Changes this week on the Scoop!

Big changes are coming this week to the Hoosier Scoop.


We are re-branding the blog under “Hoosier Sports Report” to go along with our new OTT channel with the same name.

Though things will look a lot different, the same crew will continue to bring you the same great coverage of IU sports. All of the content currently on the blog is moving over as well, of course.

If you haven’t yet got the HSR OTT channel, now’s the time with football starting this Thursday.

You can get it for AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, and Roku by searching in the store for your device. It’s free and will be updated multiple times each day during the IU sport season.

If you don’t have a device yet, we’re doing a drawing this week and each month thereafter for a Roku stick. Enter the drawing for that at

Also, come out to Yogi’s this Thursday, Sept. 1, 5:00 – 7:30 pm for our HSR launch party. We’ll be giving away swag and you can enter a drawing for some nice prizes including a Roku stick. Then you can stick around and watch the Hoosiers take on FIU at 7:30! Hope to see you there.


  1. What da hell? I don’t know a Roku stick from a pogo stick. Is it some sort of self defense weapon? Is it a transmission option on a Roku sports car? Is it a piece of gum from a pack of Roku spearmint gum?
    No sidebar with recent comments from the old Scoop family of blogging friends and foes? No Harvard polluting a sidebar heavier than smog in Beijing? No stories to scroll through? Do you understand…? I am operating from a Compaq laptop that uses 100% its memory to open Hoosier Scoop.
    OTT Channel? Device? I have two titanium devices in my hip…Will those work? Can I get that in the assisted living home if I ask Nurse Betsy to code it into my bedside remote?
    Wow. If your objective was to kill the blog, mission accomplished.

  2. Now the normal looking Scoop page is back………? A guy from the census just came to the door…He asked if I live here…I told him no and that I was a burglar.
    I see a link to an Amazon Fire story in the sidebar…..As if we haven’t already lost enough of the rain forest. I hope its been contained. Depressing enough to hear how so many millions of acres of the world’s largest supply source for breathable air is dying or vanishing from populations’ inevitable and reckless push.. Now an Amazon Fire?

  3. Mike Miller is in his second year covering Indiana men’s basketball, football and baseball for The Herald-Times. As part of his duties, Mike maintains the popular Hoosier Scoop

    Why is Mike the only person listed under “personnel” on Hoosier Sports Report? And Mike “maintains” Hoosier Scoop? Jeremy is always the guy suggesting to send me on Scoop vacations….Is Jeremy just an HT travel agent? I thought Jeremy maintained Scoop…?

  4. Row, row, row your Roku,
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
    I don’t know what this means.

    Do I need a paddle,
    Or do I need a stick.
    This might just be the time to think,
    Of getting a brand new shtick.

    Tablets once for Moses,
    Apples for Adam and Eve.
    What the hell does Hoosier Scoop,
    Now have up their sleeve?

    What a mess of waters,
    We row for a slice of fun
    A new device will soon suffice,
    To replace all brain gone numb.

    D.C. al coda

  5. Rest assured IU fans. IU is 100% guaranteed of playing in several bowl games. Starting in month of October and concluding in November the IU fb team will play in 5 or 6 bowl games as @ least 5 or 6 of those teams will play in bowl games @ the end of December and beginning of the new year…in the watered down NCAA Football Bowl Curriculum. IU FOOTBALL TEAM can approach each game as their own individual bowl game. WHAT A FUN SEASON FOR 2016.

  6. As usual I will let Downing/Harvard do the talking on the subject of the Scoop remodeling. He speaks for the people. I can only hope it’s not a soul-crushing change like the night they drove old Basketblog down.

  7. ^Gotta love Joan. She was in Bloomington a few years ago at the Buskirk-Chumley. Came into Uptown for dinner before the show. Spiky grey hair and piercing eyes; elegant and commanding yet unpretentious. Unlike Mellencamp, actually looked the waiters in the eye when she ordered.

  8. I’ve still never had dinner at Uptown…..I suggest it, but the family always wants Trojan Horse.
    Been feeling very melancholic lately. Don’t like to see the winding down of summer this year…I love the first weeks of summer when the evening shies from darkness until nearly ten o’clock. Now the other half takes over; the half that forces its reminder of loved ones lost and the blanket of a cold midnight ocean of all things moving faster than I can run ahead….All so quickly catching me as well ..All vanished like the Basketblog and memories leaving such an inconsequential footprint in time. I wish summer an endless cup of sun. Cold is the earth when lowered so fast. Barely an afterthought I’ll soon become…forgotten by the living and the days fooling all to be around for long.


  9. H4H, eloquently put about Fall representing the later stages of our life. I find grandchildren and my new puppy dog refreshes my thrill for life to come. I always want to be reaching for something until the day I die. I have to admit the spinal disease and chronic pain have made that tougher but I have adjusted and keep looking for writing that is almost magical. It is a shame we don’t have sports writers, or many at least, that can write like the legends of the past talking about “Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death. These are only aliases. Their real names are Stuhldreher, Miller, Crowley and Layden…Grantland Rice”. Some of your prose approach descriptive phrases like Rice and others so keep putting out the wonderful prose.

  10. Nicely done, Vesuvius, reminds me of old NFL Films videos.

    I agree about the early fall. There’s so much to like about it, from the weather, to football, to the harvest and the starry nights. But it’s hard to shake the melancholy of knowing you’re at the end of a cycle. That’s why spring will always be my favorite.

    You gotta get into Uptown one of these days. Tell the family it’s time for a splurge. Have a bowl of gumbo, crawfish etoufee or a muffalletta sandwich and a pint of chilled lager or IPA. Enjoy the dim lights, cool mood, and non-dingy floors and booths.

  11. Not nicely done, Vesuvius….Nobody puts baby in the “almost” corner.

    Almost approaching…? I can run circles around those old turds you drink of prose but only taste of Tang. I am 100% Harvard squeezed of non-professional sweetest oranges.. It is your Hoosier Football forever stuck in world of “almost approaching.” Never be so beaten down in your heart to paint such hapless inspirations upon my endless grove of innocence untainted by the packaged word in a cardboard world. .

    Carry on, wannabees on my flowering buds.

  12. I blabber so much on here that I’m sure many a contributor would like to force-feed me a
    Mufflelotta Sandwich.
    I fear the food at Uptown would also be forced. Colorful on the plate with seasoning overkill Much like the criticisms of Grantland; served to impress but disappointing and confused to the more well-versed palate. Everything on the menu filled with metaphor more than flavor. A place I would consume something awful rather than to send a substandard plate back to kitchen because the pretentious consequences on its return from the waiter I did not give preferred glance…lol.

  13. Vesuvius13 – You have mentioned the back difficulties in previous comments and I hope you will be able to find relief. After years of back pain (spinal stenosis /arthritis) and refusing surgery for lack of confidence any good would result, I reached a point last winter where the pain finally dictated no other option. The winter surgery was very successful and while not pain free from the arthritis I can walk again without leg pain and my golf is once again pain free. I do wish the best for you and hope you will be able to find a treatment.

  14. Mr Walker, thank you for the concern but I have been through two lumbar fusions with both a success until my final Thoracic fusion. After going through surgeries that lasted as long as 11 hours or as invasive as removing a rib with collapsing my lung during surgery I decided to get off the surgery merry-go-round. My surgeon told me if any more problems came up surgery or not I would be totally disabled and he was right. I really like hearing from people that have had success with their surgeries. I would be in the boat if other areas of my spine didn’t keep deteriorating. Go forward and I will hope you have no more problems and can lead your life the way you choose.

  15. Tom, thanks for reminding me of the old NFL Films. Not only did they show football in a different perspective but also added wonderful prose to help tell the story of what was being shown. The glitz and full throttle approach today provides lots of detail but misses the wonderful tone set by NFL Films. Sabols helped move the NFL from a cult pastime to a national pastime and the leading American sport.

  16. Howard Cosell put the NFL on the map with Monday Night Football. Hell, it may even be argued that he saved the NFL, heavyweight boxing, and television…..and in so doing ruined millions of very good minds.

    (staccato) HE…. COULD… GO…. ALL…THE… WAY.

    He had the perfect delivery for streaming…To bad he never lived the day to mic up to a broken feed.

    v13- Those back issues sound terrible. Hope you find some pain-free days ahead.

  17. And you know why it saved the NFL…?

    Because within the five minute segment of Howard’s halftime highlights, every fan of every corner of every market could see their idols and teams put on full display in front of a national audience. The unparalleled style and excitement in Cosell’s voice was a massive shot of adrenaline into all the heroes of our boyhood days. This was the man who sat across from Muhammad Ali …..and made us look deeper than the symbols and metaphors of the day. He brought an arrogance strangely endearing because it was never tempered by color, prejudice, class, or convenience of ratings. He brought legitimacy to the table and to every sport he covered. When boxing became a joke to only feed the lowest denominator of brutality rather than art, he identified it as such. You could tell your story,..In his ring there would be no punches pulled. He would challenge without cheap shots every opponent in opposite chair with wit and directness they could bring in their own arsenal. and thus Howard became the vehicle of equality in a nation needing to hear every man “tell it like it is.” . Many hate him in his grave because he allowed for examination and articulation of those the ‘powers that be’ rather have silenced.

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