1. Wilson had a lot of jocular moments but something was on his mind and yes Cobbs and Feeney are obvious but there is nothing he can do about them except let the healing play out. No he wanted to get to film or coach(s) or possibly some recruits he personally wanted to interact with. There was more on his mind than a press conference.

    If Mcray and Patrick can come back from injury and make the impact close to Crawford, Ball, Westbrook and Lagow have we’re in for a ride IU FB has not provided in a long time. Ball as a 17 y/o Frosh is the most mentally and physically talented ready-to-play FB player I’ve witnessed at IU in 60+ years. He makes few mistakes for his age and when he does the next time that play is run or the very next play he makes somebody pay for it. I’m so impressed with this kid playing a new position in a new D on a new team it is hard to fathom just how impactful it has been.

  2. …as for the above I should also have added the punter Gedeon to that mix of impactful players…as field position has had much to do with the successes of this team so far this season…he is a keeper and I’ll bet learns from his mistakes much like Ball does…

  3. HC as far as this team coming together and giving fans a ride we haven’t seen for decades don’t forget about Jayme Thompson who was the #1 Husky before he was injured. If IU’s defense gets him back and into the rotation it will really tighten up the coverage and run support. Our defense gives fans hope that it can challenge every team on our schedule. We need the offense to get tuned up just like last year’s offense got better each game.

  4. Was there really 40.000 + fans at Memorial? Watching on ESPNU, it just didn’t have that appearance/energy.
    No killer instinct against a MAC team who has taken you down the last three meetings? And we caught a real break on a fumble recovery by Ball St.(late in 3rd quarter) …. when the BSU player simultaneously gathered the ball while barely stepping out of bounds( thus leaving IU with possession when momentum was clearly shifting). The game may have teetered on that play…If BSU keeps possession and converts that into points before the end of the 3rd, we could have witnessed BSU(with less mountain to climb in the 4th) stealing this one in heartwrenching fashion.
    It is nice to see a defense creating turnovers….but with such a small sample set and the level of competition(and the 2nd half collapse), it’s hard to grab onto the captain’s wheel along this voyage of hope…Is this is a ship turning in a storm…or merely the fortunes of sailing in quieter waters? The winds of opposition become more crushing …and the BIG seas become much meaner very soon.
    Love Allen’s early enthusiasm…Everything points to the theater of hungry happy swashbucklers resurgence. But I have seen Memorial beat such fools gold out of a salesman very quickly. I’ve seen too many years of Hoosier opening scenes constructed of eagerness and hope to conquer the ocean only to watch tragic second and third acts of a ship swallowed again by Poseidon. FIU and BSU(hopefully not soon to be v-13’s nickname) are not Poseidon. The football experiment continues…..

  5. Did I hear correctly…..80,000 fans at ND’s home opener? Wow….that place was rockin’.
    Maryland 41
    FIU 14
    Air Force 48
    Georgia St. 14 (GSU only lost by 10 points to BSU)
    Yikes. Beware….Poseidon is luring you as you bend around Cape Hope.

  6. H4H, yes there hasn’t been much of sample for the defense but compared to last year there is a much better defense this year. They are missing two of the better players from preseason practice still not on the field yet, McCray and Thompson. We can expect the defensive to get better yet.

    Coach Wilson admitted the coaches were a big part of the issue the last half and that is something that can change. I understand trying different players in early games to find out what kind of team you have as I did the same thing when I coached. There comes a time to stop experiment and do what the team does the best with the best players you have. Coach Wilson worries about having subs to step up when injuries and he has a good reason to work on it.

    I am disappointed that we haven’t seen the power running with Natee and Newton. Lagow has shown he can pass in the endzone to score TDs if the coaches decide to let the offense open up. I hope a lot of the offense issues are just part of not showing B1G teams what IU will use against them. It is time for the coaches to open up the offense once again but I worry they have gotten too comfortable with the power running Howard gave us last year. The problem is we don’t have a player right not like Howard to rely on. Redding is a good RB but will different skills than Howard but I hope Patrick is the power RB the coaches are looking for that can still score from anywhere on the field.

    Watching North Carolina last year I realized how much more Littrell was aggressive and I miss that for our offense since he left to go to UNC and now moving to HC in North Texas. I want our offense to stress defenses so every time they snap the ball the defense is worried. It is great to be 2-0 without having such close games against our non-conference teams. We still are so good that we can demolish teams but we can see this team being better than last year.

  7. I too had suspected we would see a few carries by Clyde newton by now. But I think that is more Coach DM call. You would think though Newton with game experience and used to contact could carry the skin 2-3 times by now. 2 things are for sure Majette, Gest and Williams are primed for opportunities and the coaches are not afraid to offer it to them. So far I like Majette’s efforts best. There too could be some marching time taking place until Patrick makes his debut. The more I think about it I believe we will see him all over the field as the season progresses since he is not pigeon holed as say someone like ARE was.
    V, you are correct I forgot to list J Thompson’s return from a foot injury being a plus to the D side. I wonder who he will take minutes from? As I do not think Ball is going to lose many and Thompson as projected is to good to just spare him for a breather.

  8. HC, it will be interesting to see where Thompson steps in when he gets back on the field. One area of concern is the C away from Fant and I wonder if Thompson has that skill set. As Coach described the position – it is similar to Husky with a bit more deep responsibility. McCray will be important to get back on the field to help develop a pass rush.

    Defensively IU defense is much better this year but still not a top seven defense in the B1G. IU is still giving up too many yards in the passing game although they are doing a great job keeping the ball out of the endzone with only one TD pass given up. IU defense has several outstanding players this year – Oliver, Fant, Ball, Crawford, and Scales. There are a number that have become very solid players. We don’t have many that are weak links like we had in the past.

    Our offense needs to improve in a hurry. We still don’t challenge defenses on a consistent basis; from my perspective it is because we don’t exploit all our talent. If Cobbs is out for the season then another one or two WR need to step up [where has Ricky Jones been]. Majette has shown he can be a good change up back. Right now Gest and Williams have shown some skill but not enough to see the field consistently. It would be nice to see one of them step up until Patrick gets back on the field. I would like to see us use TEs in the passing game more along with finding out which TEs are good receivers to use in the passing game.

  9. Who is this Patrick guy…? Is he the next Jim Thorpe? Sure has a short bio at the official Hoosiers athletic site.

    v13- Truth be told, I am quite impressed with Lagow. Puts a lot of zip on his throws. Better foot speed than Sudfeld will allow him to extend plays(much like a Stafford on Detroit). Hopefully he settles down soon enough and stops overthrowing many of his receivers. He seems to have a real aura of leader on the field.
    When I see Cameron on the sideline, I get a bit of a sinking feeling in the gut…Nothing against the kid, but it’s just another branch of the old Hoosier football family tree that hearkens back to memories of struggles. It’s sort of like hearing the name Mallory or Mellencamp painted onto practice fields….Makes me wonder if Wilson is somewhat at the mercy of insiders….Putting Mellencamp’s son on the roster a couple years back begged the same question(Not to mention how the privilege was abused by thug-like behavior around campus). Realize that it’s only a couple names, but it just stirs the thoughts concerning how much of IU Football is still governed by insiders, donors, businessmen, and politics. Is it all just a machine no different than our current American political systems where true change also seems shackled by the controlling interest of corporate donors, insiders/lobbyists, and the so-called “intellects”(of select Ivy League breeding) as the only pathways to the White House?

    Can Wilson truly “Win Today” while old names and old influences(along with their offspring) pave their pathways toward one day taking back the captain’s wheel of the ship that never turns? And his Wilson strong enough in his own coaching “marketability” to not have his strings pulled and be truly autonomous in his decision making? Far better to be a giant college football machine stuck in the politics of winning seasons(unless it’s so corrupted and “settled” into such false glory as to conduct in the type of secrecy and filth that went on at a Penn St.) than a program stuck in the politics of slogans and mirages.
    Did Wilson’s new contract buy him more time to turn the ship….or was he simply bought to appear as captain of a ship content with circling in the bay(just out of view of the hopeful waving goodbye from land) and never venturing into real storms and seas of change?

  10. HC: Right on about Gedeon! IUFB’s kicking game has been sub-par all of the Wilson era; I think he just doesn’t care- IU never seems to bring heat on a punter, the attitude seems to be why risk a roughing the kicker penalty when our high-octane offense is going to get the ball back.

    And speaking (writing) of offense, am I the only one who thinks that IUO does not seem to be clicking? Can’t really complain about 30+ ppg so far, but something doesn’t seem right.

    H4H- On the tube I thought the crowd looked like the 41k reported, but enthusiasm’s hard to gauge from sitting in front of the screen. 41k is a good crowd by IUFB standards, and that may be a factor in why the IU-BSU series will start again in a few seasons for a three year stint.

    Of course, I would schedule ND every year, but it has almost abandoned the Midwest. ND plays two games in Texas, two Calif. teams, a NY team in NJ, and has two “Florida” games (Miami in So. Bend and Navy in Jacksonville). Mich. St. is the only opponent from a contiguous state; ND’s road game closest to campus is 700 miles away in East Rutherford, NJ.

    I still think a regular series with Kentucky makes a lot of sense. Geo-proximity makes for natural rivalry and good attendance, and the teams have similar, non-glorious football histories.

  11. All good points, davis. Agree. The offense doesn’t look right. v13 may have hit the nail on the head with pointing out the departure of Littrell. How on earth did we let that guy get away?

    Maybe BSU’s dominance from late 3rd quarter ’til “glad it’s over” finish had something to do with my perceptions of very low energy at Memorial. At least it was only brought to audiences finding it on ESPNU. There’s really no excuse for a team in a home opener to not go full throttle for four quarters.

    Didn’t watch ND….I was only spinning through channels right at the beginning of ND taking to the field. The energy and the crowd was insane. We are surrounded by high octane programs with massive stadiums and fans that make Saturday’s a religion(Columbus, Ann Arbor, South Bend, East Lansing). I also tend to believe these towns far more blue collar football fans than Indy and B-town. They live for Saturdays.
    Indy fans(Indifferent to IU football…while packing Colts games as a matter to cure sheer boredom) must also drive one hour minimum down a highway 37 in construction phase.
    The football experiment continues….And without Manning in Indy, it’s quickly become an experiment in limbo there as well.

  12. Davis, IU’s offense is out of sync but it may just be trying different players to find out what type of team we have this year. The WF game should show us what the offense will build on this season. It definitely is time to get the offense in sync and using the best players along with calling the best plays for these players.

    Just imagine last year if we started the season this way with a defense we have now. We would have been ecstatic after three games. This year we are worried about different parts of the team despite the obvious improvements. Our defense is much better, our new QB definitely will fill the shoes of Sudfeld, and our offense has plenty of talent to use. It will be a fun season and I hope IU catches the breaks to have a great season.

  13. IU did not just let Littrell get away. His goals were always much higher than to be OC Arizona, OC Indiana, AHC of O NC and HC of No. Texas. He’ll dump NT faster than he dumped IU.

  14. v13- Yeah, a ton of players certainly got game time. Seems like every RB on the roster got a touch. Also read that Wilson said he had the entire 2d team defense in at one point in the second half; that makes me a little less uneasy about some of the big gainers BSU pulled off.

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