1. The 1984 United States men’s Olympic basketball team competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, representing the United States. The team, coached by Indiana Hoosiers coach Bob Knight, won the gold medal. It was the last amateur U.S. team to win an Olympic gold medal in men’s basketball.

    What a true ere of Hoosier “superiority”….60 thru 73….4 national swimming championships…Knight gets Hoosiers to NCAA Final Four in ’73..Proceeds to assemble the only undefeated team in ’76 …Marches on to two more championships in ’81 and ’87.

    What happened? Now we wet ourselves over waving our finger or chasing down a couple Sweet 16’s…There was a time when Indiana did “win today” while doing it as if it were commonplace in a tucked away hippy town in southern Indiana.

  2. oops…[era]

    Marvelous stuff with Hammel again, Seth. This is the sort of quiet Hoosier pride spoken with a form of eloquence requiring zero need for ostentatious, villain-chasing,victim act, blow….What great medicine for the Hoosier heart after being so bombarded with the over-the-top self-adulation spiels the last 15 years. Listening to Hammel recount these true eras of humble dynasty periods in Hoosier history makes the rest of the trash-talking and empty carnival marketing of a current Hoosier ‘Misfit Era'(particularly in certain high-profile coaches) look so tiny in comparison. I guess it’s just a sign of a very unsophisticated time in sports, politics, and entertainment…..Everybody is their own instantaneous ‘American Idol’ in tweets heard ’round the world…..There is no time for quiet grace and any true savoring the appreciation for greatness to be consumed like a fine matured wine.
    One crowning thyself with candy-striped chrome helmet…or one chasing down an assistant coach targeted as a former master villain who “wrecked” our program…or one breaststroke victory against a finger-wagging Russian girl who just happened to train in California and we’re suddenly on top of the world stage again..

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