Fant raises fist during national anthem at Ohio State

Indiana’s team is seldom on the field for the playing of the national anthem. At home, the Hoosiers spend their final pregame moments inside their Memorial Stadium locker room.

At Ohio State, the pregame routine was a bit different.

Both teams stood on their respective sidelines during the anthem Saturday, giving IU junior cornerback Rashard Fant an opportunity to deliver a message.

Fant raised his fist in the air during the anthem, joining some of the recent protests against racial inequality that have been seen frequently prior to NFL games and other sporting events this fall.

“It was something I believe in,” Fant said. “You can call it what it is. Really, I just believe in something strongly and I wanted to stand up for it.”

“… There’s a lot of things (happening) in the country. Everybody’s equal, you know? That’s the big thing. We’re all equal. Diversity is great. We need it.”

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said this week during a Bloomington Faculty Council meeting that there would be no punishments for athletes who decide to protest.