1. Who are these judges and we need to work on getting rid of them. This judge the one in the Stanford rape case giving the rapist 6 months in county lockup because prison is too terrible for him.

    I am glad Coach Wilson and the team have stood up and punished those that break team rules or laws. I want Allen to have a second choice but only after serving several years of time. I had a great QB, the year after I left the program, who committed armed robber his senior year. He served several years at Michigan City then got out a change kid. He went to JC to play leading to Louisiana Monroe. I loved this kid and had him over to my house many times but he got pulled into a group put together by two older men; they pulled in teenagers to pull jobs for them. The most telling thing my QB told me in prison was ‘it is a lesson I needed to learn I just wish I learned it a different way.’ I wonder if Allen and the Stanford swimmer rapist will learn a needed lesson?

  2. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. Particularly, that Stanford kid. We all know if he had not looked like Opie Taylor and come from a “good family” he’d likely have done serious time.

    I hope there is a backstory on Allen that paints him in a more favorable light than the description of the crimes would imply and perhaps gives a reason why the judge was lenient. As bad as it sounds it was a non-violent crime of low level drug dealing that’s nothing in comparison to the Stanford rapist.

  3. Six months for rape in a county jail? Hope the judge gets recalled. Hope the rapist gets more justice while in jail. Can’t imagine what her parents are thinking right now. Not sure I could remain a law-abiding citizen upon his release after only six months if it had been my daughter. When I was a teenager, my older sister was groped by an older guy while attending a party. She was very upset upon arriving home. After hearing what happened and getting a description of this young man, by Dad got his shotgun, got in the car and went hunting for him. We were relieved he never found the guy, but it was not for lack of trying.

    As for Allen, selling poison that kills people, ruins families and ruins lives may not meet the definition of a “violent crime,” but it is probably a far more destructive crime. He should have been sentenced to some amount of hard time. I doubt this slap on the wrist will result in Allen learning his lesson.

  4. Of course, these pikers pale in comparison to the Wall Street slime who will steal a billion retirement dollars leaving thousands of retirees destitute and end up paying a fine that is a fraction of the amount they stole and will go right back to their criminal enterprises the next day.

    So many of the wrong people get the stiff sentences while the real threats to society simply get richer.

  5. No apology needed. It’s the truth. I agree the sentence is a joke but hopefully it will register into his head what he did and will make positive changes from here on out. Too bad. The guy had talent. Still young though. Hopefully he can get it right.

  6. Chet I agree with all you said especially about the elite moneyed people getting away with crimes against average Americans working to earn money. I hope Allen turns his life around but as my former player said you sometimes have to learn things the hard way. PS if I were your dad and found the guy I would have used the butt end of the shotgun on him to make him see how if feels to be helpless when overpowered.

  7. Will violate my usual policy of not commenting on non-football topics to opine that

    1) v13, I’m glad that your particular player came out a “changed kid,” but in most cases prison does not make for a better person (a better crook, maybe).

    2) Chet is right as right can be. Bernie Sanders speaks true that the system is rigged (not that he’s the answer). The big criminals in the mortgage securitization racket not victimized millions of working homeowners with their pump-and-dump scheme of inflating house prices and then making-sure-to-fail loans on them, they also worked the other side of the street and ripped off those who invested in their massive fraud scheme. These crooks are not the so-called 1%, they are the .05%. Are any of them under house arrest?

  8. davis, I have kept in contact with my player, I think he is a good man, and talked to him about prison and what he faced. He told me that prisoners take care of athletes that can get out of prison and he said he was left alone and not bothered, so he could pursue college when he got out. You are right that most come out of prison worse off.

    Iceland is the only country I know of that prosecuted big bankers involved in the crash.

  9. W. C. Fields said it well, “Never steal anything small.”

    Steal a pair of shoes, go to prison. Steal a billion dollars of other people’s life savings, get a bonus.

  10. Steve Kerr postgame presser quotes:

    “Draymond Green gets more sacks in a season than the Cleveland Browns.”

    “Draymond not only dives for loose balls…..but he kicks and elbows for them as well.”

    “I wouldn’t call his tactics cold, but wintering squirrels do hunt for less nuts….”

    “I’ve seen pinball game bumpers make less accidental contact with balls.”

    “Beware when Draymond asks if you’re a fan of Jerry Lee Lewis.”

    “In the locker room he’s known as DrayMounds Green because of an Almond Joy nut allergy.”

    “The NBA has employed Dr. Smith of ‘Lost in Space’ to review of all Draymond fouls.”

  11. Humorous post Harvard. Steve Kerr for president! Sure hope W.C “Chet” Fields isn’t president!

  12. 1. Watch LeBron James’ elbow here vs. Danny Granger’s Pacers. Dirty, dirty LeBron!

    2. So Friday LeBron knocks Draymond down, walks over him, and what now about Draymond? Did you expect to blow gently in LeBron’s ear like Lance Stephenson two years ago… or up his butt, maybe…?! LeCryBaby is finished. We all knew he’s a sore loser, always was, always will.

    3. Klay Thompson (2 for 2) soon will have as many rings as LeBron (2 for not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6!)

    4. LeBron was smart to skip college, he couldn’t have made Washington State’s (i.e., Klay Thompson’s) team. Or Davidson’s. Speaking of which: LeBron is not even best basketball player in his own hometown of Akron, OH. (Steph Curry is).

    5. Enough said.

  13. Yes the Wall St. bunch caused much havoc. But the Fed government under Clinton started that manifestation by loosening requirements to get a mortgage loan so home ownership would rise. Under our present WH occupant the Feds forced GM into bankruptcy before they would lend them $. 1000’s of employees retirement(in the form of common stock)was wiped out. 2 of those x-employees I know personally. Today they are enjoying their retirement by 1 teaching school and the other is the manager of a 2 location convenience store. The UAW was given 34% of the common stock of the new GM corp by the feds decree. How did the union earn that windfall? I was on the board(as an alternate) of a small rural bank at that time. When the Fed examiners came in(twice a year)they did not want to examine the documentation of the loans going or gone bad, they wanted to examine the applications for mortgages that were turned down of the prospective purchasers. So yes when scrutiny was relaxed many, many greedy bastards went to work filling their portfolios from both ends because they were encouraged by some power mad government leaders to do so. Unlike the small bank I was part of and still do business with today because they never needed 1 cent of government $ to stay afloat from the crash.

  14. HC, at the core of it all was the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which basically legalized bank gambling.

  15. Except for upper management nearly all GM employees are members of the UAW, though non-members receive the same benefits of collective bargaining.. No doubt that is the reason for the stock remittance.

  16. Big deal. UAW got the 34 % of GM by government direction. The union members got F’d. My 2 friends were wiped out to the tune of $880k in their personal investment of GM common stock and BO lead the gang of thieves in redistributing the $ The Feds are bigger crooks than Wall Street by miles. Also G-S Act had been ignored and danced around since early 60’s.

  17. Long before there was any talk of government bailout GM management collapsed the company all by themselves.

    We’ll agree to disagree.

  18. Dirty, dirty LeBron..? …based on the clip you provided? What? He doesn’t throw an elbow. He raises his elbow up while an opposing player is pulling on his jersey. How is that flagrant, dirty, or reach anything near the level of kicking or whacking a guy in his groin?

    Green is a loose cannon and currently the dirtiest player in the NBA. He was suspended due to two playoff game incidents involving a bizarre compulsion to go after the opposing player’s genitalia . He has been very fortunate to not have the attacked player retaliate with force greater than he has deceptively used in the dirtiest of fashion.

    Don’t really know what Curry has to do with anything. I don’t care where he was born….or how he discovered a fetish for chewing a plastic mouthpiece.

  19. I don’t recall Lue whacking Iverson in the cajones for steeping over him….Then again, probably a much smaller target than the Akron city limits of LeBron’s kiwis.

  20. ..[stepping] over him(though Dramond may also desire making tea with LeBron’s personal set of ‘splash brothers.’

  21. Chet I hope you read them. I have 2 friends who lost $880k of invested retirement in GM stock because the Feds forced bankruptcy, dissolved the corp and established a new corp giving the UAW 34% of ownership. That is called theft and by bigger crooks than Wall Street. No one can tell me the Feds did not know there would be people ruined. They better turn their paper $ into coins cause where they’re going paper burns quick.

  22. 1. Per Churkley (Sir Barles) if a man steps over you you have to kick him in the groin.
    2. In the clip LeBroth raises the elbow at eye level. Why? How is that clean?
    3. Granger should have tripped him instead, Elston-like. That’s what Crean would have recommended.
    4. My prediction remains the same: Nuggets in six.

    I don’t know what you guys have against Steph chewing his mouth guard LeBrat does the same. LeBrag is in fact the first MVP to lose 5 NBA finals. The secret: never ever played in the West. If he had he wouldn’t have made it to the NBS finals more than once (at most). The competition is much steeper there, ask Klay, Steph, ask Draymond. BTW I love how LeBrick shoots freethrows late in the game. He is so special…

  23. On second thought I take it back: shirt pulling is very dirty and clearly deserving of an elbow in the eye especially if you make it seem like it was an accident. So Granger should have pushed him instead to help him get there faster (wherever LeBro was heading) that would have been far more appropriate.

    So now LeBrittle is going to lose his 5th NBA final in front of his loyal fans (love him Cleveland, he’s all yours!).

  24. I wish Crean could lose in five Final Fours(in the style of LeBron and Izzo)….To lose in a ‘Final’ of anything sorta means you had to play in a Final…which sorta means you had to beat a lot of other people/teams(a.k.a. win a lot of big games) to get to that ‘Final.’ Golden State will likely go ‘back to back’ but it’s no guarantee they’ll ever get back. There is no guarantee they’ll be a dynasty team and accumulate the sort of championships in the style of the Bulls with Jordan, the great Laker teams, Celtics, etc.

    Nuggets in Six ….? Is that the average number of days it takes until DrayMounds(sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t) targets another set of “nuggets.”

    Let’s be totally honest…..The number ‘six’ is 2 times 3 ..and that’s the number of championships Jordan “splashed” into his stat sheets while effing around in baseball during the intermission. LeBrittle and Steph Chewy are both quite shy of real greatness on the biggest stage. There are no guarantees…Back to back only counts when it’s ‘Sweet Sixteen’ anyway…. Meanwhile, DrayMounds is determined to turn the NBA into the No Balls Association.

    On a slightly related note: Varejão is currently giving DrayMounds’ pointers on how to perfectly Fosbury Flop under a pair of LeBon-Bons. There is no bar too low for a true “Warrior.”

    Lastly, I’ve seen truly flagrantly thrown elbows in a game… Devan Dumes threw three in ONE game against DrayMounds’ former college. If an elbow three-peatt was vehemently defended as innocent fun by our “blinded by the light” coach(“I haven’t seen the clip…I have no comment until I see the clip…Three elbows? Didn’t see them..I was looking up and pointing to the sky in the style of Steph Curry…You haven’t seen it yet…? It will be in 2016..Nuggets in six…”), I’m pretty confident in giving LeBron a pass for that harmless “raising” of his elbow(your damaging evidence of “dirty” play).

  25. “Normal basketball move” of an extremity during a jump shot at the 00:45 mark of following clip(from the files of Tom Izzo).

    What do you get when DrayMounds kicks his former coach?

    Answer: Tm Izz

  26. LeGroin gets a pass … doesn’t make much sense … don’t recall Michael Jordan walking around with his elbows raised like he was some sort of overgrown chicken … and making it to the finals to be beaten consistently by whoever else is on the other side … must be some sort of greatness… Dallas got their only title playing LeGroin, Golden State their first title in 40 years also when they played LeGroin (and now they’re one win away from a second title) Spurs beat them twice and would have beaten them thrice if not for Ray Allen’s three pointer … their only serious win was the former Seattle Supersonics … when did the Sonics ever win anything? … Oh, LeGroin…

    I’ll admit I didn’t see Draymond’s previous flagrants but I’ve seen his most recent… watch LeGroin knock him down, struggle to step over him, hit him in the head with his groin, and then when Draymond comes back up and gives him a back of the hand on the behind it’s a foul … ridiculous!

    No team ever came back from 1-3 to win the NBA Finals in 37 prior finals. Only twice a game 7 was forced. If LeGroin has it in him let’s see a comeback for the ages … the MVP … most vagient player (look it up) … but I don’t think that he really has LeBalls.

    I put some links in it to make it easier but LeModeration kicked in.

  27. BTW that Tm Izz joke was brilliant… I’m typing and laughing … out loud … 😆 … hats off to you as always. But you’re dead wrong about LeGroin.

  28. Also, man, that clip of Iverson stepping over the knees of Lue … Iverson almost asks for permission before stepping over Lue’s knees … your clip is so off the wall … as is the karate kick in the groin … you clearly did not see Game 5. You are forgiven for you clearly know not what you’re talking about.

    Keep on hating Curry … or Draymond … or Klay Thompson … support your man LeGroin and his brother Kyrie …

    Irving’s uncle announced today that Kyrie had cancelled his official visit to Indiana and that the Hoosiers are no longer in contention in Kyrie’s recruitment, a fact the point guard himself confirmed on his Twitter.

    I’m sure you’re infatuated with J.R. Smith too … another great guy.

  29. You’re done alright. My friends can’t be done yet as they are still working in their late 60’s for wages. BO and his union buddies are playing golf and probably both are cheating on their score cards.

  30. Presser before Game 5:

    Reporter: Are you concerned about how Draymond will handle the suspension?

    Kerr: Not at all. Draymond actually spent some time at the Golden Gate Lanes bowling alley today as a way to stay focused on what’s important.

    Reporter: He uses bowling as a way level off?

    Kerr: No bull. It’s obviously a lot less intense….but familiar. It was recommended by his therapist. Well, it’s not really a therapist…It’s a former Warrior owner who came up with the underhanded and heavenly suggestion.

    Reporter: Are you kicking me in the Rick Barrys?

    Kerr: No bull…and no 3-point line. But Draymond does see a former Warrior of sorts.. I’m actually kicking you in the Pat Boone’s Farm sweet Green grapes. Draymond sees Pat Boone …Sometimes they meet in the alley….Pat loves Draymond more than the pearls of Earl Monroe…Did you know Boone once spent an entire summer in church while refusing to do a movie with Earl’s sister, Marilyn Monroe? No bull in that china cabinet. Pat could sure hit the high notes in April Love.

    Reporter: Now you’re just kicking me in the LeBrahm’s organs just outside my Vienna home. Surely, without the pearls, pianist, and organ jokes… Was Draymond at the bowling alley today?

    Kerr: Again, NO BULL! And you’re right…Per my request, MJ used to call me Shirley….I enjoyed watching Partridge Family reruns during halftime. It was all sort of over MJ’s head…He never picked up on the ‘Chicago’ connection. He thought Rodgers and Hammerstein were code names for Marv Albert’s hookers.

    Reporter: Shirley, can you please get to the bowling alley?

    Kerr: I wish I could….It’s my Bach…Schwarzenegger, much like LeBrahm, is so misunderstood. Anyway, bowling is Draymond’s real specialty. He finds comfort in the place he first discovered playing in the gutters on maple…A vast selection of racked balls….There is a triangle area to take aim…Vulnerable objects barely erect to topple….And when his foot crosses the line during a perfect strike, there is no further review. Draymond will just put his own spin on it …Any other questions?

    Reporter: Can you spare for some more ugly details?

    Kerr: Wish I could. I’ve gotta split….faster than North and South Korea…Dennis Rodman and Kim Long-hun are in town to meet the ‘Splash Brothers.’

    Take care, coachw. You da man.

  31. H4H, you are back in the groove writing stories on this site. Good to see you here on the football page although based on the comments I not sure we are still on the football page. This discussion has been a good diversion while waiting on football to start. Before we know it training camp begins for the NFL and then college football will start soon. I sure hope IUFB steps up another notch in the Big Ten and pull off a couple big wins instead of just getting close. The only real question mark is the DL and if they play hard thenI know the defense will finally be solid to help win games.

  32. Thanks v-13….I agree. The political discussions going on between Rocky and Bullwinkle were heating up to a level of comatose. I think our resting American Standard ‘Splash Brothers’ of Scoop went off-toupee. Oh, I’m just being cavalier…(tell coach whatchamacallit to look it up).

    If you would have started blogging in 2008, you could have been vesuvius8. And while IU football vegetates with all attrition and no nutrition…? Wow! I could have read a V-8 during Toupeegate!

  33. Our Hoosier basketball coach is a big fan of Cleveland. “Without calves we would have no cows to graze upon the green…I would miss the crean in my coffee more than Kyrie and crunch-time toffee. I can also relate to glass bottles and milking a contract for all its worth. I pray for the cash cow that jumped over a moon and many NBA calves in my locker room.”

  34. H4H, even you have to admit that IUFB weakness has been the defense. Evaluation by others and looking at his past I believe this is the first time Coach Wilson could hire who he wanted to run the defense. His first DC was put on him as something good for IU despite Doug Mallory’s previous record as DC. His second hire was getting the best he could find under the circumstances. Coach Wilson found out quickly that his hire didn’t match the coaching style he was after. I believe this DC is the hire Coach Wilson wanted and we will find out soon if he can make IU defense respectable as he has at other schools. He at least knows the level of play required in the SEC. I told my wife it would take a high school coach to turn IU defense around; we will see soon enough.

  35. What a domineering performance! The Cavaliers (I looked it up, man, as you suggested) are now 3-5 for the season against Golden State and have basically forced a game 9 (nine). Forget for a moment that LeGroin has fewer rings than a three-ring binder … because, man, … wow … just wow!

  36. I agree with Curry’s wife. The NBA is fixed. Many of Golden State’s opponents were throwing games at the end of the season because of MJ and Bulls dynasty hatred.

    Without such prostitution of the game, “fixing,” and thrown contests to prop up false record-breaking milestones, there would be no home court advantage for the Whoreyours. If wealthy Californians can bankrupt Gawker, just imagine how their dollars can influence and fix anything to prop up the soft egos and the circle of billionaires that simply must have anything they pettily cheer toward ‘winning’ fixed outcomes fueled nothing of grit and heart a Rustbelt fan in the struggling blue collar cites of the Midwest? How on earth could Cleveland compete with the “cool” splash of endless dollars…Yes, Ms. Curry, there is certainly a fix.
    Without such a fix, the only “rings” your hubbychild would have would be his collection of slobber-filled teething rings he throws in temper tantrums.
    Your only trophies would be the brass polished testicles lost to the spasms of Draymond’s spring-loaded shoes with crotch GPS locator chips honing in on a perverse obsession for ‘fixed’ targets.

    Cleveland haters are merely MJ and Bulls haters simply wearing a different princess dress of privilege. The whine is groan on the “entitled” vine(never to be confused with NBA Titles) with exorbitant wealth hoarded by control freaks who found their California gold on a microchip. You can own the sun. You can own the beaches. You can certainly own a Game 7 while you throw your spit at a city where lost blue collar jobs and hearts forgotten by America merely embrace a hope for one champion every fifty years ….

  37. I wonder if the teething ring obsession is due to never being nursed from LeBreast? On a slightly related story, LeBron James owned the complete attention of all the twitter boobs while taunting a magnificent pair of 41’s in Curry’s denied face.

    Finals Quote of the Day:

    Steve Kerr: “Once Steph lost his cool, things just sort of went from splash to Kerrplunk.”

  38. oops….(late spell-check entry).

    The whine is [grown] on the “entitled” vine….

  39. Oh, Cleveland, my Cleveland, it’s just too bad LeGroin abandoned you and took his talents to Miami (not part of the rust belt, by any standards) in 2010. Hypocrisy is the cancer and the real decay in Cleveland and the biggest tantrums only come from the overgrown toddler that spends most of his time coming a close second.

    Oh and the piece about the big conspiracy: priceless. The Cavaliers played Golden State twice during the season and lost. So according to what you say they are part of the conspiracy and threw both games.

  40. Many of Golden State’s opponents were throwing games at the end of the season…

    This is absolute nonsense. It’s clear that the end of the season is when the other teams challenged them the most (for obvious reasons, they were tired, injuries caught up with them, etc.) :

    In April the Warriors’ record: 5–2 (Home: 3–2; Road: 2–0)
    In March: March : 15–2 (Home: 12–0; Road: 3–2)
    In February: 9–1 (Home: 2–0; Road: 7–1)
    In January: 14–2 (Home: 7–0; Road: 7–2)
    In December : 11–2 (Home: 5–0; Road: 6–2)
    In October and November they didn’t lose a single game.

    Don’t know what you mean by “end of the season” but it’s clear that you’re just wrong.

    I hear J R Smith is finally releasing his new brand of shoelaces… he’s been working on them since his time with the Knicks even during games …

  41. coachw- You da man. Here’s Steph cooling down while doing the ‘DoubleDown.’ That’s was a hilarious picture of LeBron chewing the mouthpiece. Wonderfully created animated gif.
    May the best team win. I have no stake in the outcome. I’m really no bigger fan of Cleveland than GS. For whatever reason, I admire something in LeBron. He certainly has his doubters…and I was part of that doubt crowd a few years back. I never saw him as a pure talent in the quintessential sense I admired the gifts of MJ….or Dr. J….
    But he is a specimen of athletic dominance that doesn’t come around in any sport very often. He has delivered a couple spectacular games in the face of a “choke” reputation that has shadowed him for many a postseason.

    Wish I could attach those same feeling to the Warriors. They are certainly the craze of the day….but there is nothing of an argument or debate…that could make me want to be part of that vibe. It feels plastic to me. I can’t rig my feelings.

    I’m certainly stunned by the fast stardom revolution of Kyrie Erving. I do remember when he passed on IU and Crean landed Mo Creek as a replacement pick of sorts. I was one of Kyrie’s major detractors on Basketblog. I nearly vomited while watching a narcissistic sales job of himself on a YouTube clip that made him appear as the ‘Second Coming.’ I thought he wouldn’t be as impactful as the second Terry Cummings. But he has proven me wrong….That’s the great thing about watching these games…..I am continually mesmerized by what I never saw coming. Hopefully, a Game 7 will not disappoint and we can all appreciate the lucky and painless forms to to escape for a few hours from the realities of a world with so many tragic events of late. We treat them all as gods while the same ‘God’ cannot protect from the horrors of real hatred at a harmless night club.
    To reach a level of narcissism and complaint to see a world as “rigged” after so many senseless and violent worldwide acts doesn’t speak much for grounded reality or appreciation of any fate and destiny not wholly created, but, luckily, on your side.

    Thank God we can have these petty little meaningless squabbles and still find the privilege to escape in cynicism and humor….groin jokes…and what not.

    May the best team win. I just hope it’s Cleveland …mostly because I think many our backbone rustbelt cities need something to smile. Partly because Kyrie is proving me wrong…and because LeBron is the doubted underdog whose powerful and sometimes awkwardly strong body will not mold to the art required in the game for many a season tomorrow long. He has been given the frame, but he has done an amazing amount with it in consideration of the ballet of basketball.

    Take care.

  42. They likely would have lost more game at the end of the season if I weren’t “just wrong.”

    Curry’s wife should ask Luke Walton about “rigged” games played by Luke’s father….When college basketball was in its first true liftoff phase into popularity it has never relinquished, I’m old enough to recall what appeared to be the damnedest rigging of game between UCLA and Walton vs. IU and Downing. Hollywood California always wins and then they make insulting movies about Indiana hick basketball completely removed from truth. Oscar Robertson…Now there was ballet born of corn.

  43. If Steph gets his teething ring knocked out by LeBron in Game 7, we may Curryously witness the need for a second Golden Gate Bridge…Geoff’s(another one of the many bandwagon GS fans) prophesy of a “Bridge Year” will finally come home to Scoop..if not to Crean. It will be later discredited by crotchw as mere Adventures in Dentures happenstance.

  44. oops…Scratch that crotchw I meant coachw…..I’m in a LeGroin Pains mode from his dirty tactics sneakier(or sneakerier..? ) than a DrayMounds spasm into my happenstance undercarriage.

  45. Ha ha ha ha ha that crotchw thing has me rolling on the floor with laughter ha ha ha … ab-so-lu-t-ely genius … and the Steph Curry clip … I got no words … ha ha … top class entertainment, almost up there in the same class with J R Smith’s brand of shoelaces … may the team with the best shoelaces win. They should play like tie-breaks in tennis: until one team wins two more that its opponent. That’s how it should be, as a matter of fact, and that’s how it would be if the NBA finals wouldn’t in fact be so rigged.

    And you’re not wrong. You’re right (as always). Take it easy, u da man.

  46. This gamehas it all….Wow…Daddy Dell Curry’s shots found net with the speed of a laser beam. He has quite the flurry beginning around the 10:30 mark. Kerr tosses a nice brick just before the half..MJ is just being MJ when a game-winner is required.

    New blossoms from the same old beautiful tree…New measures…New days…The winds of time march on to the onlookers in dance to their own hippest song.

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