1. Good to hear football sales are ahead of what they were last year. Just small things like that continue to give this program the juice it needs to compete with the big boys. Perception and belief in a program is everything. Great to hear about the Mavs looking at NZ. Good luck young man. Even if you don’t make a roster, not much people can say they were invited to an NBA team. Nice new feature for the scoop.

  2. For 2016-2017 does IU men’s basketball place higher than IU women basketball in conference + big ten tournament And go further in ncaa March madness ?

  3. It is good to hear season ticket sales are up and I look forward to the day the stadium is sold out and expansion of the stadium is more than a dream. As Fred Glass pointed out IUFB is a program that takes time to develop a winning program. All these baby steps will lead to a program we can be proud of and I hope it happens in the near future. It would be nice if it happens before Lagow leaves IU but it might take longer to get the defense as strong as the offense.

  4. t,
    While the women’s program is certainly on the upswing I’d be very surprised if the women had the same level of success. The men have the talent for a special season if the point is solid.

    You never know, though. The women’s team is gonna have a lot of new parts.

  5. I’d love to see Memorial Stadium sold out before Lagow leaves, but I doubt it. Sustainability is key. People must realize IU Football is going places before they pack out the stadium. The good news is we’re gaining on it. However, it takes years to establish a solid defense. Takes a lot of work. I’m not sure how long it takes to see a good jump before a defense takes off. I think we’re positioned well and finally have the coaches to put the pieces together. The fan base must be patient. However, that’s hard when your used to losing, flukes, blown leads etc. I’ll be a daunting task to make people care for sure or at least like the basketball program.

  6. Congratulations Quinn Buckner. I’m lucky I got the chance to watch you patrol the back court and the secondary.

  7. Yes, offense is has been more developed than defense. However, there have been several times where offense let defense down. (Offense getting bogged down and production lags when game could have or should have been won) while defense was being productive. Offense several times needs more consistency.

  8. t, I agree about our offense and I am hopeful Lagow will have the offense more consistent. Despite what others thought NFL scouts pointed out the inconsistency that Sudfeld showed. I always saw him as a good QB that racked up stats but lacked the winning trait that is necessary. Some players just seem to come up with the necessary plays while others don’t. It is a worry I have about our current receiving corps as they do a good job but don’t seem to come up with the contested catches that top receivers do. It also carries over to the coaches as so far we haven’t seen them come up with the plays to win a tight game.

    The program seems to be on an upswing but there are still many questions the 2016 team needs to answer. If they come up with the right answers then filling the stadium isn’t too many years away.

  9. When I am commenting about offense I am taking about many years not just last year or two. Yes, the really really good players do come up with really really good athletic plays what looks like nearly impossible athletic plays. Really do not see that many at IU. Just not quite that athletic of star power when competition is stepped up a couple notches.

  10. Even a slightly below average defense would prove beneficial for this team. Takes time and patience to put the puzzle that is IU Football together.

  11. V- You make some good points about Sudfeld’s inability to finish close games. But the same scouts that said Sudfeld was inconsistent also rated the most inconsistent QB in the B1G, Christian Hackenberg, as a second round draft choice. I think what hurt Sudfeld the most was our small receivers near the goal line. Simmie Cobbs has nice size but he dropped a lot of passes. Their spread offense also seems to run more efficiently between the 20’s and bogs down after that. The addition of a true fullback in Tyler Natee and some blocking TE’s should really help going forward.

  12. 123, the rating of Hackenberg is about his size and his freshman year with a Pro coach compared to what happened after. Yes our receivers were part of the problem as they don’t make the special catches and I hope Cobbs really improves this year. I do worry about him a bit though as in high school he didn’t show he had great hands. You can improve but there is an innate trait about catching a ball that all don’t have.
    The Spring game showed that scoring when close may not be that hard this year as Lagow looked great in the Red Zone.

    As a high school coach I used to think goal line needed power offense but found out with a QB that could run spreading out the defense was easy picking. Now with a spread offense you need the power offense or a special QB with great receivers. Natee will be a great add to the offense giving IU choices on how to attack the defense.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of team IUFB has this year. Will it take off from last year or will it be a team that steps back with the losses of players from last year. I think the team is more athletic and can use last year as a place to start at and doing better this year. A number of players have experience from last year and we have added some very good players to the mix. It will be great if we see the offense even more explosive with a defense that is more fundamental and solid. IU is a hard place to have a good football program but I think the pieces are now in place. The administration has built the things the program needs, the weight training/nutrition is as good as anywhere, our offense has proven themselves over the last few years, and now IU has a DC that has the experience to get the defense up to B1G level. The only thing missing is ‘special thing’ great teams have and 2016 will show if IUFB has it now. Great teams have the knack of making plays and not letting them get away from them. IUFB needs to show the ability to make the plays against the best in B1G if this year is going to be even better.

  13. V- I think my cautious expectations are for what you are hoping for: “offense even more explosive with a defense that is more fundamental and solid”. I also agree about Lagow- the best red zone play he made was when he decisively threw it away when no one was open. He has the arm strength and accuracy but also the decision-making to be really good. The one worry is the defensive front. Not a lot of quick twitch guys that can blow up plays or pressure QB’s.

  14. 123, if what we re hoping for this team it will be an outstanding year. As enthusiastic as they played this Spring and believing in themselves makes a big difference. I hope Zander gets moved to slot as he has the speed and knowledge to excel there plus giving IUFB a weapon to throw passes off sweeps. Just imagine if last years defense had the added players 2016 has what the season would have been like. Add in a QB with experience showing a great arm, accuracy, and decision making that could make the offense even better this year. We have new receivers in the mix and who knows how they will play and add in Camion Patrick that the coaches think is their best player. There are many things to be excited about 2016 and I hope this team shows how good they can be.

    You are right about the front although Coach Hagen thinks JaMerez Bowen has the ability that he saw in the SEC. Coach Allen will have to blitz to get pressure on QBs. It will be great when they can get recruits with good quickness and strength to play DE to help get pressure but until then blitzing smartly will have to do.

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