1. Things change very quickly in the world of the NBA….If OKC were to lose Durant to a trade, they could easily be the Orlando Magic of the West.

    Bulls need to go after this dude….

  2. Wonder if they’ll change their name to the Oklahoma City Under…? …..(as in looking up from the bottom of the standings)?

    OKLA-DEEEEEPO! If the shoe fits, wear it.

    Foldin’ State was a perfect fit for Durcan’t …They both fold in the clutch.

    Durant, Thompson, Curry, Green…? This is a future ‘Hall’ of Fame roster worthy of a name change: The Foldin’ State Foyers.

    Kevin Costner, a huge Foyers fan, offered condolences to the the Thunder…”If you build it, he will leave.”

  3. Sonics fans call them the “Blunder.” Thought you would have stumbled into that one already, Harvard, given your gift for nicknaming.

    Oladipo should keep the Blunder in the 45-50 win range. Meanwhile the Foldin’ State Sorriers will win 60-65 games while they figure out the chemistry issues with so many shooters. They’ll probably have it all together by the time the playoffs roll around, and will bludgeon their way to another title, to the chagrin of most NBA fans.

    All the happy joy joy narratives of how wonderful and pure G.S. is, how unique, how special to watch, as well as Geoff’s “Good Guy”(Durant)/”Bad Guy”(LeBron) breakdown of NBA heroes and villains have taken a huge hit. DurCan’t, Draymon, Captain Mouthguard and his sidekick wife Ay-Tweet-cha – welcome to the next Evil Empire of pro sports.

  4. Your post must have went into the holding tank…I’m positive that I did not see it after I finished posting a comment on a different thread….(now shown below your comment in the ‘Recent Comments’ sidebar). You are being watched closely, Seahawk. Hope it’s not because you’re posting under different handles.

    Oladipo won’t keep anything anywhere..I recently saw a segment on ESPN that still projected him as a reserve coming off the bench(even after the Durcan’t departure). He’s now on a team crappier than the Magic.

    “Ay-Tweet-cha”…..was wonderful.

    OKSeeya…..wouldn’t wanna be ya.

  5. oops…

    now shown below [above] your comment in the ‘Recent Comments’ sidebar…(meaning it was made after your comment).

  6. That hillbilly, Jerry West, has no moral compass…..Backstabbing his Laker roots with his beady-eyed stare. California is just all-around soft….Griffin beats the crap out of guy that would send anyone else to jail. Green kicking guys in the groin….Kobe clunking out his final years with pure greed and narcissism steering the Lakers into deep irrelevance.

    How can anyone cheer for any of those California teams full of whiners, thugs, cheats, cheap-shot artists, and degenerates…? “World Peace”…..? Piece of what? Piece of a Detroit fan’s face?

  7. No posting under “different handles” whatsoever. Haven’t done that for many, many years…since the days when Reek-O was reinventing himself on an hourly basis with names like “Pia Zidora”. Tried to keep up with him but couldn’t

    Lay off the Lakers, pal! They are as frail and irrelevant as Sadaam Hussein was when we decided to go in there the second time. No threat whatsoever and waste of breath. Hopefully that skinny, ugly Duke player they got will amount to something someday.

  8. These are dark alleys we swing….It takes nothing of a man to hide in these boxes. We are only guided by our own conscience… and the resistance to our own temptations to have an advantage.

  9. Steve in Ottawa …..That was a classic. You kept his posts short and sweet. You kept yourself a twin you could back and forth tweet. And those honest jurors who moderate this place, they even kept your game so wonderfully discreet. Everyday since on Scoop will forever be trick or treat. Without trust how quickly a voice quivers and an honest tone imagined can deplete?

  10. let’s change that last line…(eliminate the repeat of ‘honest’)

    Without trust how quickly a voice quivers and a [sincere] tone imagined can deplete?

  11. Seahawk, Mariner and formerly Rico Chet Tom,

    Once again you’re wrong. I never invented Rico Chet or made up the various names you associated with it above. I simply stole it and ran with it. You caused many many problems on this blog under your various names. Why don’t you just admit you created Rico? If you are trying to save face, you lost it years ago. Nobody blogs with you as nobody takes you seriously. Who would? You admitted to being under many handles, and I bet you still do? You quit doing that years ago? Please.

    If this is the way you run your restaurant, then it will go down sooner or later. Keep believing your lies as it seems to make you feel better. Good luck with that.

    Btw, what up with your pic on your “one of many handles” Mariner Tom? If that’s you then you need a desperate haircut not to mention plastic surgery.

  12. Seahawk-

    Where is your restaurant? Do you take reservations…..?

    I think I came up with Pia Zadora because it rhymed with Remora….Been so long I’m not even sure….Spitzinpoole…? Mine. Adventures in Dentures…? Mine. The New Coke….? Guilty as charged. Downing’s 5th still rules the internet.

    Masquerading was sorta fun…I have no bitter feelings at Seahawk. We were all guilty of many sneaky tactics….He didn’t hurt any blog…He raises the level of interest with his wonderful wit and skills with word and pen. Verbal art in motion, I used to say…..Seahawk always offered me words of encouragement on Basketblog when times were tough. And though I endlessly kid him about his ‘Steve in Ottawa,’ he is true in the deepest reserves of his heart.

  13. Harvard-

    Thanks. Steve in Ottawa was a classic, must say. Wasn’t a ruse meant to deceive, though; my words were still the same general drivel that comes out of my “Tom” names. If you couldn’t pick up on it, that’s on you, just as it would be on me to not realize that Swooshinspace, The New Coke, etc. were really you.

  14. Steve in Ottawa says:
    December 17, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    So much fun to watch this team defensively. Agressive and opportunistic. What a job by Crean and the players over the summer to develop the defensive focus.

    These are the types of games that even the Sampson team couldn’t win.

    Kissing Crean’s ass….? Bashing Sampson’s teams…? But you left out the real ‘tell’..You left out the typical bashing of E.J.. Always pandering to the Yacht Club Yup…It was pretty obvious. Isn’t it all still so fun..fun…fun?
    Doesn’t seem like you’re buying in so much these days. Zeller bought Crean all the millions he’ll ever need. Finally, you came around to realize Harvard was right about villain-chasing, Joyce tweeting, A-Hope, and the sell fob to glowing crosses was only buying Crean endless years and contracts.

    Brace myself…Here comes the pandering….
    Dear Yacht Club, My name is Steve…I live in Ottawa and have been a proud Canadian fisherman almost as the long as the 3 week love affair I’ve started to have with the Indiana Hoosiers…Eric Gordon sucks…I detest Sampson thugs on my Bloomington streets….I speak four languages; Spanish, French, Panderin(Chinese), and English Seaman.

  15. Can’t remember making the boxed-in comment. There was lots of name stealing that was permitted back then, so that could have been Reek-O. But, it’s plausible. I was pulling for Crean back then, back before he had hit is low ceiling.

    Guess what? Eric Gordon still sucks. No need for a Yacht Club audience to bring that point home (I like how you’ve dodged my more recent rehashing of that topic, by the way). He’s a Rocket now, I guess, which means some new friends on the bench to keep him company when he gets injured in game 12. Will always wonder if another year or two of college ball could have helped build some more toughness into that limp wrist.

  16. Oh, that’s undeniably you…Come on, man.

    Never rooted for a guy that was simply hired to pick his own AD…Shrewd stuff.

    Unveiled all the friendships and connections when the Joey Glass letter was revealed. Did you like that bombshell? The guy never deserved the Indiana job. Goeff could school the man in the X’s and O’s of the game. He’s a beauty pageant judge.

    This will be EJ’s year…But if you were to be fair, he should have had far more accolades when he first entered the NBA on the Clippers. His numbers were very strong as a rookie. If you’re going to call guys soft for getting injured, then you’ll have a very long list to hate on. D-Wade finally found his health again last season…Is he soft? Was Mo Creek soft?
    You declared EJ soft because he couldn’t find the nets while playing with a fracture in his wrist. That team was a mess when Dakich took over. Dakich, Coach Wannabe, made it a bigger mess.

    Wasn’t pleased he went to Houston….Just another dead end team But EJ looked very strong in a recent video clip he put on his twitter site….He has all the gifts to be an All-Star, but his window will close if he’s sidelined with more knee issues.
    Dipo ran into far better fortunes…Even without Durant, that team is a far more vibrant organization than the Magic. And with Durant out of the picture, Dipo could blossom into something 1/2 a Dennis Rodman. The OKC fans will love OKLA-DEEEEPO!!

  17. Wade going to the Bulls? This would be the curse of all curses….Dr. Death, Mr. Creanatorium, attending Bulls games…? Please…no. Please don’t put that bozo onto another one of my beloved childhood memories where my gods once played….Butterbean Love, Chet Walker….Norm VanLier….Sloan…….Oh, and the greatest basketball player of all time. Please don’t let the nightmare continue…Please go play with LeBron for a few million in pocket change(you can always take out a loan from President Crean at First Indiana University Mortgage if you need a loan)….or stay in Miami.

  18. Foldin’ State ® and OKLA-DEEEEPO! ®….are mine. Any use of such trademarked terms on Scoop require consent and approval of my legal representative, Jeremy Price.

  19. Long live the thugs! EJ is coming home…Touching down next to the University of Houston…lol

  20. Can’t remember making the boxed-in comment. […] I was pulling for Crean back then, back before he had hit is low ceiling.

    Crean’s ceiling low? Can you spell euphemism? Crean hit his ceiling in his first season. The only one to not notice were ignorants like you. The only ones to not admit were invertebrates like you:

    Husky Tom #64 Wednesday, June 2, 2010 – 5:12 PM EST

    In fairness, however, one has to question anyone who calls Cody Zeller the “most important recruit in the the Tom Crean era.” I can think of six or seven recruits who are or have been equally, if not more important than Zeller during the Crean era (no particular order):

    1) Kyrie Irving
    2) Josh Selby
    3) Maurice Creek
    4) Christian Watford
    5) Verdell Jones
    6) Branden Dawson
    7) Hanner Perea

    …etc etc

    Need I go on?

    That about sums it up.

  21. The buyout is now at 4 million. That’s exactly how much we have to pay Crean over the next two years. Enjoy this last season of Crean. It’s going to be fun again. I predict he will move up to AD at the end of the season. Then he will hire himself a competent basketball coach, something I think he’s quite capable of, and something Glass has not yet been able to do.

  22. Oh, that’s undeniably you…Come on, man.

    Leave him alone. He signs Seahawk Tom but he’s actually Sea’k-haw Tom. The h is silent.

  23. Nope. There you go again accusing me Tom. How can you blame me when you trolled many people as well? Keep on believing your lies as its obvious you believe them. I actually feel sorry for you. Get surgery on your nose, btw. That’s one big honker you have not to mention nappy hair.

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