Everyone’s back on campus, classes have started — it’s time for an updated roster #iubb

The last of Indiana’s 2016 recruits arrived on Sunday. Classes on the Bloomington campus began Monday.

By Tuesday, it was time to peek at an updated basketball roster.

As Alex Bozich of Inside The Hall points out, IU’s sophomores made some serious gains in the weight room during the off-season. Juwan Morgan has gone from 205 pounds to 230 pounds, O.G. Anunoby went from 215 pounds to 235, Thomas Bryant gained 10 pounds and is now listed at 255.

Follow along after the jump to take a quick look at the full roster, jersey numbers included.

0 Curtis Jones 6-4 175 Guard Fr.
1 James Blackmon 6-4 200 Guard Jr.
3 OG Anunoby 6-8 235 Forward So.
4 Robert Johnson 6-3 195 Guard Jr.
10 Johnny Jager 6-0 180 Guard So.
11 Devonte Green 6-3 186 Guard Fr.
12 Josh Newkirk 6-1 195 Guard R-Jr.
13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 230 Forward So.
15 Zach McRoberts 6-6 200 Guard R-So.
20 De’Ron Davis 6-10 240 Forward Fr.
21 Freddie McSwain 6-6 215 Forward Jr.
22 Quentin Taylor 6-2 187 Guard So.
24 Grant Gelon 6-5 195 Guard Fr.
30 Collin Hartman 6-7 220 Forward Sr.
31 Thomas Bryant 6-10 255 Center So.
35 Tim Priller 6-9 225 Forward Jr.


  1. This is their deepest roster since 2013 they are 2 deep at all 5 positions this is the best team in the big 10 with apologies to wisconsin and michigan state

  2. Well, technically yes. No disrespect intended, but I think the season hinges on Bryant staying healthy. I’d trade one of our seven guards for another big guy.

  3. Everything hinges on tempering everything…..
    Thus, everything really hinges on nothing as all things leading to hinging will actually be qualified by anything and everything.
    Banners hang rather than hinge…
    And no matter a roster, Crean is a coach who still makes me cringe.

  4. Weight gains. Good to see IU has the type of players now hanging out at Ben & Jerry’s, Diary Queen and those kinds of places rather than liquor store parking lots. Yes, it does look like a deep team as in the number of chairs or length of bench needed. As far as how good they will be April Fools day we will see…and yes a good 6’11” or 7 footer is needed with a some experience. I must be getting Priller confused with another player who has already had senior day 5 or 6 years ago because it seems like he’s been on the team for 6 or 7 years. Is this a new NBA walking freak puke farm program ?

  5. I’m juiced about IU’s upcoming BB season. Anunoby, Morgan and Blackmon are going to be hard to handle on the offensive end. And Anunoby, Morgan and Johnson will be hard to handle on the D side of the floor. + depth as the 1st poster above stated clearly.

  6. Can we get football season in full swing before we even begin to dream of Crean’s established
    modus operandi of eternally dead-ending in the second weekend of March Madness? We’ve witnessed it with preseason #1 ranked teams….We’ve witnessed the dead-ending finales to seasons with top NBA draft picks suggest by Scoopers to be the next MJ and Bill Walton….. We’ve seen the selling of A-Hope projects compared to Hakeem the Dream…with wing spans wider than a baseline….We’ve seen a promising Indiana kid nearly killed on the street in front of Assembly Hall …We’ve seen steak dinners planned at Ruth’s Chris for a point guard who, after another year of senior experience, would still go undrafted.
    Juiced, indeed.. I’ll be juiced when Indiana has a coach who can do something with the talent and live up to the standard of Indiana Basketball; to sometimes play above the talent on the glorious “roster” ….and to demonstrate a pleasant surprise above the local hype machine and “individual” focus that now consumes the program. Sadly, I view the roster as a waste of talent while IU Basketball remains the puppet of the Establishment….We are going to be shackled with this guy longer than Castro’s Cuba.

  7. Soak your head. Why should we wait till FB starts, you bitch about Crean 24 hours a day of a 12 page calendar.

  8. Nearly 10 years into Crean and you bozos are still drinking the “juice.” Yeah…If you get juiced by years of “everything hinges” hype, ‘Hoosiers Rising’ videos, evasive press conferences, banner reunions having nothing to do with this clown-act coach/ administration, and the myriad of highly ranked rosters that should have been able to, once in a blue moon, get beyond a Sweet 16…then you are the everlasting delusional optimist. I’m sure you also believe sun spots are responsible for global warming ……or maybe God simply needing to speed up a couple tenths of a revolution of a spinning basketball earth atop his finger a bit. Optimism for a bozo to get us beyond a Sweet 16…..? Sounds like the same optimism when football was coasting into storied irrelevance during our basketball heyday.
    It is a changing day…It’s football that keeps the bottom line strong. It’s butts in those football stands that will help apologize and pay for the stagnancy at McCracken. I do believe you guys are onto something..Banners are not realistic expectations….Our focus should be completely on funding the Crean Machine….Keep the “prune juices” flowing over at Assembly(a sort of banner social security for Crean via Pinstripe Bowls) while we reclaim our youth and credibility via a sell job for Hoosier Football. Because we all know the truth…., do we not? We know the prestige of the old dusty banners will always fill the seats in Assembly no matter the coach…no matter the roster. Pee-wee Herman could be jumping out of his shorts for a timeout in a big game and the dimwits of “storied past” will still apologize for the ugly and shameful product we so flippantly present to the Facebook generation? Why? Because they don’t really give a rat’s ass..(other than a chance for a selfie in the McCracken museum)…It’s all big business…..And without those football seats somehow getting filled ..and without large TV contracts for football(because god knows we ain’t seeing the Final Four stage again) ..and cameras showing those filled Memorial seats, even the wasted dollars for Pee-wee Tommy and his Sweet 16 prune juice followers giving us a couple mighty runs to a second weekend in March will dry up..

    Football is our only real hope…..The simple business side of the new BIG equation speaks to a terrible waste of money and hype for a hoops game at McCracken rather irrelevant even in best of outcomes with a very average coach.

    1. H4H,
      This is the problem in a nutshell — not everyone who says they’re excited for the basketball season means they’re excited for Crean, but you jump on and blast the same criticisms as ever while being sure to rain on even the tiniest float in the parade. Just ease up a little bit. Let folks find their own small joy.

      As for the rest of it, you’re absolutely right. Football does wag the financial tail of the college sports world. That’s not exclusive to Indiana, though.

  9. We should allow Bob Knight a room at Cook…..He’s sorta like our true Hugh Hefner of the McCracken Mansion. He was always giving it to somebody….He put us on the cover when there were few covers… He brought bombshell ballers/recruits before they ever had star tattoos or full exposure of what was then commonly blurred areas of study. And even with the social awkwardness and unsophisticated manner, there was a sort of complexity and mystique to Knight…He was proving his proving ground everyday and those following Indiana Basketball knew it was more than a b-ball whorehouse of hype only consumed by the meat market/superficial side of things. There was actually the romancing of knowledge and a respect that came with the wink of an eye and a silly candy stripe warmup ….He was “dated” from the beginning…He was West Point meets eccentric…meets naked honesty..But he was dated only in the sense of how a General Patton would now be dated if assigned to fight ISIS…There are few men who can transcend the term of “dated” or “old-fashioned” because they lack the brilliance, the confidence, and the credibility extinguishing such labels on sight…Under Knight, it was more than window shopping and braggadocios talk around the card tables of the hot recruits landed/scored….
    When Bobby Hefner was strutting around in his goofy plaid slippers, cheerleaders were still hot on the guy. There was swagger …There was a truth …and those banners serve as his many morning robes going far beyond merely drooling over the roster/models/talent. There may be a new landlord at ‘The Mansion,’ but it doesn’t change the source of mystique….There is only one man who made a nation blossoming into college basketball’s popularity truly go beyond the raw pictures ….of the game. There was once chalkboard to go along with the drooling. There was once the fast beat of the heart beyond the skin.

  10. Sure enough, Jeremy. I get it. But you fully know how many our extracting “juice, ” …making more of a roster, because they are selling/pitching in unison with a creed/belief system/wholesome image having nothing to do with a true confidence/competence fueling a sincere hope in our basketball program to be competitive with true dynasty programs we once stood equal. They are content with such facades and hype over seeking a harder road via a true teacher instead of preacher. May they delude themselves in the small joy of image rather than the deeper truth of how those old dusty banner were actually hoisted…..I don’t think they floated to the rafters on the wings halftime prayers….

    Yeah…I’ve come around on the football thing. IU is a sinking Crean Titanic unless we begin to get butts in the football stadium.

  11. But …I’ll sum up in agreement. The roster looks hot….Maybe the most raw talent I’ve seen on a Hoosier roster EVER. (I’ll be honest…I haven’t seen some of the new guys play). Freddie McSwain…rhymes with ready and game. I think about this roster a lot….a whole lot. I fear confusion by immensity of the options…I fear substitution patterns as dizzying as a Rubik’s cube being solved during a 30-second timeout. I fear politics of seniority interfering with proper delegation of minutes for an optimal and steady roster. I fear a kitchen with all the finest ingredients left in the fridge or poorly prepared/married into an exquisite meal….I fear another year of wondering “what if” this roster with Brad…or Thad…or Chewbacxa….or Chuck Martin given full managerial assignments? But, yes…It is beautiful on paper….very glossy paper…..1080 Roster. Clear talent….almost too clear.

  12. I didnt drink anything sir its all about havin love for your home state university whether it be football or basketball im a fan regardless thats it that simple atleast for me no need to write a 2 page rant

  13. It’s far from ‘loving your home state university’ when you accept someone so obviously rigid and average in X’s and O’s as to be the object of jokes/smirks at the offices of the ESPN and the new and improved BIG Eastern Establishment(headed by an NC grad guaranteed in handing Crean a soft schedule when under make or break season)…Yeah, they got their real coach out East…They took him from Indy and set him up for a lifetime deal to restore one of the most storied NBA programs residing in Boston. I don’t think Tommy’s phone was ringing off the hook because he can be a salesman and beauty pageant judge(at a place with mystique and banners, of course). Could one even imagine Crean at a place like Butler. Exposed in six months. O-V-E-R. And if watching that man coach over the past 8 years hasn’t driven you to drinking, then you were already a ‘head soaking’ drunk.

    And in that tiny gym called Hinkle, they make less of a big deal of those Final Four trips than we make over reunions(serving as photo-ops for Crean and more wall stenciling) and “sweetening” extensions into Sweet 16 Foreverland.

    If you love Indiana, sober up…Toss out the holier-than-thou appeal with the bottle…along with the foolish intoxication of witch hunts and claims of everything hinging on a couple names who grab a draft night headline and end up averaging 8 points per game. Act like you’ve done this before….Lord, Dakich is a genius…He’s building a career on sending radio time roses to Tommy packaged exclusively for the alcoholics drinking empty hype. This is what you do when a lover turns you down for a clown. You keep selling the bozo act…because it’s what they deserve.

  14. Piling on Pirate Podunker- You forgot your arrrrrrrrrrrrr. You put the rum in a Crean drum.

  15. You may not care, but they are exerting their Establishment influence upon our conference. The next two BIG tournaments are out East(DC & NYC). They have hired Dan Dakich as their ‘go-to’ expert color commentator for a substantial number of IU Basketball telecasts on their network. Dan has a lot of love for Tommy C…..Every year it’s more apologizing and more of Dan telling the world what a “great job” Tom Crean has done with our poor decimated program……Do you honestly believe Dan is doing IU favors with his national spiel(in addition to his local radio act always full of glowing admiration for Crean while throwing his old coach, Knight, under the bus)? Poor Dan…Never invited on any fishing trips with Bobby…Poor Dan…Never in the ‘in crowd’ with May, Isiah, Wilkerson, etc.etc…Poor Dan….Never loved after having to deal with the Sampson degenerates…Poor, poor, poor Dan….But he loves him some Crean on national TV..Dan is a big man and he rises above…(smirk). As soon as the cameras stop…and the mics are turned off, the smirking begins.
    Yes, indeed. ESPN hired a voice who was a former, very short-lived, coach expelled from McCracken for some sorta reason….Now I’ll put on my naive face and stare into the blank heavens as we write more millions and extend more contracts for our savior….Have you ever once heard Dan explain to an ESPN audience how Crean sat on a committee of Indy lawyers and hired his own AD? Wonder where it all started? Joey Glass at Marquette certainly wasn’t the beginning….(he only let his mouth run off and it served as explanation of how we got stuck with such a challenged X’s and O’s coach)…..Maybe Delany hired Crean…..in a backdoor business deal with Fred…? Lord, we can only make this conspiracy grow bigger than a Hillary email scandal….Can you imagine the amount of emails destroyed to get Crean to IU? Makes a few thugs skipping classes look like child’s play ..in comparison. Establishment thugs have IU by the gonads…..Dan is their frontman….and Tom Crean is the gift they keep giving it to us….Meanwhile, Brad Stevens rebuilds their East Coast love for the game( you know, the one they perfected after inventing the peach basket for Oladipo).

  16. Remember how Podunker once exclaimed how his ‘friends’ coming on a trip to Bloomington said something like the following…

    IU has a football stadium….? When did they get a football team? (smirk…chuckle…smirk..chuckle…smirk chuckle….Let’s go to Nick’s)

    Things have sure flipflopped …..Wilson appears to be on the cusp of building something of a future football dynasty…Rose Bowls in our future…Hell, maybe contention for national championships.. ..It seems anything is possible with an inventive mind who appears to be a true leader(never once looking for someone to blame for IU Football’s woes..)

    Meanwhile, a remodeled Assembly takes on something of a museum appeal….Tommy C. serves as appointed museum director. This is where we show old friends how we once defeated the British….with General Knight. After a short visit to the Assembly Museum and staring at the five banner flown over Fort Skjodt, we hop over to Memorial for all the fun and football dominance on display.
    I can almost hear Podunker’s friends packed into the back of Bart’s cab….”IU has a basketball court at the Assembly Museum…? I didn’t even know they had a basketball team….I always watch the final two weekends of March Madness and I never see a team from Indiana…..? Are they Division 1? Oh, they’re only on ESPN’s Midwest Dan Dakich network …? That’s so unfortunate.”

  17. My mind is a fog lamp…guiding you out of darkness and around the next scary bend of truth you can’t negotiate.

  18. I’ll be honest, Clarion. You’re wit is king on here. And I know you always want best for IU.

    Have fun at the football game…..and at Lake Monroe. Didn’t Jerry Quarry once swim there?

  19. So, school is in and so am I. Hola all. Saw a couple comments above about the front line… I think you’d be hard pressed to find a more talented and versatile front line in all of college basketball. If the weight being added is all true, then we have guys that can defend the post and protect the rim. Between Bryant, OG, Hartman, Morgan, and Davis there is plenty of offensive versatility and athleticism… with a decent dose of experience and IQ.

    I’m just not sure that replacing JBJ, RJ, Newkirk, Jones, Green or McSwain with a 7 footer does anything for us… I mean we’ve had a few 7 footers the last few years and they get buried on the bench.

    This is certainly reason for optimism based on the roster, but the most important factor is whether or not Crean is the coach from the first 7.5 seasons, or the coach from the 2nd half of last season… He had a completely different demeanor and no-BS attitude that turned things around. He knew his job and legacy were legitimately on the line and coached/acted completely differently. I’m hoping the overly chatty, excuse making, sideline clappy guy, who rewards poor defense and sloppy offense with additional minutes is a thing of the past.

    Here I am… Hopeful again.

  20. I don’t make too much out of last season’s late surge…Outside of Iowa on the road, our tougher opponents were at home(Purdue & Maryland). The majority of the schedule(the far heavier percentage of dual matches against lower tier conference teams) was extremely soft(big thanks to Establishment Delany). The win against UK was the highlight of the season(Yippee..Another win in the Round of 32) during the always typical fluctuations of the Kentucky NBA farm system transition(last year was their more “down” phase).
    No Elite 8 in 8 years…No Final Four spotlight. Not even a sniffing of one. We’ve been spanked in all three visits to the second weekend in March Madness. Spanked .Spanked by UK…Spanked by Syracuse…Spanked by UNC. The X’s and O’s improvement(the cleaning up of the devil in the details) is coming after the addition of Martin(replacing McClain)…But assistants can only carry you so far…In critical game situations, the only buttons pushed are from the head spastic in charge.

    Off-topic regarding the new ‘Sports Report’ site…If you’re going to build a site with heavy emphasis on apps/imagery news geared to the brain dead /devices/video reports, then HT may need to think of hiring some “reporters” far more comfortable/skilled in front of a camera. Pat Beane looked like an extra in “Walking Dead.” Try to give the majority of stuff to Olivia Ray…She is the only person with the natural skill set…and the inviting personality/smile a necessity in the delivery. The HT dudes just don’t have enough pizazz/starch. When you build an ‘all things for all people’ site, it requires the planning forethought to have all skills for all methods people at the helm to deliver it. All the bells and whistles in a site is wonderful to keep the HT nerds, marketing gurus, and techies busy…But you can’t expect hermit journalists trapped in HT’s outdated dusty offices fro the last 20 years to bring the spice.

  21. Not that it matters on this video orientated site anyway. Nobody is going to care about reading from a blog(Did you read the small print/footnote that “Scoop” is still here…lol?) that isn’t a blog. But that was the whole idea, wasn’t it? Some of those Scoopers were just getting too big for their tiny britches. They thought the same thing on IDS’s Basketblog. Now you can go over to IDS for all canned goods ….in the Hoosier Hype zombie grocer’s aisle.

  22. inventive set design….obvious improvements in the wardrobe details…and skilled people in lighting/sound are also essential. Jeremy and Mike may transition soundly enough to the heavier emphasis in video presentations…But without the other details aforementioned polished and noticed, it’s tougher to shed the drab influences of blotchy gray backgrounds / sets off their blossoming on-camera improvements. You can’t make these sorts of changes and get by on the cheap. Recruit from IU’s drama/stage/film school departments…Maybe even look for some blossoming actors…It’s what we have as a basketball coach…No ham in putting a couple in HT’s offices to spit in microphones and hog up the camera. It’s all about ratings….You’ll be fine.

  23. They didn’t call me Downing Street for nothin’…….

    You’ll be fine. This puts all the emphasis where it should be; appropriately weighted upon the shoulders of a superior HT journalist/reporter/teleprompter reader. There’s getting to be less and less need for solid storytellers…I get it. Ratings, ratings, ratings. Attention spans are about 10 seconds anymore. You have to turn to more video applications. Some will struggle under formats that require such “presentation” emphasis…Some will flourish. But you must adapt…you must adapt…Did that sound anything like the office pitch from above..? I’ve been in those sessions. Corporate always knows what’s best….

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