Ferrell, Williams go undrafted Thursday #iubb

Neither Yogi Ferrell nor Troy Williams heard their names called in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

The former Indiana players went undrafted and will now look for free agent deals and summer league opportunities to keep their NBA dreams alive.

Both Ferrell and Williams were viewed as second-round options, but remained on the board after the 60th and final pick of the draft. Serving as an analyst for The Vertical’s draft coverage, IU coach Tom Crean repeatedly expressed optimism that his two players would find homes on Thursday.

That was not to be.

A handful of point guards were selected over Ferrell, the IU Male Athlete of the Year, in the second round alone. That list included Kentucky’s Tyler Ulis, Notre Dame’s Demetrius Jackson and North Carolina’s Marcus Paige.

Ferrell was a First Team All-Big Ten honoree as a senior, leading the Hoosiers with 17.3 points and 5.5 assists per game. He finished his IU career as the program’s all-time leader in assists (633) and games played and started (137).

According to DraftExpress.com, Ferrell was considered the No. 63 available player in the class.

“Yogi Ferrell played 137 games for us and started every one of them,” Crean said. “He set all kinds of number records. He holds the assist record. He came in as a champion from high school, he won a Big Ten championship for us as a freshman, he won it as a senior and he’s gotten nothing but better. I would put him up with any of these point guards that are in the draft. He’s not as big as Kris Dunn — he’s not as long, obviously — but I would put him up with any of the point guards for wanting to go in and be a two-way player.”

Noah Vonleh, who went to Charlotte with the No. 9 overall pick in 2014, is the most recent Hoosier to be drafted.

Crean thought Williams had a good chance to go in the second round, explaining that this year’s draft class didn’t feature many high-level athletes. Though Williams was inconsistent during his three years in Bloomington, his quickness, length and athleticism have long been viewed as his tickets to the professional game.

Considered the No. 73 player in the class by DraftExpress, Williams averaged 13.3 points and 5.8 rebounds as a junior and earned Third Team All-Big Ten honors.

“In a draft that’s not extremely athletic, he’s one of the better athletes,” Crean said. “He’s gotten better, without question. He made six 3s his entire sophomore year. This past year in the North Carolina game alone, in the Sweet 16, he made five. Very, very smart player. He’s been knocked because he plays fast. I let him play fast. I can live with a few of the turnovers from him — not too many of them — but I can live with a few because you don’t want to take the quick twitch, the get-after-it, the get-to-the-rim mindset that he has. I think he can really play in the open floor and he’s improving.”

While Ferrell and Williams waited, one former Hoosier All-American was on the move.

The Orlando Magic reached a deal to send Victor Oladipo, along with Ersan Ilyasova and the draft rights to Domantas Sabonis to the Oklahoma City Thunder for forward Serge Ibaka, The Vertical reported.

“It’s a big year for him,” Crean said of Oladipo. “They just grabbed a guy who’s three years in and is averaging 16 points per game. It’s a big move.”

Crean also provided eye-opening insights to IU’s recruitment of blue-chip international big man Thon Maker, who went to the Milwaukee Bucks with the No. 10 overall pick.

Crean said that had the 7-foot-1 Maker committed to Indiana, he would have played on the wing as a three-man. Maker did not play in college, instead receiving a waiver to enter the draft after the NBA agreed to recognize his final year of high school in Canada as a post-graduate year.

The Big Ten had two players selected in the first round, beginning when the Chicago Bulls picked Michigan State’s Denzel Valentine at No. 14. Michigan’s Caris LeVert went to Brooklyn at No. 20. Four other Big Ten players were drafted in the second round.


  1. Nothing hard to understand here about either 1 except Williams decision to declare early. He truly learned nothing in 3 years at IU about decision making.

  2. Interesting that Orlando gave up OlaMJ, Ersan Ilyasova, and the rights to
    a very nice draft pick in Domantas Sabonis, to get Serge Ibaka.

  3. TsaoTsuG says:
    April 16, 2012 at 4:56 pm
    Harvard, your comment made me curious and I watched the video. Jurkin could be a very, very good player…I was surprised by his size, strength and coordination. And agree with Geoff that he has an attitude about him.

    Ummmm yeah. Never contributed. Harvard was the only one who said he wouldn’t. Chet also agreed he would contribute and accused Harvard of not giving Crean credit for finding talent. Too bad Harvard isn’t compinsated. Could’ve retired by now.

  4. oops..

    Zeller was so, so, so fortunate to get into the NBA before the international invasion…..Much tougher pools of talent since the extreme down year for the draft in which Cody and OlaMJ declared.

    Why even play this game anymore…? Why worry about landing a coach who can (supposedly) lure the hidden gem, the “upside” kid, who will soon be so infected with the NBA bug? It seems to guarantee nothing other than the distractions and volatility in a roster begging to forgive a coach for what could easily be a lack of his own X’s and O’s skills for the continuation of banner droughts/deep tournament runs.

    Just give me a team full of A.J. Moyes and Jordy Hulls…..If were going to have a such coach, I would just assume have the kids with a greater love of candy stripes than those drooling to get into the IBA(International Basketball Association formerly known as the National Basketball Association). It’s hard out there for a pimp….It’s hard out there for a street baller who believed the Rivals hype wrapped around there names like chain link fencing Christmas bow around a pick-up game court of paradise in a gang-ridden neighborhood. The IBA execs will leave you high and dry.
    The machine is a false lure of hope that certainly played its mean hand this draft year. Combines didn’t even save them from the choosy IBA execs have a world of talent beyond the playgrounds of Isiah’s Chicago streets filled. Gone is the inner city dreams of a rare escape from the economic imprisonment put upon a family.

    Troy is not only to blame for being so bitten by the bug. It’s a sell job to get these kids into college. It’s all about the marketing of the product and the marketing of Tom Crean. In many respects, there false hopes is the advertising on the cheap for the richest of the rich that build the facade. I’m beginning to change my views on the entire process…Why should Tom Crean make 60 million dollars on the false hopes delivered to many of these kids? Why should so many be the marketing tools for the NBA via the college game while being left high and dry? It seems the chain link fences of playgrounds are increasingly just another false hope delivered by corporate greed to the dreamers, the decent, and the naive.

    We can mock Troy Williams but the truth is someplace else. The new and improved NBA is a rather pathetic club of privilege. It feeds upon the most desperate an illusion that, in actuality, turns capable minds and hearts away from real attainable systems of education and pathways to equality. While the doors open wider to its international flavor, the fences to scale on the streets of dreams in many of our rotting cities is only left to rust and tears. Families once invested in this rare option to escape our faced again with fears…of a trap purposefully built at their expense.

    I’m beginning to believe any college kid should be allowed to profit from the marketing of his own name…They are used as advertising pawns to build stadiums and coaching careers. They are sold the crap that they can all be the next D-Wade…But the world is smaller and America’s game from peach baskets in Kansas to a Crispus Attucks gymnasium of Oscar Robertson’s Indy has been marketed to that world like Levi jeans to a Chinese teenager.

    I don’t want to hear coaches sell these kids with the “upside” gibberish that keeps them infatuated to play in game of corporate greed where 99% will see no rewards for their talent used in its marketing schemes concocted by Adam Silver’s mob society of magical illusions. And if we are going to sell them the gibberish of Calipari’s brothel now called “college ball,” then lets allow these young men to earn some small change for OUR marketing of their names.

  5. My apologies for the many there/their and our/are blunders in my rant above….

    Good luck to Troy and Yogi…Thank you for allowing us to use your names and your unbelievable athletic skills to pay for Tom Crean’s NBA(No Brains Association) salary. You both are very talented young men. In the course of your time at IU, you could have made one month’s worth of Adam Silver’s salary if allowed to profit on providing the lifetime of TRUE advertising grit and sweat for the chain link dreams of his Draft Night.

    Truth be told…Basketball is your product. You bring the money to that product long before it ever gets to a Draft Night or in Tom Crean’s bank account. Get that degree in two years instead of four…It’s cheaper for us to turn you over faster than a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder….Get out of town quick because we need some new names to advertise for the Silver dollars…We need some new distractions to fuel this garbage land of hype and “upside” that is college basketball’s traveling circus tent for NBA execs.

  6. Troy Williams just pulled a Bracey Wright. Now, if he’s lucky, his career ceiling will be to play somewhere in the Australian league and be the father of the next Kyrie Irving.

  7. Yogi has some things going for him whether in bb or outside bb. The Troy Williams decision to enter this year instead of playing his senior year at IU is simply a parallel to his bb decision making while at IU. That being said I definitely hate professional bb, fb, bb, and all professional sports and what they have become and are to this society which they are a liability to this country along with all professional entertainment.

  8. Guess the NCAA is doing OK. Mark Emmert pulled in 1.9 million in 2014. The former COO – 2.7 million when he retired last year. So yes, give the guys a buck or two for every t-shirt with their name on it.

    Talk radio, the NC class investigation should be released today? How bad will it be for NC? The radio guy said it will hurt, similar to having a sneeze and no tissue available. In other words I guess that means it will be no big deal.

    Kind of a shock coming back to civilization after 5 weeks in a tent.

  9. If the employers name did not have NCAA attached it would be a $220k job for the same duties and responsibilities. Still can’t fathom Myles Brand held the job after the scene he and his henchmen left in Bloomington .

  10. M.B. should be a sinful word @ IU. Talking about a wolf in sheep’s clothing and lived as so self righteous…His hypocrisy catapulted himself to positions of status to what he so undeserved….and that includes some track record before he ever came to IU.

  11. M.B. legacy is recognized for his accomplishments that were about as effective as ISTEP testing in our public school educational system.

  12. Troy’s decision making process has always been in question. Apparently the powers that be in the NBA have not yet bought into Mr Crean’s “let him play and live with the mistakes” concept. How about coaching him to learn not to make mistakes? Troy’s basketball IQ never progressed past a playground mentality.Maybe the coaches in Phoenix can help him with that.

  13. Crean hired his own AD. That is the sin of all sins forever shackling IU basketball to its Sweet 16 ceiling(to go along with the NBA infatuation coming with every East Coast recruit believing he’s the next D-Wade because of the vote of confidence from the beauty pageant judge only capable of discerning their “upside”).

    Whether or not kids can free themselves of their “playground mentality” is not really relevant. Our great local talent is no less shackled because they can’t grow in the X’s and O’s department beyond whatever they bring from high school. Obviously, better assistants are now in place, but it’s still not going to change things in the critical moments of halftimes and games when the right adjustments must work through Head Bozo.

    The only momentum Crean ever had came with Cody Zeller. It was the window where a qualified coach could have led us to the promise land. Any hatred or mockery thrown on Troy Williams, Vonleh, Blackmon, Watford, Perea, Hoetzel, Fischer, etc, etc, etc…and the many, many, other names who have been glossed with praise on Scoop only to be thrown under buses, is entirely, and disingenuously/deceitfully, misplaced to protect the preacher.

    Recruits will come and go….They will arrive and exit with good and bad decisions.
    But the only decision keeping the ball and chain on Hoosier ankles to forever only stare upward at old and dusty banners is because of the hiring of a charlatan allowed to hire his own Athletic Director.(providing himself with lifetime job security).

    Troy Williams does not lose any knowledge of the game by leaving early. He loses no realistic chance of playing for banners under a head coach so void of real basketball acumen.

  14. Williams did not have the fortune to come of age in a poor draft year…..
    Timing is everything….The down draft exploited to full advantage by Zeller and OlaMJ only comes around once every decade….Williams would have been a Top-20 pick in that year…If Zeller stays one more season and leads the Hoosiers to deeper run, Yogi could have declared in his sophomore season and likely made first round status.

    Dipo and Zeller would never be lottery picks in this year’s draft. They were incredibly overrated because of the hoopla surrounding Zeller(a kid that was recruited by programs still considered to be elite). Watford’s game-winner against UK did even more to propel their names as part of a “Hoosier Rising” resurrection in a very boring draft year.

    I believe Williams to have far more potential than Dipo or Zeller…..But let’s face real facts…Neither Williams or OlaMJ will ever have the basketball skills, the offensive arsenal of moves, the fluid jump shot, the grace in a turnaround jumper while fading away from the basket, or any of the presence in the big moment, found in the god-given natural ability of a D-Wade.

    Crean hit his home run with D-Wade…. For a slim window of time, any fool that follows anything he recruited that had some trapeze ability around the rim believed they were soon to get the same sort of talent. Crean suckered every hungry fish like a worm for a bluegill into believing all malarkey attached to his one home run.

    Proof of such used car salesmanship can easily be found just revisiting the days Dustin Dopirak used to take the bait with Hanner Perea…..The talk of the next Hakeem ‘The Dream’ Olajuwon was hilarious back then…But all the foolish dreams, the mesmerizing wing spans, and the drooling at highlight reel dunks of the next fantasized marketing of our Hoosier MJ or D-Wade, will never make for a capable coach needed to lead us to banners.

  15. Playing smart basketball is relevant if you hope to win national championships. Making good decisions with the ball gets you noticed by NBA Scouts and that could get you drafted in the first or second round. Showboating and making mistakes leaves you scrapping in the summer league hoping to get a contract. A coach should be able to teach smart basketball without curtailing a players athletic ability. In Troy’s case it never happened.

  16. Fun stuff from Dustin beginning at the 4:10 mark…..

    I had said it before…Getting Perea was..ya know..kinda cemented it…and I still think it did. I think if you would have missed out on him…You had to get one of those two if you were going to get a top top level big man power forward….and I don’t think they(Indiana) would have been in desperately bad shape if they only got Perea and didn’t get Zeller…But you get both…and you get a nasty front line.

    At least Dusty had flare….And I gotta hand it to Dustin…Perea was “nasty” in so many ways…Surely nastier than Guy-Marc Wade in his one season of Gray Sweatsuit Walking..or Tijan Forever Wade, or Wade Fischer, or Noah Wade, or Peter Wade Jurkin, or D-Bawa Wade, or Emmitt Wade, or Wade Hollowell..or Patterson Wade…or Wade Bryant….

    So, so much nasty Wade “cement” for draft nights….So few banners for Indiana. This isn’t cement for anything..It’s a very slow death by quicksand in a committee room. 10 years of hype and BS and we’re blaming Troy for his poor decision instead of looking into the mirror of all the crap and nasty hype we’ve been fed by an Establishment keeping us sold and sinking in the D-Wade pond of muck and luck.

  17. Hughcucumber, Inside the Bizitch, and a scoop of Dustin Dulcolax®…..Those were the days. I miss the Three Amigos Mosquitoes’ of B-Town ScoopTalks .

    Zach Toasterwaffle was also a joy bucket of fun and hype. He broke EJGate wide open…It was all chasing the villains after that horrific tale of college guys actually smoking weed.

  18. ‘Undrafted Announcement Party’ tonight at Ruth’s Chris……

    Yogi will have the Filet Minion…Bring him a shrimp cocktail on ice to start

    Troy will have the ‘Get-a-Grip Strip’..The best cut you can find!

    Is it drafty in here?

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