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  1. All I ever hear is how we continually lose on Indiana h.s. talent to bordering states…..Michigan continues to be a thorn. And although U. of Michigan and Michigan St have lured away guys like Robinson…Harris….Randolph…. McGary….Jaren Jackson(2017), etc. etc. etc. , never forget that Izzo did let the best of the best from Michigan get away.
    So what’s all the fuss? We’re more relevant than ever. MSU Football will barely be watched when they take on ND. Michigan Football…? Who cares about Harbaugh…They suck and Jim Harbaugh only grabs headlines by coming to our basketball games.
    We have the meats!(oops..I think I just stole the Arby’s slogan. No big deal..It’s not like I stole the title of a Hollywood movie starring Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson).
    The entire state of Michigan will forever envy Indiana for the first 6-star they let get away. Fully and legally endorsed by a Harbaugh….Lightning in a bottle courtesy of Tom Izzo. We don’t need a big beast in the middle from Indiana. We have the showstopper. And how did U. of Wisconsin miss on this guy when he swam across Lake Michigan and restored the program Al McQuire decimated? Michigan, Wisconsin, MSU….? Have any of these schools even sniffed a Final Four in the last decade? Of course not! Because we got the meats! When he grunts, the world of basketball listens. When he dances in March, he puts a Sweet 16 hat tricks together faster than Brad ‘Fred Astaire’ Stevens could button up his pair of Final Four spats. We could never thank the state of Michigan enough(outside of giving them our first test tube Bobby Knight, Mike Pence).
    Jalen Jackson? You can have him, Izzo…We got the SHOWBIZZO! We got Micheal Jackson meets Heathcote in a hoops lab coat. And HE IS MINE!

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