1. I checked out the NCAA statistics and found IU total defense ranked #38 and scoring defense at #42, this includes several scores by opponent defense so IU defense is better than this shows. It is good to see IU ranked much higher and I don’t have to look at the 120s to see where IU defense stands. I hope the defense can continue to improve and do much better as the season goes along. IU will face several very good offenses in the first few games of the B1G schedule. There is still work to be done but the defense is much better this year than any year under coach Wilson’s teams.

  2. Have to be able to run fb and allow passing game to flourish without pressing into pressure trying to hard ill advised decisions and keep defense more honest.

  3. I thought the D was fair in this game and good enough to be part of a W except for the penalties.

  4. The loss to Wake Forest was very disappointing in so many ways, but it was not the fault of IU’s defense. As for where IU’s defense ranks, I’m sure it’s ranking will improve relative to the recent past, but let’s see how it looks after we play the big boys three weeks in a row. After the season is over, I’ll be happy, and it will be a sign of significant improvement, if IU’s defense is ranked in the top 100. 2008 will be the break-out year for IU football. I think we’ll win at least seven regular season games next year and get our first bowl-game victory.

  5. 2008 will be the break-out year for IU football.

    Did you mean 3008? 992 years seems doable.

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