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With just two starters at linebacker in the 4-2-5, Indiana has a lot of confidence in the position, Mike writes.

Tanner Thompson paced IU soccer to a 3-1 win over Cal-Irvine and a 2-0 start to the season, we reported.

The IU women’s soccer team got its first home win since Oct. 31, 2014 and scored three goals for the first time since Sept. 5, 2014, we reported.

From our IU football preview section Sunday:
• Trust is at the heart of new defensive coordinator Tom Allen’s approach, Mike writes.
• There’s a simple solution to curing the Big Ten East division’s dominance, Andy writes.
• A position-by-position look at the 2016 Hoosiers, Mike writes.

One of the big questions for IU football is whether the secondary is ready to deliver, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Kevin Wilson wants to play the best players, and that might include a number of freshmen, Dan at puntjohnpunt.com.

IU athletic director Fred Glass talks Indiana-Kentucky, Bob Knight and Tom Crean in a Q-and-A with Terry Hutchens of CNHI.

Taking a look at numbers that matter as IU football heads into the opener, Nick Holmes of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Positions are mostly set for Florida International as the Panthers ready for the Hoosiers, Walter Villa writes for the Miami Herald.

For Tom Allen and his defense, “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel.


  1. “When in fact, as we know . . . more white people have been shot by police officers this year than minorities,” he said.

    Huckabee is not, factually, incorrect.

    In 2015, The Washington Post launched a real-time database to track fatal police shootings, and the project continues this year. As of Sunday, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race).But data scientists and policing experts often note, comparing how many or how often white people are killed by police to how many or how often black people are killed by the police is statistically dubious unless you first adjust for population.</b

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    Dan Dakich, You are talking out your butt today …You really need to be educated. Here’s a link…..http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-police-shootings-race-20160711-story.html

  2. Several very interesting comments from Glass made during his interview with Terry Hutchens. As I have believed for several years, Glass reveals that IU’s coaches are not allowed to recruit/sign kids with either academic and or “reoccurring” discipline issues. Clearly that policy puts Crean at a recruiting disadvantage when compared to other less selective basketball programs. Furthermore, it is interesting that Glass admits to having kicked athletes out of IU for offenses/mistakes that he believes would not have gotten them kicked out of most other schools. If you read this interview and fail to understand that Glass is the boss of IU athletics, you’re seriously delusional.

  3. Glass is covering his bosses butt….for dismissals in the holier-than-thou universe he has forced his own hand to live. The president of IU did not hire Glass. A caddyshack committee under Tom Crean’s guiding light(and Joey’s approval) hired Fred.

    Poor..poor..poor Tommy…He has so many cards against him. We should just give him his lifetime carte blanche contract for making Sweet 16’s with teams full of Jonny Marlin choir boys. Lord, the only one delusional is anyone who believes many of these recruits have anywhere near the educational background as a kid on the golf team. They are nurtured via curriculum in line with the substandard credentials many arrive…..There is always a way to beat the system if you have those who are willing to manipulate it in your favor. If you have people who want to watch as you fall by the wayside, that’s exactly what they’ll do. If you want to portray an image of perfection, things are likely far uglier in yourself than those you crucified as examples. Tom Crean(as it pertains to being an intelligent X’s and O’s coach) couldn’t meet Glass’s own standards as it relates to “supposed” academic baselines for a recruit. Seriously…Look at this face. Is that the face of an Indiana recruit? He may have kept his nose clean as the Pope’s wash basin, but the lights are never coming on.

  4. 5:54 post: “Glass reveals that IU’s coaches are not allowed to recruit/sign kids with either academic and or “reoccurring” discipline issues.”

    And for those that want to take the time to read Hutchens’ interview with Glass, the above statement is a misconstruing of the exact words…..

    From Hutchens piece: “Our coaches are not allowed to recruit a kid who has a significant or reoccurring discipline issue without my personal sign off on it.”

    1. There is no mention of academics with regard to Glass’s “personal signing off” on the recruit…Academics is covered differently in Glass’s statements further into the piece.

    2. A coach could initiate recruiting a kid with discipline issues if Glass “signs off on it.”
    This is not the same as saying, under all circumstances, they won’t recruit a kid who’s had problems. It only means Glass must first be informed of the discipline background/details ahead of time and then decide if he approves on going forward. It doesn’t mean an automatic refusal to recruit based on a kid’s purported disciplinary record.

  5. And it’s such terrible BS to act like a majority of other schools competing for banners and getting to Final Fours are doing so by accepting lower standards than IU. Wisconsin…? Villanova ..? Butler…? MSU…? Duke..? These just don’t seem to be “bait and tackle” shops to me. I’m sure they have their problems, but most their kids sure looked like fine and intelligent human beings to me..Was Brad Stevens bringing in thugs to get to a pair of Final Fours?

    Glass will never stop apologizing for the genius in the committee room.

  6. I take that back….Draymond Green and Grayson Allen are thugs who likely had good grades and no disciplinary issues in high school. But the evidence in front of the viewing public has definitely confirmed them to be problem children.
    But you get my general point….All in all(other than Butler)these schools recruit pretty damn good kids and filter with all the same high standards an Indiana.

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