Cobbs, Feeney leave Saturday’s game with injuries

Simmie Cobbs’ day ended after only one play. Dan Feeney’s was over after a quarter and a half.

Injuries sustained by Cobbs and Feeney hung like a dark cloud over Indiana’s win Saturday. Now the Hoosiers enter next week’s open date looking to gauge the severity of both.

Cobbs, Indiana’s standout receiver, injured his left ankle on the team’s first offensive play of the afternoon. He walked gingerly off the field, showing his frustration by angrily throwing his gloves as he approached the sideline. Moments later, with his left foot in a boot, Cobbs used a pair of crutches to get to the IU locker room.

Although a timetable for Cobbs’ return was not immediately clear, IU coach Kevin Wilson said he could require surgery and take his available redshirt year to fully heal.

“I think he had only played one play,” Wilson said. “The guy just rolled up on a bubble pass, and I think when the guy went to make the tackle, — it looked like I saw on video, on TV — looked like the guy rolled up the back of his ankle, and I think he might have an ankle that might require a surgery.”

Feeney, IU’s All-American right guard, missed IU’s final two possessions of the first half and did not return during the second half after suffering a concussion.

Indiana will monitor Feeney through next week’s open date.

“They got all that protocol stuff, So we’ll see,” Wilson said. “It seems good, but it’s serious injury. I know medically we take it pretty seriously. We’re pretty in tune with that, like I think most people are. I think the Big Ten, our school in particular, I think we’re very on top of that, take it pretty seriously.”


  1. Does this possibly open the door for Camion Patrick’s return as a duel offensive threat at RB and WR. To my way of thinking why would Wilson and Johns not take the opportunity to have the teams best football player on the field as much as possible to make plays. Seems to me in a 4 WR set of Westbrook, Timian, Patrick and Paige would be hell to cover.

  2. Good game. Great job Coach Wilson and staff in recruiting and building this team. Sorry to see Cobbs and Feeney were injured. Big win. Best team we’ve had on the field for some years. Got a lot of talent. Much more depth. But we need to realize a football game involves four quarters. One needs to stay focused and play hard every minute. Celebrate after the game.

  3. I hated to see Feeney and Cobbs go out with injuries but the team doesn’t fall apart. I hope Cobbs injury isn’t as serious as they thought last night as it looks like Feeney will be back at least by MSU.

    HC, I would love to see the line up you propose along with making better use of our TEs as receivers. Coaches need to decide what this team’s strengths are and get specific personnel on the field instead of a groups like our 6 RBs. Listening to coach it is clear he wasn’t happy with how they called the 4th quarter as he commented they were making people happy. I hope it means they know they need to focus on set rotations and call plays that fit the offensive players best.

    The defense continues to play well with mistakes needing to be corrected. Their ability to get take-aways is impressive and I hope they can continue to keep them coming.

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