1. Marvelous stuff…Enjoyed this interview more than just about any you’ve ever had on Scoop.

    Love how Hammel has a different take on the ending of the US vs USSR basketball game….

    What a life-altering experience ….We live in such a violent world. The Olympics were always a place where sportsmanship was hoped to move hand in hand with the better side of humanity. We hope this is a place where the best of spirited young people can gather to learn and not flash bullying methods or provocation. This is why I’ve always believed that no matter the accusations aimed at “cheating” athletes(going back decades …when many of our contemporary swimmers are far too young to remember the accusations and investigations into the women’s swim team from East Germany), there should be every effort made to rise above the everyday ugliness, provocation, and name-calling that is part of an accepted way of life in front of a television(or internet feed).. When there is every easy chance to be a grumbling sore loser(or sore winner), take the high road and allow yourself some perspective that no country, nor people, is above temptation that take us down darker roads.

    The torch of the Olympics should represent exactly what Hammel embodies in his own trustful tone and hopes…His elequence moves along a more tempered clock of life’s experiences and honest perspectives.

  2. Bob you’re right we do not agree on that cluster ____ ending. Up to that incident I’ve never heard of a do-over ever in an official competition. If a mistake was made either in a call or in rules lapse it was lived with and through the remainder of the competition. I do agree the US did not play the best ball in the game but when they did take the momentum it was then taken away not by the Rushkies play but by officials not even on the floor. Because of this incident happening we today have to live with official challenges during competition, replay decisions and huddled officials with their arms wrapped around 1 and other as if posing for a picture. Make the damn call and play on.

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