1. IU had three excellent representatives from the team in Chicago. I bet Tuesday was a long day for them and made returning to camp a special day. I have a feeling this team will quietly make so noise this year and surprise many people that aren’t part of the team. Coach Wilson talked about the offense not playing as well as they can as we left too many points on the field. One thing Lagow showed in the Spring Game is he is accurate and can score TDs with his arm when in the Red Zone. IU also adds RBs with the power to follow their OL into the end zone. Coach also comment that he has felt the defense didn’t live up to their talent and he is seeing Coach Allen change the mentality expecting the defense to get closer reaching their ability.

    Prognosticators are doubting that IU’s offense will get back to being one of the best in the B1G and that Coach Allen can only bring small changes to our defense. I think they are making a big mistake doubting our offense and the change Coach Allen is bringing. We will let others doubt this team while this team believes in themselves more than any other team Coach Wilson has had at IU.

  2. I like what Coach Wilson has done in Bloomington. It will take 10-15 years to get IU football turned around if we get lucky, but Wilson has been making the slow steady stride every year. He finally made a bowl game last year and was on the verge of many upsets. Hopefully he can win a few games against big time programs and win a bowl game this year. It seems like with Wilson IU has a real football coach and it’s not hard to see that he’s tired of loosing. It would be great to see IU be consistently competitive and maybe even make some real noise from time to time. Also it’s great to see IU upgrade the stadium. Go Hoosiers!

  3. Ben it takes many things to turn IU into football power and they are taking the steps needed. The stadium and total athletic complex are being upgraded in a way so IU competes with the bigger programs. They hired a outstanding football coach that needed to learn how to be a head coach. They have given him time to get the job done and I think the DC is the final peg to be put in building the program. As good as our previous strength coach was we are finding out our new strength coach from Baylor is even better at improving players. The last piece is the fan turn out and it is improving too just slowly. They have sold more season tickets this year than ever before. This is the biggest piece to add to the program as other schools have 80,000 or more fans that support the team on game day and don’t leave at half time. The team has given us reasons to come to the game and to stay until the end of the game or the end of OT. The last part is having an AD that values football and works with the HC to build it up. It doesn’t take a lot to see 30K fans paying into the program compared to 60K paying into the program. I can’t wait until the attendance requires more seating to put in so the stadium gets up to 70K or 80K. I know the team will get there before the fans do but they will come.

    Many don’t understand how much time it takes to make, a school like IU,a losing program to become one of the top football programs but I can see them taking the right steps to get there.

  4. Developing a winning football program is not usually a linear process for teams that have been really, really bad for as long as IU has been bad. It takes time. I think 10 – 15 years is too long, but I’d say we’re still a couple years away from being where Hoosier fans want the program to be. Winning seven games this year would be a major achievement.

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