4 storylines for Indiana’s game vs. Nebraska

1. Indiana’s run game needs to prove itself

It’s been a disappointing start to the season for IU’s backfield. Devine Redding has been inconsistent, while others like Mike Majette and Devonte Williams have struggled to truly move the ball. Indiana has only two rushing touchdowns this season, one of which came from quarterback Richard Lagow. The good news is that Nebraska’s defensive front hasn’t locked down ball carriers. The Huskers are allowing 4.8 yards per carry, and this could be an opportunity for the Hoosiers to get going — especially if right guard Dan Feeney is ready to return from a concussion sustained last month.

2. IU’s ability to finish drives and score

The Hoosiers continue to struggle with cashing in on red-zone opportunities this season. IU has scored only eight touchdowns during its 18 trips inside the 20-yard line, though the struggles are hardly confined to the red zone. Indiana’s offense is stalling in opposing territory at an alarming rate. IU ranks No. 121 nationally with 3.69 points per trip inside the 40-yard line. This offense has shown flashes of its former self, but has yet to show the total package and scoring threat it is capable of delivering.

3. The Huskers are hurtin’

Nebraska arrived in Bloomington on Friday with a lengthy injury report. All-Big Ten receiver Jordan Westerkamp won’t play due to a back injury, and All-Big Ten caliber tight end Cethan Carter is also out due to an elbow injury. Running back Devine Ozigbo appears fine to play, but he’s been limited recently by an ankle injury. So, too, has quarterback Tommy Armstrong, who is expected to play despite lumbering around in a walking boot during Nebraska’s open date last week.

4. How does Indiana handle Armstrong?

He can run it well and he can pass it even better, and IU will have to account for both. It will be interesting to see how his recent ankle injury affects his ability to run zone-read plays. If he’s more one-dimensional through the air, this could be another opportunity for Indiana to claim a few key takeaways. Armstrong hasn’t turned the ball over as often as he did last year when threw 16 interceptions. This season, Armstrong has merely turned the ball over twice through five games.


  1. Nebraska is favored by about 7 or 8. This is a game that IU can win whether they get beat by 20, 1 or win by 1 or more. If IU offense can score a legitimate 31 they should win plus K.W. has to kick the field goal.

  2. t, I agree that IU can win this game and is one I picked before the season to be an IU upset. They beat MSU like I thought and this week can keep my B1G prediction on track as I expect IU to beat every team other than UM. Just like OSU was a possible win if IU plays very well they can beat UM but have to play nearly perfectly. There are landmines in IU schedule that requires them to play their best to beat teams that are in their range. I believe IU can win 9 games this year and need to beat NE to get there.

  3. Yes, I see line favoring Nebraska by 3 and another by 8. Somewhat of descrepancy. Nebraska has a few dings of their own and surprised that IU leads all time series and they even played 19 times before 1978.

  4. I believe we’ll be hit with a bit of reality shock today.

    Nebraska 42
    Indiana 17

  5. Game Day picks IU to win today’s game. Not sure about that prediction is legit, but one thing is for sure, if IU’s offense continues to sputter, this game could get out of hand.

    Throw out the all-time series record. I was in Memorial Stadium the last time Nebraska visited Bloomington, and it got ugly. And we don’t have any wide receivers like Mike Friede who can torch Nebraska’s secondary.

    Will Feeney play today? I hope so, not just for IU but for his future earnings potential in the NFL.

  6. Here’s one more “storyline” for today’s game. Will IU fans fill Memorial Stadium for Homecoming?
    Nice day (not cold or raining): check
    Homecoming: check
    High quality competition: check
    Good start time: check

    No excuses for not filling the stadium.

  7. A lot of empty seats in Memorial Stadium for IU’s Homecoming game. What a shame. These players deserve better.

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