IU looking for results from youngsters in secondary #iufb

Of the 12 freshmen who saw the field for Indiana last season, six were defensive backs.

Another crop of youngsters may push for time this season.

IU defensive coordinator Tom Allen says corner A’Shon Riggins, safety Khalil Bryant and hybrid safety Marcelino Ball continue to impress as the Hoosiers push through their second full week of fall camp.

Bryant, a 5-foot-10, 200 pound former three-star recruit, is coming off a strong performance in IU’s scrimmage last weekend.

“He’s physical and loves to hit,” Allen said. “He’s a good tackler. Right now, he’s probably gotten information overload a little bit, but he’s one of those guys that’s been a real pleasant surprise. Marcelino, as you see, is a guy that’s making plays and plays extremely hard. He’s very physical. Those are two guys in the secondary that we’re excited about.”

Add Riggins to that mix, too.

The Ohio native arrived in Bloomington as a three-star prospect coming out of the same Hamilton High School program that produced linebacker Marcus Oliver.

“You talk about young guys, he’s had several takeaways as well,” Allen said. “He’s a freshman corner who’s been a really, really pleasant surprise. You just never know how freshmen are gonna react. He’s getting his hands on a lot (of passes). He had a big pick in our last scrimmage and that’s what you want.”

Speaking of corners, as Rashard Fant locks down his role as IU’s field corner, Kevin Wilson says Ben Bach is seeing time as IU’s boundary corner. Bach played in the hybrid role at Husky during spring practice, but IU has moved him back to corner.

“The boundary corner and Husky are about the same with run support,” IU coach Kevin Wilson said. “You run from the short side of the field. … They gotta carry guys vertical and support the run. Ben Bach was playing Husky, but the boundary corner is kind of similar.

“If we were playing today, Marcelino Ball has really stepped up and is looking great at the Husky. He’s very athletic, young and he’s gonna get picked on, as will Ben. But they’re both mature, they’re both playing well and they’re critical to the defense.”

By this point, you’re probably wondering about guys like Tyler Green and Wesley Green.

They’re in the mix, too, but IU coaches have lamented some of the inconsistencies they’ve seen from the two.

Here’s corners coach Brandon Shelby, first on Wesley Green:

“He’s been inconsistent since he’s been here. The thing about it is he understands that if he doesn’t do things right, the way I want them then I’m gonna take away the one thing he does, and that’s football. I think it’s sinking in to him that it’s the little things that get you beat, especially at the corner position. I think he’s a young man with all the potential in the world, but a lot in his life he’s been able to kind of slide because he’s had so much athleticism. … Hopefully, he’s starting to see how things are going to go around here.”

Here’s Shelby on Tyler Green:

“He started off fall camp slow, but he’s been picking up the last few days. We’re gonna need all those DBs to play.”

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  1. It would be great to see IU’s DBs play solid in coverage and support while aggressive enough to get take-aways. Last year was ridiculous how many easy TDs they gave up but they now have experience they can apply to the field this year I can’t wait until the first game and see how this defense looks.

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