Lawrence North offensive tackle Caleb Jones picks IU #iufb

After a run on commitments that added size and skill to the defensive line, Indiana is ready to add bulk to the other side of the football.

By taking a verbal commitment Tuesday from Lawrence North offensive tackle Caleb Jones, the Hoosiers did exactly that.

A three-star recruit in the 247 Sports rankings, Jones weighs in at 6-foot-9 and 320 pounds. He’s considered the No. 11 prospect in the state and has received other offers from Purdue, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio) and Cincinnati. Michigan and Ohio State, meanwhile, have expressed interest.

“I would like to thank all the coaches and schools who have show interest in (me),” Jones wrote in a message posted to his Twitter account. “It has been an exciting and humbling experience! With that being said and after talking it over with my family, I’ve decided to commit (to) Indiana University. Thank you to the IU coaching staff. I appreciate the opportunity and can’t wait to join the family.”

Jones is the 13th member of IU’s 2017 recruiting class and the fifth from the state of Indiana. The bulk of those commitments have come from players projected to land on defense, especially up front.

Jones joins Florida offensive tackle Tyler Knight on offense, as well as Tri-West tight end Peyton Hendershot.


  1. Great news from the recruiting trail. Jones is the type of OL body IU is looking to bring in. Jones should make great strides at IU and become a stand out OL player. It is really good to see IU getting one of the better Indiana players and I hope they can add another player or two from IU. Potts would be a great addition to the defense with a strong interest in IU so we may be hearing from him in the near future. I hope IU players see themselves coming to IU and turning it into a B1G champion. I wouldn’t put it past IU to pull in one of the top QBs that reevaluates their decision and decide to come to IU with the other Indiana players.

  2. Today on 1070 The Fan….

    Dan Dakich: “If IU Football loses to Ball State this year, the head coach needs to be fired the following day.”

    Why isn’t this clown similarly tough on a basketball coach who, in his 8th season, can’t get past a Sweet 16? This is how IU basketball apologists work the Hoosier dingbats crowd….They get all hard-ass on football to ease the pain(promote the hideous distraction) of the collusion and eternal chains of mediocrity guaranteed at Assembly Hall. Mike Davis made a Final Four…..Crean has been given far more time and has had two lottery picks ….but still falls miserably short of even flirting with an Elite 8…But let’s keep giving ultimatums to Wilson and what Dan Dakich described today as the most undesirable coaching job in the Big 10. Proof, once again, that Dakich is scorned and would love nothing more than IU Basketball to remain uninspiring, left woefully lacking in accountability, and stuck in perpetual stagnancy without a truly knowledgeable winner coaching at McCracken.

    Oh, how I love anticipating the chest-thumping and blowhards leading into IU football seasons anymore…They are merely used as Glass pawns to “get tough” where weaklings can only be tough.

  3. Great size, but I wonder if he’s vulnerable to flip if schools other than those in the MAC start recruiting him more aggressively? It seems that IU is still less secure signing Indiana kids than they are recruiting kids from other states.

  4. Wow mr harvard u go way overboard in your dislike man three paragraphs?Fred Glass pawns?right ill give u this much u never miss an opportunity to rant or hate on any kind of good news IU gets

  5. Po- I think that has been true in the last couple of years because KW’s job wasn’t secure. You can’t blame a kid for not coming to IU if doesn’t know who the coach will be or what kind of offense/defense they will run. I think/hope that changes now with the contract extension. We seem to be getting not only Indiana kids but also high level kids. This kid moves real well for as big as he is. Gets out of his stance quickly and can block linebackers. He plays right tackle and looks a lot like our current right tackle, Dimitric Camiel. I’ll bet he gets a long look at starting next year with Camiel graduating.

  6. I’m elated that we play a mean game of football tiddlywinks with 3-star recruits …

    I’m elated that the local radio shock-jock suggests firing the football coach if he can’t turn decades of feces football into a Rose Bowl garden in six years….

    Dan Dakich should be reminded that Ball State and Valparaiso have gone as deep into an NCAA basketball tournament as IU while under Tom Crean…ISU has gone deeper……
    Michigan has gone to a championship game with a center that’s not even getting NBA PT ….

    Yup…I suggest we shout and throw ultimatums at our game of football tiddlywinks..Meanwhile, Tom Crean, the highest paid mosquito in college basketball, puts an X’s and O’s Zika virus into the true lore of IU where our institution’s greatest chances to recapture a national stage reside.

    Fire Wilson if he loses to Ball State? But not fire Crean for failing over a period of 8 years to get an IU basketball team any deeper than what was done by Rick Majerus at Ball State…..? Maybe we should fire Wilson’s butler for Crean having two less Final Four appearances than tiny Butler…? Oh, the apologists…How I love them so….

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