Hoosier Morning for Oct. 27

IU basketball plans on turning up the defensive pressure this season, Mike writes.

Soon-to-be IU Hall of Famer Harold Mauro was destined to wear Crimson, whether at IU or Alabama, Andy writes.

The IU women’s soccer team let a late lead slip away Wednesday night but still qualified for its first Big Ten Tournament in three years, we reported.

The incredible comeback of Kyle Schwarber, who adds World Series hero to draft room secret weapon on his resume, Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports writes.

The Cubs’ story this World Series is Schwar and Peace, Mike Lupica writes for sportsonearth.com.

The matchup to watch between Indiana and Maryland is tight end Danny Friend vs. linebacker Jermaine Carter, Jr., Alex Compton of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Maryland could well unleash more trick plays on Indiana, Roman Stubbs of the Washington Post writes.

IU backup defensive end Niles Sykes is still looking for consistency after a breakout game at Northwestern, Taylor Lehman of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Experience and leadership are set to drive IU women’s basketball to success this year, Jake Thomer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

For Schwarber, “Spill the Wine” by War.


  1. You wanna know how special Schwarber is? Basketball season just around the corner and if you talk to 10 Hoosier fans this morning , all 10 will want to talk baseball.

  2. Crazy story. I also read where he already held the Cubs record for post season home runs from last season. I sure hope he can stay healthy and have a long career.

  3. Once a Hoosier leaves for the pros I routinely don’t follow their journey. Just don’t have the time to invest much interest. But Hoosier Kyle Schwarber hitting success since joining the Cubs makes him standout in the MLB. Coming back so quickly from a knee injury speaks to how thoroughly he works to attain success at his profession.

  4. A topic that should be front and center for tomorrows Hoosier Morning is a jury has awarded ex-PSU assistant Mike McQueary a large sum for defamation. I normally would not be positive about this as the majority of lawsuits filed are sleazy bluffs, feints and lies running our judicial system into the liquid manure pit. What I really hope happens in the not to distant future is some aggressive, forward thinking head coach somewhere hires this young man to let him restart his life. After all why shouldn’t this man be allowed to go back to work after the programs penalties were lessoned and sanctions were suspended early. Not to mention statues being dedicated. The bad guy will be in jail for a long time.

  5. He does seem to be one who should be given a chance to put this behind him.

    The courts get a lot of press for the outrageous story but there is a reason they exist. They are usually the last, and only, recourse for the crimes against the weak committed by the powerful…even if the powerful usually prevail.

  6. Chet, yes I should have added that as I concur as the courts for the most part do look at right and wrong only. I do wish so much of their time did not get ate up with the flavor of our modern times, BS lawsuits.

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