3-star athlete Michael Ziemba commits to IU #iufb

Michael Ziemba visited Indiana’s campus in mid-June and felt he found his school.

That trip to Bloomington made IU the favorite to land the three-star Florida athlete, and on Monday, Ziemba announced he was ready to call Indiana home.

Ziemba opened the week with a verbal commitment to IU, giving the Hoosiers another big, versatile body to add to their 2017 recruiting class.

“Ever since I visited, they were definitely my top school,” Ziemba said. “I really love the coaching staff and everything that they have to offer academically, athletically and being in the Big Ten. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted.”

The 6-foot-3, 245-pound prospect is the 12th player to commit to IU’s 2017 recruiting class. He’s viewed as a potential defensive end, though he could also play tight end or linebacker. Should he land up front, Ziemba would be the seventh player in the class to play along the defensive line.

Purdue, Syracuse, East Carolina and Tulane were the other schools Ziemba considered until choosing Indiana.

IU has now landed three commitments — Ziemba and defensive tackles Juan Harris and Derrius Mullins — in the last seven days. Ziemba’s future classmates were also a big reason why he felt Indiana was the right program for him.

“They’ve been recruiting me hard, too,” he said of IU’s other 2017 recruits. “They’ve definitely made it clear that they want me to join them, so they were talking with me for awhile. It’s really awesome.”

Beyond linebackers coach William Inge, who functioned as his lead recruiter, Ziemba already has a deep relationship with one player inside the IU locker room.

Ziemba plays for the same Lake Mary High School program that produced IU sophomore receiver Nick Westbrook.

“I was with him for the two days I was there (on the visit),” Ziemba said. “He showed me around. We had a good time. It was really fun.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Ziemba caught 21 passes for 300 yards and four touchdowns as a junior last season. Defensively, he made 59 tackles and one sack.

He’ll start as a linebacker as a senior at Lake Mary this fall, while filling a range of roles on the offensive side of the ball. That includes stepping in as a Wildcat quarterback in the red zone.

Indiana will also value that kind of utility when he returns to campus ready to begin his college career next summer.

“They like how I’m big and can move,” Ziemba said. “They like my versatility, so they really think I can play anything: special teams, tight end, linebacker, D-end. They just like me as a player. They’ll figure it out when I get there.”


  1. Jr. video reveals he is physical, good hands, powerful and fairly decent speed for his size. really can’t tell from the video if I like him better as a TE or a DE. Probably will play where IU has the biggest need.

  2. I love the fact that many of the commits for the past 3 cycles are walking in the door with B1G size. Their ratings (which don’t mean everything) as a unit have also improved during this period. Keep up the GREAT work CKW and staff. Go Hoosiers! ! !

  3. The defensive staff is really getting after it and convincing players to come to IU. Once again good size, good speed, and a good hitter coming to IU in 2017. He has good hands which shows he has good athletic ability and not just a big guy on the line. IU’s 2017 recruits have better size and fit Coach Wilson’s approach to get IU bigger with good speed. Coach Allen is quickly improving the defense in the future and I bet he is going to make this year’s defense better than many believe he can.

  4. i don’t want to sound negative. This kid has good size and speed. He blocks well, catches well and tackles well. But he’s a little short for tight end or strong side defensive end. I just don’t know where he fits in? Do you bulk him up and make him a blocking tight end? Is he one of the new bigger linebackers? He seems like a guy that could be good at several positions but maybe not great at any of them. Hope I’m wrong. In previous years I’d be happy we got a kid like this but it seems like we need to start going beyond the “well he’s got a Big Ten body type and we’ll figure out what to do with him once he get’s here” kind of kids.

  5. HC- sufficient isn’t ideal. Jacob Robinson, who will probably start this year, is 6’4″. Britt Beery, already in this class, is 6’6″. We just recruited 700 lbs of athletic defensive tackle in the last 2 weeks. I just think this kid may not fit the taller, longer, more athletic body types KW says he wants to recruit. Again, probably a great kid and hopefully a solid player, I just think we need to keep on the taller, longer, faster recruiting track to keep upgrading the team.

  6. If he has the right speed and good hands, he’s tall enough to play tight end. If he has the quickness and strength, he’s tall enough to play Defensive End. His height might not be ideal, but it won’t be the issue that determines whether he plays or not.

  7. Sufficient means sufficient + this kid is athletic. 6’3″ is sufficient to play TE or DE. Ask Dwight Freeney(6’1″) or Robert Mathis(6’2″)of the NFL. He certainly embodies the athletic body type Wilson and staff believe in.

  8. Both Freeney and Mathis are speed rushers. This kid doesn’t have that kind of burst. He’s fast but not fast enough to be the speed rushing end and big, but not big enough to be the set the edge defensive end. He falls right in between. I’d say he’s a guy like Niles Sykes. A big body, athletic for his size but not a great fit for any one position. He’s rated higher than Tramar Reece who we recruited as a weak side speed rushing end. Reece shows great speed and burst and can grow into a really good rushing end. I totally understand recruiting him even though he was considered only a 2 star recruit. It’s like recruiting a 5’10” receiver. There are good ones out there but why not get a 6’3″4″ guy if you can? This kid doesn’t seem to have the high ceiling our other defensive recruits have had this year. Hope I’m completely wrong and he’s IU’s next All American.

  9. It’s all relative to what’s available. Remember, IU is not going to be signing many 5-star football players for years to come. In fact, 4-star players will be few and far between for IU. IU’s coaching staff has to get the best players available and coach them into men that can compete in the Big Ten. I think this kid has that potential.

  10. Freeney and Mathis were speed rushers in the “NFL”. IU is in the B1G.. He embodies the athletic body type Wilson and staff believe in. What is the ideal size for a TE/DE 6’10”, 6’4″, 6’7″? What size do you recruit for your team? It is apparent Wilson is satisfied with 6’3″.

  11. Apparently then KW wasn’t telling the truth when he said Britt Beery, at 6’6″, had the ideal body type for strong side defensive end? I’ll stay a Hurryin’ Hoosier, not a Hurryin’ Homer- thanks.

  12. Not really following the complaining/whining on this thread, but “Hurryin’ Homer” must be given its due acknowledgment….That was funny, 123.

  13. Yes he did say Berry had the ideal body type but he did not say a word that body type had to be 6’6″. What did he say about WDE? Does that player have to be 9′ wide? You’re hung-up on a # that isn’t absolute. As Wilson and staff just proved by recruiting a 6.3″ TE/DE possessing the body type they believe in.

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