Camiel could miss remainder of season

Indiana isn’t expecting Dimitric Camiel to return anytime soon, and possibly not this season.

Kevin Wilson confirmed Monday that his right tackle recently underwent a surgical procedure to repair a bulging disk in his back. Camiel, a senior, hasn’t played since IU’s Sept. 10 game against Ball State.

“Does that take him through the season?” Wilson said. “… We’ll just kind of see how it goes for him.”

In Camiel’s absence the last two weeks, sophomore Brandon Knight has shifted from left tackle to the right side. There, Knight is playing next to right guard Jacob Bailey, who continues to fill in for All-American Dan Feeney.

Feeney did not play against Michigan State on Saturday and has now missed the last 10 quarters with a concussion that he suffered on Sept. 10.

The senior remains under concussion protocol, and whether he plays at Ohio State will once again depend on how he responds to physical activity this week.

“We’ll see where Dan is,” Wilson said.

Sophomore defensive lineman Jacob Robinson also missed Saturday’s game with a concussion. Freshman running back Cole Gest hurt his ankle on Sept. 24 and also did not dress on Saturday night.

“You dance with who you got,” Wilson said. “… Every team has injuries. You deal with it, and our guys work hard to get back.”


  1. Gents, How would a fella find this A.M.’s Hoosier Morning once it has left the days viewing page?

    1. HC,
      There’s a search function on the right-hand column below the recent comments that includes the option to search various categories. One of those categories is “Hoosier Morning” and select the current month for the date.

      1. A thumbs up JP. Found it about 14 seconds after I hit the submit button with the Q.

  2. Feeney being out three weeks due to a concussion is disconcerting. Either it was a very serious concussion, or IU’s docs are being very cautious.

  3. Clarion- Try typing ‘Hoosier Scoop Hoosier Morning’ into your search/address bar….Google will likely locate the most recent Hoosier Morning.

  4. When I watched a replay of the Ball State game, I saw Feeney leading a sweep to the left when he collided head to head with a BSU safety or linebacker near the sideline. Feeney immediately got up and went back into the huddle while the BSU player looked groggy and came out of the game. Feeney didn’t appear to be hurt or shaken up at all. I wonder what happened to the BS player and if he ended up being held out of any of their games. I was really surprised when I learned Feeney had a concussion and was being held out of the Wake Forrest game, and even more surprised that he missed last weeks game as well.

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