1. If we were OSU, I’d say we were simply taking a severely over-matched team with a level of flippant disregard….Then my next level of assumptions would take me to some thoughts where common precedent and history shows many a powerhouse team rarely getting juiced up for terrible opponents Would I go into panic mode if my Buckeyes were performing similarly against an opening game against FIU….? No. I’d think my powerhouse team of the conference is merely acting like the bored master of his kingdom while tolerating the new cute puppy soon to burn up its massive energy….But we’re not coming to Florida with that sort of history and tradition in our box of Milk-Bone biscuits..I do not know what to make of IU Football needing a fourth quarter rally to put this one in the win column. Until the BS in Bloomington is never as thick as the humidity in Florida….and until we spank these lightweight teams and finish them like an unlucky Labrador brought to Michael Vick Pit Bull party from opening kickoff to final merciless minute of life, there will be a part of me wondering about the true conviction for change.

    You can’t take half-a-stance for anything…especially when you’ve proven nothing in your bite of the past. IU Football will prove to me that they ‘belong’ when they never make the lazy assumptions that an old powerhouse team going into a cupcake contest can excuse as being human. Until the day we totally surprise(become superhuman of sorts) and live outside the assumptions that should never apply to IU Football, I will view every season as a precarious thing teetering between the truth of corners turned and the mirage of hype, happenstance, and ‘applause sign’ style clapping.

  2. H4H, This game was a matter of an offense with major losses at QB and RB and a couple of OL men learning how to mesh and come together. First games are crazy, look at the TN and Ap. State game, with teams needing to learn what their team is like against opponents. Here at IU we aren’t used to the defense getting the job done while the offense figures out how to move down the field and score TDs. I am very encouraged about this season as the offense was able to show what this team can be like and the defense came out and made a statement saying the old defensive days are over.

    The offense performed much like they did last year against FIU and that was at home not after traveling for hours to the game. I expect this offense to improve like they do every year, for the coaches to believe in Lagow and give him more of a role in the offense, and determine exactly what they want in the running game as you really have no RB if you have 7 or 8 that play. Time to get ready for BSU and put a beat down on a team for a change.

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