3-star defensive tackle Juan Harris decommits from Indiana

Juan Harris has changed his mind again.

The three-star defensive tackle announced his decommitment from Indiana in a message posted to his Twitter account on Sunday afternoon. Harris, who originally gave IU a verbal pledge in July, previously decommitted from Iowa on three separate occasions.

“Due to personal issues and current family issues I will be decommitting from Indiana University,” Harris wrote. “I want to thank Indiana University for staying true to me. I know it seems like I am a undecided kid but path is different from everyone else’s. My book is different and it’s okay.”

Addressing the defensive line has been a priority task in IU’s 2017 recruiting efforts. Of the 14 high school seniors currently committed to Indiana, six project to play on the defensive line upon their arrivals in Bloomington.


  1. He also has been mildly but widely considered a malcontent. Reported he even caused trouble on an official Iowa visit with other commits and recruits. I’d say this is for the best. Hagan and Allen can find a more suitable fit.

  2. Better losing him now rather than later and I doubt anyone is going to get much out of him. I hope he figures things out and finally works hard to achieve his potential.

  3. This reminds me of a once promising QB who struggled with figuring out where he wanted to play. Sorry to hear that his family situations is the source of his consternation. As for IU, I see this as an opportunity to replace Harris with an even better player. When harris verbally to IU, the new defense did not enjoy the exposure that it is not getting as a much-improved defense. The progress made by Allen and his staff should allow him to attract even better players between now and signing day.

    When IU gets a verbal from some kid, let’s remember that it means nothing until he signs the LOI in February. I’m confident that Wilson and Allen understood that there was a high probability that Harris, given his past uncertainty, would de-commit and are not surprised. By the way, does IU covet any kids that verbaled to Purdue? If so, now would be a good time to poach their most coveted recruits.

  4. Sorry for the typing errors in that last post. Should read:
    “…the new defense did not enjoy the exposure it is now getting as a much improved defense.”

  5. Very few significant offers to any of PUke’s 2017 class. Even the 3*”s. There is a big 6’9″, 3* DT Robert Hudson from Walled Lake Michigan that had a couple of decent offers including MSU sniffing at him. But is it just because he is big.

  6. Remember Po, your recruiting doesn’t start until you commit. A good friend of mine has a son who is a baseball stud and he committed in between his junior and senior year of high school to a strong SEC school. Once that happened, all of a sudden the phone rang twice as often as it did before. Heck, he even got a call from Coach Smith all the way out in Arizona.

  7. iuhoosier1992, I used to be involved (in a minor capacity) with recruiting for IU Football back in the early 80’s until Corso got fired. While that was decades ago and it was a different world back then, I did it long enough to have an appreciation for the challenges involved. A couple elements of recruiting that seems to be consistent between then and now are: 1) IU was mining for high potential players that were being overlooked by other D-1 programs, and 2) once any Big Ten school showed significant interest or made an offer to a player, that player started to leverage that attention to secure more offers from other D-1 programs. I “discovered” a kid from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago who only played two years of High School football. He grew about four inches between his Junior and Senior seasons and had a great Senior season. I recommended and referred him to IU’s Recruiting Coordinator who became excited about the kid’s potential. When IU’s coaches made direct contact with him, he was thrilled. When IU made him an offer, he gave a verbal commitment immediately. IU was the first and only D-1 school to show any interest in this kid, let alone make him an offer, but we did not take that for granted, and we stayed “on him” through the entire process. Every week he’d tell me how excited he was to get to Bloomington, and how excited he was, etc. But we discovered his father and his HS Coach had been using IU’s offer to market him to other D-1 programs. We learned on signing day that signed with Duke. Apparently, he’d always wanted to go to Duke, and Football was his ticket. He was on the team for one year, quit football, but eventually graduated from Duke. As it turned out, he was not serious about playing football and did IU a favor by not signing that LOI.

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