1. It is easy to see why coach Wilson believed coach Allen was the guy to change the mentality of our defense. I don’t know how most college coaches coach but I do know successful high school coaches, we all coached like coach Allen and got players to play better than they thought possible. I am excited about this defense but even more excited about future defenses at IU.

  2. v13, I’m really enjoying Allen’s presence so far. Interesting guy, who gives good insights. I have a long feature on Allen that will run in our annual IU season preview edition of the paper on Sunday. It’ll be online, too, and I’ll link it here.

  3. Yikes….At first quick glance at the video clip insertion, I thought it was Crean…While scrolling rather fast to the comments, I caught the glasses. puckered mouth, and the very receding dark hairline….Let this be a lesson to all…Never judge a book by its billboard forehead.

    v13- You da man…Don’t let this Miller guy attach to your mojo.

  4. just so you know…MM(peanut variety) is Baltimore Establishment. You’re probably to young to remember Chris ‘Cutty Sark’ Korman. These are the boys that believe East rules all….They only come to Bloomington for the hippies and the blonds…..and the hoops mystique Crean wears like stale perfume.

  5. Nice reminder of why I hardly ever bother to play these clips. I can’t hear the darn questions! Can’t some sophomore from the AV club direct a microphone towards the gallery so we can hear what’s being asked?

  6. ^^^That’s funny.

    And Mike….I’m kidding. It’s great that you’re taking part. Really enjoy it when you guys enter into the chats. Hoosiers have a way of hooking you in. It’s not like anything…anywhere.
    But be careful….You may break through that steel armor costume of sacred “objectivity” all journalists must pledge and protect…….You’ll will be lured to a place where the heart cannot betray the thought and you will cheer for what was once never to be near….Indiana will do that to you.
    And football at Memorial with all its endured mockery and toil is every father’s struggling son trying to make a team but with broken heart not spoil….It’s a place of the unnoticed and forgotten……We can all take our dreams that march to drums of faith where a game is so much more than a game. Our spirits move with this tale and this hope for Indiana Football…We are all aboard a voyage of dreams and memories that fly upon every deep pass and goal line stance…When you break through the armor, we will embrace your passion beyond the careful details and numbers so part of sports in a test tube ….Though you cannot cheer aloud, we hear you loud and clear. We will celebrate the exorcism of Establishment shackles that once doomed like boring ink on box scores…
    You have come to Indiana and we are grateful..You have brought expertise to ride alongside us on the roller coaster of a heart you now bring to Hoosier Football.. Enjoy the ride with v-13…Watch out for that first drop! Cherish the memories of old and those to come. Lace up those football cleats that put a smile onto a father’s everlasting love to hug you again where pen has begun…..and write us a tale of a Hoosier Rose Bowl while sipping on a cocktail under a Pasadena sun….And while you are there, kick one between the Kartje uprights …Don’t go for two…He has none.

  7. h4h, If I didn’t know better, maybe I don’t, I would say you are professional writer giving a different spin on IUFB. This last piece to Mike is especially well written. I hope the shackles fall off of IUFB this year or at the latest next year. We have lived with the shackles for too long.

  8. v13- Bless your heart for those kind words….I am far from professional.

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