can coach up 2 and 3 star players to be the top rated offense in the B1G. I think with the new defensive coaches we have, they will do the same. Yes OSU, UM, MSU, PSU have players with great motors but good evaluating coaches can find 2 and 3 stars with great motors, take a couple of years of weight training and condition to turn them into outstanding defensive players – it doesn’t happen often but even non-rated players turn into the best IE JJ Watts at WS, and Nessbit at PSU. It takes very good coaches to find players just needing a couple of years to mature to turn into top B1G players and that is how IU’s offense has been built and how the defense can be built.

    I believe win today will be this coming season because after a 4-7 season [we were 11-2 the previous season] we won the 4A championship in 1995 [when everyone laughed at the idea in pre-season] because our young players matured by the next year and the next group of young players filled in to complete a championship team. I know high school is different than college but back in those days the SAC was a very tough conference with 5 different teams going to the State finals from 1992 – 1995 [in 192 four of us went to the finals]. We didn’t beat the best team in 1995 but did beat the others. That is the task IU is faced with but the offense is already there; any improvement in defense will give them the chance to pull off several unexpected victories.

    As you said you are hoping for a year that we can say “we told you so” and I hope 2017 is that year as unlikely as many think it could be. I was doubtful about this year until Feeney decided to come back and Coach Allen got hired. We are seeing some inroads into Texas; now that coach Hagen is around, I am hoping we see even more quality players from Texas coming our way.

    Have a Happy 4th of July our ‘doubting Thomas’ of IU football:).
    Famous Thomases other than doubting Thomas
    Thomas Jefferson not to be confused with George Jefferson of ‘All in the Family’
    Thomas Edison although Nikola Telsa may have been the more brilliant inventor
    Thomas Nast designed images for Democrat and Republican [donkey and elephant]
    Thomas Paine of ‘Common Sense’ something many seem to lack today
    final but not lastly, Thomas More who wrote ‘Utopia’ later beheaded by Henry the VIII

  40. A biblical “doubting” reference….? Should I be surprised by such a reference from the Crusaders and Apologists who have beset upon a vulnerable Bloomington washed clean of its brilliant, devilish, triple banner basketball coach as if an angel clipped his wings?

    But Davis…Mallory….Lynch….and Kelvin were never doubted or personally degraded their tiny sins of ignorance or tripping on curbs to satisfy our thirst for a doubt to spout?

    Vesuvius….of lucky thirteen…may it be you who removes the curse of the worst football any university has ever seen. But I do fear that the moment those Crean “upside” 3-star’s are just ready to gel…or your Wilson quite mountains of latent talent and motors are ready to erupt…? Woosh! and Kaboom! They are gone before any real gains be made….Gone to the NBA or the NFL! …for banners nor bowls cannot compete with the hungry heart of a lonely fan who will never sign the check for the cash and the only reason they have ingested to play.

    How can you not doubt so much to scale at Indiana? These are very impatient times and few young men are willing to gamble certain wealth against a dusty trophy in an old glass case which calls nothing to their souls.

  41. forgot my link…

    …..beset upon a vulnerable Bloomington washed clean of its brilliant, devilish, triple banner basketball coach as if an angel clipped his wings?

  42. Anne Boleyn was also beheaded by Henry VIII…..It’s my understanding that Henry later rolled her head down a Boleyn alley. (sorry…) Henry was such a “hater.”

  43. The five year run was really a six year run with a team that returned all but 5 starters. They had a great chance to win another state title [we would have faced another great team at Semi-state may have come up short anyway, other than just a sectional title, but injury hit a number of starters. I left due to my wife being unable to live closer to the city and dealing with my long commute [50 minutes]. I left to take a job at a small town with a 2A school to make my wife more comfortable which was more important than my job to me.

    Henry was a hater to his wives and I have no reason why another would marry him.

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