Hoosier Morning for Oct. 5

The IU women’s basketball team opened practice this week with new faces and new expectations, Jon writes.

Hoosier football and its fans were rewarded with a win over Michigan State, building belief, Andy writes.

IU soccer absorbed its worst ever loss to Notre Dame Tuesday, falling to the No. 2 Irish, 4-0, we reported.

Former Indiana defensive coordinator Brian Knorr is getting his paycheck from Ohio State rather than against the Buckeyes this year, Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer writes.

Kevin Wilson has the Hoosiers believing in themselves, Kellen Becoats of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

The matchup to watch this week is Indiana’s wide receivers against Ohio State’s secondary, Alex Compton of HoosierHuddle.com writes.

Time for the weekly defense film study from Michigan State, via Dan at puntjohnpunt.com.

Former Hoosier Tevin Coleman, who has sickle cell trait, has a decision to make as the Falcons will play at altitude in Denver this week, Mark Maske of the Washington Post writes.

Former Hoosier Jordan Howard will make his return to the state of Indiana this weekend as the Bears’ top running back against the Colts, Larry Hawley of WGNtv.com writes.

The first issue of Full Court Press, a newsletter from the IU basketball coaching staff, via IUHoosiers.com.

Victor Oladipo’s first preseason game with the Thunder provides hope post-Kevin Durant, Joseph Wilson of the Associated Press writes.

IU football’s building belief, so here’s Mumford and Sons with “Believe.”


  1. According to PJP film revealed IU only had 5 missed tackles for the whole game with MSU. But 3 were on 1 run by Scott. Film also revealed Fant got bailed out of a couple of coverage let downs when MSU receivers could not haul in the pass. I’ll bet that was a focus this week. By all 3 teams IU, MSU and certainly for OSU.

  2. I’ve been listening to the radio here in NE Ohio for the past few days, and believe it or not I’m hearing a lot of respect for IU. No one things the Hoosiers will win, mind you. But there are some pretty good things being said. Yesterday, the comment was “this is a good football team that has played the Buckeyes close for the past few years…They have a defense this year, which has always been KW’s achilles heel; in the past they would put of 40 every week but allow the opponent to score 50; now that problem seems to be addressed….This is an above-average, bowl team in a very strong conference.”

    I don’t know how much of this is the typical “talk up your opponent so as to not provide bulletin board material for the other side,” but it was quite nice to hear on Buckeye radio.

  3. IU getting some positive press coverage. Not so much for Purdue from the Indy Star suggesting the coach was a really bad hire. Colts taking hits, again the Indy Star. Than you have LSU who will euthanize their tiger mascot.

  4. Welcome back to the fold Chet. Hope the shoulder is recuperating and that your batteries are charged in terms of blogging here again.

    Ron- I remember that you live in Florida. Are you on the gulf side? Sure hope so. Matthew is no joke!

  5. Ben…hope you are doing well. Been a long time. Thought about you while I was setting in traffic in Dothan couple of months ago. Left Fl after 33 yrs, currently in Indiana. Pondering where do I want to be. Here or Florida or Utah. But I really like Ashville, Maggie Valley area.

    And yes, I was on the gulf coast. When you look at the potential plots on Matthew, be hard to figure out where to run. Strange storm.

  6. And I really like that header photo of the two Hoosier ladies. Great shot catching those expressions.

  7. Ron, I just spent a couple months visiting Alaska and points in between. Went through Heber City again along the way. That’s a beautiful area.

    Asheville and Maggie Valley are great. I still have a couple kids in the area, my oldest bought my cabin there, and still know lots of people if you need any contacts. Gladys Knight was my old neighbor in Fairview if you need some Pipping done. North Carolina has been struggling with a lot of issues lately, though.

    Ben, the shoulder is doing well. I have to remember to keep things on the mild side for another few months though. I realized on my Alaska trip that my old martial arts exercises were perfect for rehab so I’ve enjoyed getting back into that. It also helps with all that nasty stuff that birthdays cause, as well.

    Things seem nice around the Scoop these days. Do I smell burgers on the grill?

  8. Chet, welcome back. It seems the Scoop has a milder, less adversarial comment section these days. Not sure why. It may be because IU basketball and football are having greater success than in years past (Big Ten Championship, Pinstripe Bowl) which generates less angst and/or frustration amongst Hoosier fans. Or it may be due to a lot people choosing not to log on. Perhaps its because the new format, or some combination of all of the above. But in relative terms, it’s a pretty quiet place these days. Glad to read that you’re doing well and hope your return to the Scoop in permanent.

  9. I’ve communicated with Geoff and Doug (Double Down). They may drop by if things stay civil.

  10. Big win for IU football… were any bball recruits in town to go see the game? Haven’t been a whole lot of days to celebrate wins like that in the past, so I’m hoping a couple of the big targets for ’17 or ’18 were there to enjoy the atmosphere after the win.

  11. Ron- Thanks for thinking about me at one of our lovely red lights here in Dothan. Hope your way through was peaceful and quick. I think we have some of the longest lights to be honest. Hope you settle where your heart tells you to settle. I miss Indiana and the actual seasons that take place. It’s all one season here for the most part.

    Geoff- Glad to see you back. The analysis you provided our basketball team has been sorely missed. I’d be great if you shared your opinions on IU Football as well.

    Podunker- It’s true participation has been lacking, but I have a feeling it will come around in time. I tend to think people take life grievances out on forums and blogs and unfortunately it becomes a disheveled mess.

  12. Hey Ben, have to save my energy for the bball season… Well, really, I just don’t follow IU football closely enough to make educated comments. While I love me some college football (as you may remember my parents taught at FSU in the 80’s, so I was a young impressionable fan then), I also don’t have the playing or coaching background to comment with any real confidence on college football. Bottom line – while I’m very happy for the boys and I’ll catch a few of the games, IU football is not a religion to me, so I’ll stick with my bread and butter…

    Hope all is well.

  13. Wilkes understands the significance of that win… Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad…

  14. I think it’s harder to be truly knowlegable about football. There is just more to understand. There are 22 guys out there on every play and each one has a different assignment. Each down and distance has different implications. Players playing the same position may have entirely different skill sets. There are just an extraordinary number of variables.

    I coached a fair amount of football but no higher than high school and, as far as around here, my understanding of the game is miniscule compared to Vesuvius.

    Being a Hoosier, basketball is in my blood but there is just something about the symphony that is football.

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