Wilson spending bye week on recruiting trail

This is Kevin Wilson’s week to see the troops.

Not the ones in Bloomington, but the ones that are on the way.

The Indiana coach gave his players a few days off to start the Hoosiers’ lone bye week of the fall, while he and his staff left town to visit recruits around the country. That means visits with players who have already given verbal commitments to IU and some who have not.

Wilson said the downtime allows his staff to spread out to some of the regions where they don’t always have time to visit during the season.

“When it is a home game you can get to Indianapolis or Cincinnati or Chicago for games,” Wilson said. “So maybe a little bit more Southern recruiting this week.”

Indiana has 14 verbal commitments lined up for 2017, including at least six who project to play along the defensive line. The Hoosiers have three offensive linemen committed to the class, along with two defensive backs, two potential linebackers and a tight end.

As the early numbers indicate, recruiting along the line of scrimmage is Indiana’s focus for 2017.

“D-line has been a priority, getting dynamic guys off the edge and big D-linemen,” Wilson said. “We’re still looking to see if we can do anything at quarterback. If not we’ll sit tight. We’re looking at a couple of receivers. I think the tight (end) position is critical in what we do. Greg Frey is going to need a couple O-linemen.”

In recent months, Wilson has projected a smaller class — perhaps one that does not exceed 20 signees by the time recruiting wraps in February.

So in addition to the players already in the fold, it could be time for Indiana coaches to become more selective in their approach.

“I think our class will be balanced with numbers,” Wilson said. “We’ll see what the numbers get to. Not maybe as many back-end defensive back-type players. We don’t have a senior in the defensive backfield. It is a bunch of sophomores and juniors and a couple freshmen that are playing back there. It will probably be a defensive-front oriented class and some O-line guys. We don’t have a senior at running back. We don’t have a senior quarterback. So it will probably be D-line and O-line with some tight end- and receiver-type guys and a couple linebackers.”

According to 247 Sports, Wilson has been in Florida this week and checked in on three-star athlete Whop Philyor on Wednesday. Philyor attends Plant High School, playing on the same team as linebacker commit Thomas Allen — the son of Indiana defensive coordinator Tom Allen.

Coaches are not permitted to have direct, in-person contact with recruits at the moment, but they are allowed to watch high school teams practice.

With a week off from practice and preparation, Wilson and his staff are trying to make the most of the downtime down South.

“We’re in the day and age where so many guys commit early but you’ve still got to keep recruiting because who knows what those commitments mean anymore,” Wilson said. “So you’re seeing guys that have committed and seeing them play and seeing them practice. You are not really allowed to talk with the guys but you can do so much with text messaging and direct messaging and phone calls with the kid so you’re able to have contact. But just seeing some guys.

“We thought it would be better to go early this week and give our guys a few days off. We’re scouring these first couple, three days probably in some of these Southern regions where we can’t come to as much.”


  1. IU fb record for 2015 was 6 wins and 7 losses including bowl game. The coaching staff received bonuses I assume for a job well done. I know this is not the exception in today’s sports and entertainment world. It is more of the norm and in many places it is even more the extreme in my opinion. For IU staff bonuses were not millions but rather a few thousand here and there which to some is equal to a full years pay or a significant portion of a full year’s pay all for a losing record. Yes, I think KW and staff are doing a solid job at IU for IU fb standards. I know this is the way it is not just in the sports world but in politics, hierarchy business world, (not so for the little guy so to speak), entertainment world etc….AND IT IS WRONG. The reward should be the staff who get to keep their jobs. This is not a slam on IU fb or KW and staff because they are just a very small example. Rather it is a criticism of how situation is in our society. I did not include T.C. and bb program. That would be listed in the more extreme catagory.

  2. t- Couldn’t agree more.

    Wonder if the creators of ‘Hoosier Sports Report’ got a bonus for obliterating my total Google history….? When I now search Google for images under the heading ‘Hoosier Scoop Harvard for Hillbillies,’ nearly all of my old doctored photos(mostly of Crean) are gone. Hours upon hours upon hours of hits by those who would link to these masterful Harvard works suddenly purged from all history. Great work, HT. Bonuses for all.

  3. Gotta love it…

    Iowa City: North Dakota St. defeats #13 Iowa on last second field goal…in front of a packed Kinnick/Iowa stadium without an empty seat in the house.

  4. Mo Valley teams are capable of playing fairly good football as well as basketball sometimes. Another example of imbalance between big ten east and west teams that make it more challenging for IU year in and year out.

  5. t, I now do not recall the spread/line but I personally viewed the Pinstripe Bowl as even $. In other words I felt the W would be by a couple of points. If Tom Allen had been on the side line last year for IU the result would have been in the Hoosiers favor. As far as bonuses for coaches after a 7-6 season, no bonus was awarded to Brian Knorr. He was instead fired for results he was responsible for producing. So to my way of thinking the system you speak of worked precisely as I would expect it to.

  6. The system that works this way in this country is the problem. I was using IU as a small example as talking about how the whole system works in this country regarding all areas in a macro sense.

  7. t- No worries. After taking down FIU and Ball St., it’s pretty damn evident that we now have complete confirmation on a “solid defense.”
    I perfectly understood what you were communicating. Football programs used to be measured by getting to a dozen to twenty or so bowl games(actually it used to be four or five but the dollars fueled the growth).
    Currently, getting a program to squeak into one of the 45 bowl games(stumbled into with a mere .500 record easily achievable with the scheduling of patsies in the non-conference games) is the new standard of “solid” improvement and excellence.
    Many IU fans are content with this level of excellence…..as they are with perpetual ceilings of never getting beyond two wins in March Madness.(Translated: never playing in front of the largest viewing audiences in the second Saturday or Sunday of the tournament). Those in power protect their power by chasing villains, casting excuses, or blaming assistants. The buck never stops at the top because the bonuses would stop for all. The only thing “solid’ is the guarantee of multi-million dollar salaries for basketball postseasons storied in mediocrity and getting into low tier bowl games on the heals of .500 records. Hard to imagine why there is such fear to discharge middle age coaches who board a bus as set for life as the corrupt robber barons of Wall Street. Then again, when the AD was hired by one of the coaches allowed to exist in his bubble of mediocrity, it sorta stinks the whole pot.

  8. As of 2014, there are ten conferences and 128 schools in the FBS

    The 2016–17 NCAA football bowl games are a series of college football bowl games (Number of bowls: 41) which will complete the 2016 NCAA Division I FBS football season

    Even more hilarious….

    Note: Being bowl-ineligible does not, in itself, exclude a team from the chance to play in a bowl game. Tiebreaker procedures based on a school’s Academic Progress Rate (APR) allowed for the possibility of 5–7 teams to play in bowl games since not enough teams qualified to fill all 80 spots with at least a 6–6 record.

    80 teams selected to participate in bowls…out of 128 FBS schools.
    80/128 = nearly 2/3 (.625) the entire FBS population going to a bowl.

    We should just fix this flawed system permanently by allowing the rest of the 1/3 of FBS teams to go to bowls. All teams….all going to bowls. This would also dispense of the foolish argument that a “bowl” team makes for a “good/solid” team. When a precedent for mediocrity is allowed invitation/participation(some teams even below .500), there is a valid argument that the 40 or so teams left are unjustly having their equal mediocrity discriminated against.

    *All above blockquotes courtesy: Wikipedia

  9. Good specific commentary relative to IU. 45 bowl games vs. 15 when IU won Holiday Bowl against an undefeated BYU team and I thought bowl games were watered down then from the original high standard big 4 on New Years Day. Yes, it seems everyone who has the undeserved or deservedly (no one is deservedly of the outrageous out of balance perks regarding what has been going on for many years now) opportunity wants his or her cut of the action as a participant corrupt baron like those on Wall Street. It is a great gig for those who are able to get it (with an attitude) that the rest of society can go to hell in a hand basket.

  10. A Bowl lottery night would be sorta fun…..This could be hyped in the summer months similar to the NBA draft night.

    Two-tier Bowl System:
    1st Round Mini Bowls in October
    2nd Round Maxi Bowls in December & January

    1st Round(Mini): Throw all of the 128 FBS teams into the pool with a chance to be drawn for one of the 60+ random bowl games. These bowl games are only a first round of bowl games played in October(maybe in the middle of the conference schedule)…
    2nd Round(Maxi): The winners of the 60+ bowl games will then be paired in the 30 remaining bowl games in the month of December and early January.

  11. You could even throw a bit of a fun wrench into the system by having five or so extra “Maxi” bowls set aside for teams that lost in their October “Mini” bowls but went undefeated(or maybe .750 win %) in the second half of their conference schedules. This gives teams even losing in their Mini Bowls and incentive to play their asses off in the second half of their conference schedule.

  12. Maybe the four or five set aside “Maxi” Bowls for teams with great back halves of their seasons(even if they lost in their October “Mini” Bowl) could be called “Wildcard Bowls.” One of these Wildcard Bowl winners would then be voted in to be one of the four teams selected for the Championship Series.

    64 “Mini” Bowls in Mid/Late October
    30 “Maxi” Bowls in Dec/Early January
    5 “Wildcard” Bowls(the “hot” teams that kicked conference butt in the back half their seasons)
    Championship Series contains 3 teams from Maxi Series and one Wildcard team.

  13. I just fixed college football…

    Though coach(a)…and the Hoosiers lost in the October Mini Bowl against Ole Miss, the Hoosiers have newfound hope by winning 3 of the 4 remaining conference games and earning an invite to a Wildcard Maxi Bowl. A victory in the Wildcard Bowl opens the possibility for an invite to the Championship Series….

    Bowldacious Bowl Madness!

  14. Lots of opportunities to have incentives negotiated into coaching contracts when hiring coaches. Good for trophy companies. Sounds like many trophies needed. Many reasons to go to the local pub for bowl stupors… Like invention of a new fall drug to get through winter doldrums with March Madness over the horizon to peak at weekend number one.

  15. Eliminate the whole controversy about bowls (eligible? ineligible? too many? not enough? meaningless? meaningful?) by doing away with the outdated concept of football “season” so there are no “post-season bowls.” Endless college football. 52 games a year, what’s not to like? That’s even enough games for a team to play all the teams in its conference every year!

  16. College football took the “owl” out of bowl. So many teams participating, you really don’t give a hoot.

    a) Bowl lottery in July
    b) Mini Bowls: Results of lottery place all 128 FBS teams into 64 “Mini” Bowls played during midpoint of conference schedule during the last 7 days in October(8-9 mini bowl games per day across the nation…Most intriguing match-ups played on Halloween night).
    c) Maxi Bowls: Winners of “Mini” Bowls get automatic invite to “Maxi” Bowls played in December/early January
    d) Wildcard Bowls: 4 to 5 bowl games designated as “Wildcard” for those teams that lost in their October Mini Bowl but won 3/4 of their remaining conference games….or qualified by winning their conference though losing in a Mini Bowl.
    e) Championship Series must include one Wildcard Bowl winner.

    Total number of December bowl games would range around 36 total bowls(32 Maxi
    Bowls and 4 Wildcard Bowls). This is a number still five to six less than the current and ever-expanding December bowl offerings. Getting to these Maxi bowls would involve far more intrigue while hinging on chance match-ups in Mini Bowls and the potential to earn your way back into a Maxi bowl with outstanding performance in the latter half of a conference schedule.

  17. There are too many bowl games but money drives the system. It would be much better to limit the number of bowl games but communities and companies that want to waste their money have the freedom to do that.

    I sincerely hope IUFB has a great season this year and not just a small improvement. I hope the offense opens up so that IU can score more points and trust the defense to keep improving. IUFB will be much better when we get the three players not cleared to play yet not to mention getting Feeney back soon. Patrick will really help improve the offense, McCray and Thompson will improve the defense. Adding those three will strengthen the team and give them a great chance to win more B1G games this year.

    It would be great if IU does what the players are shooting for but coming up short to being in the play-offs by a game or two wouldn’t be bad. The future of IUFB is looking upwards.

  18. There are too many bowl games but money drives the system. It would be much better to limit the number of bowl games but communities and companies that want to waste their money have the freedom to do that.

    v13- All of that may be true, but it doesn’t dispel the claims above presented: Getting to a bowl game should no be considered the panacea for anyone(specifically, rhetoric from insiders, administrators, head/assistant coaches) to present arguments for automatic bonuses, “expected” extensions, or claims of a “solid” or vastly improved football team.
    When nearly 2/3 of FBS teams get into bowls games(sometimes even being forced into filling these bowls with teams having below .500 records), there is a ton of mediocrity in these contests. There needs to be a different system or some minimal .500 conference W/L record requirement to earn spots.
    Coaches and administrators should no longer be evaluated by simply getting into bowls or postseason play. If we are going to measure are programs as “solid” based on these minimal standards(Sweet 16’s or an appearance in one of the 40+ bowl games), we are a “community” of Indiana University “throwing our money away.”
    With the skyrocketing costs of college attendance, it’s beyond insult to hard-working Americans strapped with decades of debt to witness coaches earning millions upon millions for “participation” or “C” average performances.
    If we are to strive in maintaining a posture of an elite academic institution requiring standards of excellence in the classroom, the same should be expected of those in charge of the athletic arms of our school. Getting to a lower tier bowl game…or even winning in one while struggling to win 1/3 of a conference schedule is not a mark of excellence.

  19. And fans grow very weary of the injury excuses….or the excuses of youth on the roster(I thought sports were for the young?), or the pass given to “new” coordinators requiring the one or two-year mulligan to get up to speed.

    Meanwhile, the years pass…Meanwhile, a coach begins to enter his/her 7th…8th…9th….10th year at IU as more of a spin artist than anything else. Assistants come and go….”everything hinges” moments come and go…..early exits from tournaments(never to play in the second weekend of March Madness) come and go….and a couple uninspiring cupcake bowls played on one of those added tier sports channels of an already grossly overpriced cable TV subscription package come and go.
    At the end of the tenth year, we will have dumped 100 million dollars on the salaries of a football and basketball coach for a few Sweet 16 appearances and a handful of Pinstripe Bowls. We will conclude that’s plenty of whip cream on the fool’s pie before we throw it into their faces with more excuses and marketing slogans….and offer 10 more years of contract extensions.

    As t correctly concluded…..It’s a fabulous “gig” for those inside. No measures of true excellence and job security built by carnival salesman AD’s schooled in sales pitches and marketing. It’s using our institutions for protectionism of an elite class more than anything else.

  20. Bottom Line: This is Indiana.
    It shouldn’t take eight years to get a basketball program to do more than “appear” in a Sweet 16 round. Translated: We’ve merely won a few Round of 32 games in 10 years(equivalent to Pinstripe Bowls in football).

    And a football coach requiring 6 years and 3 defensive coordinators to take a football program to a Pinstripe Bowl is not excellence(nor has it earned the use of the adjective “solid” in a manner whatsoever) …..And providing any form of bonuses or lengthy contract extensions for a 2-6 conference record is just rather sad.

    I have never seen our sports programs in such apologist mode. You earn five to seven years of contracts in apology by hanging three banners(or making a few trips to Elite 8s and Final Fours …not by selling those banners on your own sleeves because you coach underneath them.
    And no designation of a solid football team should be given for 2-6 conference records or mere bowl appearance(primarily secured by scheduling patsy non-conference opponents).

  21. 4 solid BIG wins before calling anything solid enough to deserve bonuses or contract extensions…or the absolute of “solid” descriptors for our new defense. The vast majority of bowls are merely fundraisers designed as charitable blue ribbons for football participation. Beat some solid blue ribbon teams of our conference and it’s all aboard the “solid” train. Meanwhile, take 2 more apologist doses of protectionism and call Dr. Tom Naismith Crean in the morning.

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