Trust at the heart of Tom Allen’s defense #iufb

The word “TRUST” is the last thing Indiana football players see before they take the practice field each morning.

It is painted in red and white lettering above the door that opens to the turf adjacent to Mellencamp Pavilion. That sign, those five letters, used to be the most overlooked and unappreciated message in the North End Zone complex.

Not anymore.

Shortly after Tom Allen accepted the defensive coordinator position at Indiana in January, he called a team meeting and presented a photo of the sign to his players.

“Does anybody know where this is found in our building?” he asked the room.

No one said a word.

Never mind that Indiana players had walked under that sign hundreds of times. Seeing is not always believing.

So Allen quickly realized his first objective at Indiana was not implementing a new defensive scheme or fixing the tackling woes that have plagued this program for years. He wanted to do those things, too, but something else needed to happen first.

Allen is a relationship coach who believes he has the elusive formula to fixing Indiana’s defense.

But first he needed to cultivate trust among a defense that completely lacked it.

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  1. Really..? You were giving us a one page teaser….to a paywall story? I “trusted” you only to find out that I was Hoosier Duped …How ironic.

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