1. Yogi,
    My best wishes to you in achieving your goal of playing in the NBA. With your character, skills, smarts and tenacity, I’m confident some NBA team will you sign you up. They can’t all be foolish enough to overlook what you bring to the game.

  2. All hope isn’t lost for Yogi Barrel. He will earn his way on a team, but won’t be around for the “many years” Chet says he will. He will burn out of the league like a faulty firecracker.

  3. Thanks Rico…..How about one more?

    What if Yogi ends up at the Celtics climbs step by step from near Draft obscurity to stardom, and becomes the backcourt dynamo to propel Stevens and the Celtics to a title…?
    The late Red Auerbach will be smiling from above as the Garden’s best cheap seats in the house are only accessed by the ‘Stogie Stairwell.’

    Bar closes in 10 minutes…..

  4. It’s amazing how a kid who was the best 5 grader at one time, who won state titles, who was a McDonald’s all American, who broke records at Iu, who was the starting point guard of two big ten championship teams, who was all big ten, who has 99.99% muscle, among other accolades can be in the “undrafted” conversation. Makes one wonder what more yogi would have to do to be the #1 pick.

  5. Makes one wonder what more yogi would have to do to be the #1 pick.

    Put a team on his shoulders and take them past a Sweet 16 would have helped(e.g. Demetrius Jackson)….

    And the Indiana H.S. State Title is completely watered down with the advent of class basketball. Yogi did not win ‘THE’ state title…He won a state title at the 2A level. Park Tudor has won two more of those watered down titles since Yogi’s departure. Cody won a watered down one as well.

    All that being said, I do believe Yogi is being severely underrated/undervalued….His jumper improved meteorically….

    It’s hard out there for a pimp…It’s even harder for a guard of the shorter variety….And the shooting range from some of the current NBA stars of the game is crazy. Where do you fit in?

  6. And any 4-year player who has been a starter for the majority is likely to break records….Passing Isiah Thomas’s assist record is great when you have two more years to accomplish it…Yogi would have needed two IU careers to break assist records if Thomas would have played four years in a Hoosier uniform. The comparison, or attempt to put those two in the same ‘league’ when the assist record was broken, was/is silly.

    We must be wholly honest when comparing guys that won state titles and broke individual records…

  7. Very good analysis from H4H. Regarding IU football: It has thus far been a quiet spring leading to early upcoming summer for IU fb. After a couple early commits I was wondering if the fb program might be a little more noisy with some high 3 star and a couple more 4 star commits. The earlier higher star commits who have since decommitted and it seems like the fb program must be getting a good summer’s sleep especially regarding recruiting, not that they are not trying.

  8. So had yogi won one more game that would of made him a for sure NBA draft pick. That makes a lot of sense.

  9. Had a respectful response for you Ben, but it won’t go through.

    Long story short: “It factor.” or…demonstrated superstar ability to put a team on your back when other options are shutting down. Is he a true scorer? Can he manufacture his own points when the game is on the line? …..Most the guys his size in the NBA have some sort of “it factor” or the ability to rise to a different level when it counts most.

  10. Big shout out to Foldin’ State….

    I think it’s time for an appropriate tribute to Foldin’ State’s biggest fan, crotchetw, …who will spend the rest of the summer knitting a LeGroin sock for his mouth.

  11. Boy, was that ever glorious. Spent game 7 at a backyard neighborhood barbecue in NE Ohio and got to witness the jubilation of long-starved Clevelanders finally seeing a team of theirs close the deal. Man. What. A. Game. Was it ever awesome to watch Kyrie’s Curryesque dagger float through the net. Was it ever satisfying to see the Warriors, the darlings of ESPN and newest bandwagon sensation of America, become the first NBA team ever to blow a 3-1 lead in the finals.

  12. LeBron clearly better that Michael Jordan now.

    Congrats to Cleveland. This seems to be quite the year.

    What’s next: the Cubs winning it all? 😯

  13. It’s my understanding that Draymound’s got MVP(Most Vasectomies Performed)…. There may be a vas deferens of opinion, but I think he generally denerves it.

  14. …and IU FB gathers #5, Clearwater Florida 6’3″-216lb. 3* WDE Tramar Reece…He’s going to need to consume a lot of groceries but developing young bodies appears to be what Wilson and Co. are fond of doing. It appears 4 of the 5 commits are headed for the D.

  15. Opportunities …..? Sometimes they nearly seem inevitable and the door suddenly shuts…It can shut for a very long time. The opportunity to become a dynasty team hinged for Foldin’ State on a few possessions. Draymond buries his wide-open three late in the game…? LeBron doesn’t defy all understood acceleration and physics to make a shot block waiting in the time envelope of destiny seemingly preordained to rare moments a god must intervene…? Kyrie playing at a level unprecedented for a guy in his first Finals, knocking down huge shot after huge shot, while serving up the 3-pt. dagger against the best deep threat player the league may have ever seen? Kevin Love’s reversal of fate and fortune, erasing the memory of his weak and mocked performances, by becoming a human glove guarding Steph Curry for the longest four seconds in Cleveland history…?

    Print newspaper LIVES! The printing presses are rolling in Cleveland! That golden trophy caressed by LeBron is a lightning bolt of prayers answered. Cleveland has taken a breath when all believed in certain death. Where there is belief, there is a power only owned by a cocktail of moments resting on the fence of history. What moves the power to fall to the favor of one and not the other is the trickery that sold our foolish hearts. We thought we knew all the answers. But sports forever reminds that we do not. We are only teased by gods on occasion…as they enter into our deceptions of what is reality.

    Cleveland LIVES! Out of nowhere we are all brought into this world…Out of nowhere it can slip away…Never forget LeBron’s miracle block. Be thankful of a place on the fence where there are no answers but only faith and time frozen in hearts …Cherish your opportunities and never stop believing in your moment.

  16. A+ post, Harvard…just fantastic stuff. A Namath-like comeback against an insurmountable foe. The basketball version of the 2004 Red Sox, with Kyrie Irving playing the role of Kevin Millar.

    Downtrodden Cleveland has a title now. The team from the Rust Belt earns a tiny piece of redemption against the Brimming Bay Area and its huge tech fortunes. America’s past with a small but meaningful victory against America’s future.

  17. “Downtrodden” Bloomington going on 40 years since a championship…
    Keep in mind that Cleveland did have the ownership willing to make a coaching change in what appears now to be the most timely of moments.
    Windows of opportunity…..? How quickly they can reopen….? How long they can stay shut when the selling of something as on the cusp may be acceptance of leadership in a collusive rut.

    How it may have all been different for Bloomington if the influx of talent, our Zeller window of “Everything Hinges” opportunity, would have been fully supplemented and propelled by the needed leadership changes, a breath of fresh action and ideas, from the coaching bench…? Does Cleveland get their title if, and in lieu, not making their own leadership changes during their Lebron, “Everything Hinges,” opportunity?

    Thanks for the A+, Seahawk…You are still the bar high above I clumsily pursue. Great final summation in your wonderful closing paragraph. But that tech monster of money that has been invading the ‘Brimming Bay’ like a green Godzilla on loan may one day crumble faster than a potato chip. Rust is slow…..Fast money usually melts at a much lower temp than quality steel.


  18. Harvard-

    In no universe do you play second fiddle to my insipid fairweather Scooping.

    On another note, what an appropriate article. The Bay Bridge deteriorating because of Chinese steel? Not surprising. Global capitalism: where finding cheaper and cheaper labor, no matter the quality, is the Golden Rule.

    PS- 40 year drought? Didn’t Jordan Hulls’ Bloomington South team win a state championship a few years back?

  19. I miss ‘Scoop Letters from Jordy’….Actually, not really.

    You are correct…..Hulls and BS South(not to be confused with Crean’s new twitter handle) did end a drought in watered down class basketball…Don’t get me started…Though it seems top rate at the 4A level, it is without the tests of upset-minded ‘Davids’ always inspired to seize their sectional or regional moment in most shocking fashion. In the modern h.s. era of Indiana hoops, BS South was never tested/surprised/stunned by a Scott Skiles of Plymouth….or maybe a Yogi Ferrell of Park Tudor. Watered down basketball is as cheap as foreign steel…and it was also done with no consideration the severe weakening for mere profit motives.

    My father once told me that the Japanese built their WWII Navy and battleships from U.S. scrap steel…He said they were lighter and faster.

  20. Just a question: how long till LeBron endorses Donald Trump?


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