1. It is good to hear about the first practices of the season. Hearing that the feeling they get from this team is a quiet belief in themselves tells me this team could be a real surprise in the conference this year. It was so frustrating last year to have the team so close to knocking of several of the ‘big’ programs and yet come up short time and time again. I think last year’s team thought they could be good and this year’s team knows they will be good. I hope it leads to several bit upsets this season with IU getting more wins than many think possible.

  2. H4H, I am a football coach that understands trying to turn around a losing program with limited players competing against established powers. I do want IU football to win and become powers in the B1G but it takes time to build that type of program at IU.

    When it comes to literary style ‘you da man’ even if others don’t understand what you are saying in many cases. Keep up improving our literary style here at the Scoop.

  3. Thanks v-smoothiest……volcano I’ve ever known. I lava compliments. I lava them a lot.

  4. Another observation or two(with regard to climbing out of the well): Sometimes the notorious bottom-feeders of a conference can have just as big of a target on their back as the dominant teams…(sometimes I still believe it’s even a sort of payback for the shellackings our storied hoops program used to regularly give them) .In addition, honestly acknowledged or not, losing to a Hoosier Football squad still has a hard to shed nasty blemish on a highly ranked team’s season If anything, the big boys of the BIG may even play at a higher intensity level because of that sort of feared blemish. Nobody will win a national championship(nor play for one) with a loss against IU Football…That’s the reality of what climbing out of the Memorial well involves. If we aren’t a whoopin’ party for Michigan, OSU, Penn State….then our world may smell like roses….but their world is in for serious self-examination. We play 4 games against cupcakes(many wanting to prove they can play with even lowlifes from a power conference)…4 games against deep BIG programs highly ranked and rich in tradition(most of which would rather spend a weekend being waterboarded than lose to Indiana)…We have a couple coin flip games(one involving a state rival …Stink as they may, their emotions are up for Indiana). There is absolutely not enough of a sample set to leave any room for error. This is not the basketball animal where a mediocre coach can land a couple studs from Indiana h.s. hoops and watch them coach themselves to getting beyond the first weekend in March.

  5. You take care. Thanks for not jumping aboard the attack wagon …You talk a serious game of football while still knowing how to have a bit of fun….

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