1. Ouch…That short yardage TD for Wake Forest was far too easy…We bought on the fake and he nearly walked into the end zone.

  2. Is Dan Feeney that valuable to IU? Seems like the O-line is crippled without him on the field. No running game and several passes tipped at the line of scrimmage causing at least one INT. WF’s defensive line is either really good or IU’s O-line has been overrated.

    Time to take Lagow out of the game. Four INTs in two and a half quarters is enough. Not all his fault, but two of them were terrible throws.

    Well, the good news is that MSU and PSU are not as good as everyone thought, and IU’s defense continues to play well.

    The week off does not appear to have been put to good use.

  3. Lagos showing lots of character and leadership and is redeeming himself. We’ve got a game. Now wee need to defense to get a take-away.

  4. Lagow has moxie. Young man has still played like a true leader and didn’t allow a few mistakes to get him down. Threw a couple really nice long balls.
    Not sure if it’s such good news to catch MSU right now. Never a good thing to get a team coming off a letdown game.

  5. The IU vs WF game was not over when I made the statement that it might not be such a good thing to get MSU coming off a “letdown” loss(in response to Podunker’s thoughts that MSU is not as good as everyone thought). I was still holding out hope that IU could pull out the win.
    Yes, now it could be considered that each, IU and MSU, are coming off of letdown games…Though, as the term “letdown” implies coming off a big win, MSU probably thought they had a bigger win against ND(leading into their letdown) than our Hoosiers beating perennial powerhouse BSU(leading into our letdown against WF). But with hindsight being 20/20, MSU’s win against ND doesn’t appear as shockingly worthy for a future letdown against Wisconsin after watching a slumping ND lose to Duke in South Bend.

  6. Should it even be a “letdown” coming off a BSU win?
    I think the terrible news of Hep’s daughter dying in a car crash….and the other news just one day previous of horrific molestation charges against an IU player could have entered into a certain amount of “lowering emotions”(not the same as the traditional meaning of a “letdown” game that comes after a perceived big win).
    Some of that cloud of sadness over IU hearts may lift by next Saturday…along with the fire that should come from losing a very winnable game(winning against BSU should not cause a typical “letdown”).

    Bottom line: Both teams should be very hungry….One coming off a “letdown” loss(MSU)…and the Hoosier coming off an emotionally taxing week plus disappointing loss in a very winnable game filled with mistakes.
    Mistakes are often caused that slight lack of focus/edge…It’s sort of understandable that Wilson(very good friend to Hep’s family) was a bit emotionally out of sorts(those emotions could have filtered into the team as well).

  7. However, in reality there is no comparison MSU coming off a letdown game vs. IU coming off letdown. I expect IU may give some teaser moments with an MSU win…or I do not think MSU will blow out IU totally but it could be a 2 touch down plus a field goal win for MSU. However, history shows many opposing teams and players turn their season around for the better in IU games. Relatively unknown opposing players become stars and opposing teams start their dominate play and win streaks.

  8. Neither can afford to let down their guard….

    I have a feeling IU will be in a much more positive frame of mind…Strange thing about kids(and they are all basically kids) is that they almost bounce back higher than they originally fall…They’re sorta like super balls.
    You’re probably too young to remember super balls…

    I’m picking the Hoosiers over MSU.
    Indiana 44
    MSU 35

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