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IU football has prepared for the possibility of a rainy week in south Florida, Mike writes.

Freshman offensive lineman Coy Cronk is impressing IU coaches and earning playing time, Mike writes.

The IU women’s basketball schedule includes nine opponents who made the NCAA Tournament last year, Jon writes.

IU sophomore swimmer Lilly King has more barriers to break after winning two gold medals, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Lilly King isn’t backing down, just backing up her words and actions in Rio, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

After three years on defense, Indiana’s Clyde Newton is looking forward to running the ball again, Terry Hutchens of CNHI writes.

Teammates are proud of the progress starting quarterback Richard Lagow has made at IU, Alex McCarthy writes for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

IU football is preparing for a rare road opener at Florida International, Jordan Guskey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

It’s time for winning with Kevin Wilson now, Andrew Hussey of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Three-star guard David Beatty cut his list to five schools, including Indiana, Adam Zagoria of zagsblog.com reports.

Perhaps a song for Thursday’s football opener — “I Love A Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbitt.


  1. Andrew Hussey is wasting his time in journalism. He has such a strong affinity for highlighting the obvious he should be a lawyer.

  2. But Hussey crystalized the importance of this season when he wrote, “This next step is harder — it’s moving beyond being happy with getting bowl-eligible and consistently winning eight to 10 games a season.”

    Don’t be too hard on Andrew; he’s probably still an undergrad learning how to become a journalist.

  3. Wilson is the Bob Knight of football at IU….That fact alone crystallizes a lot of fear. Power is shifting. in the two major powers. This coach does not require carnival tongue…The strong command of his profession evades the need of cheap cologne to hype the landscape for the naive. Everyone knows the task…This coach does not live in the world of intimidation such mountains.

  4. No, he did not impress me, HC. It’s just that most students and alumni, or just the basic fans around B-town don’t follow IU Football as closely as some of us do. Besides, having once been on staff at the IDS, I can empathize and cut him some slack.

  5. If you weren’t impressed then why compliment his regurgitation of the obvious. It was a waste of time. For him and me.

  6. He’s got some talent, just needs to put an interesting spin on his facts. Let me give it a shot:

    6-7. The culmination of 5 years of glacial-like progress. Is Kevin Wilson the reincarnation of Knute Rockne or the next Nick Saban? Thankfully not. If he was, he would have packed his bags a long time ago for more money, more tradition and an easier place to win. What he amounts to is an above average coach, with a below average record working in a once desperate place. And after 5 years, the desperation in both the man and the place have mercifully subsided…at least for now.

  7. There is no easier place to win than Indiana…because the low expectations are indoctrinated into the football culture. And that is the conundrum in assessing what any hire not a big name will present you.
    Is he along to milk the defeatist cow…or is he truly a visionary, a diamond yet to be polished? It is a place where fortitude is the only game in town…You’ve already arrived as being average. Your daily visit to the morning mirror on the wall is constantly looking for the signs of resignation in your foolish quest. Is this the day you buy into the constant undertow, the journalistic seeds of doubt, the fan base mockery, forever eating at the heart and soul of Memorial like island pigskin leprosy. Do you see the first distortions and eruptions in the skin? Vesuvius-like eruptions at Memorial? Nope. Those are skin boils…You’ve got the doubt rot.

    No, Indiana is not a place for a big name coach…It would swallow them as ocean whale and pass them quickly from colon as a flourishing toilet minnow. Do not label any man as sliding on the scales of average who invites the doom of Memorial upon himself. The airheads filling the ‘House of Five Banners’ will cheer in drunken obliviousness to watch any clown in town blabber about mindlessly in its mystique… At Memorial, you arrive as the next letdown. You are the package under the Christmas tree already labeled as the Debbie Downer dud before ever unwrapped. If it were only football, a coach must ask himself ….Football would actually be easy. Getting your teeth knocked out at the bottom of a pile is glorious compared to the undermining and the demeaning suggestions consistent as death and taxes aimed at a football coach taking a job at Indiana. Before your time is through(if you’re not Knute Rockne), they’ll have branded you a “user” to raid our penny jar football stash or a delusional “nothing” of an average loser who was never pegged to go very far.

  8. I don’t need the trash accumulated from spin on facts. I much prefer them cold, fast and with the bark on to deal with.

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