1. With 12:51 in the first half of this game the chasm between the abilities of Fitzgerald and Wilson are embarrassing. A smallish private institution with some of the higher academic standards in the nation is exposing Wilson’s inability to compete at a FBS level. It disgusts me probably more than it does you, but it is all too evident.
    We are looking at the future. FG bought in…just like ND did with Kelly….. good luck!

  2. Pat Fitzgerald and staff is one of the top coaches in the country. Northwestern has good coaching for several years now and Fitzgerald is really good. He has a great perspective and a satisfied Northwestern guy. Northwestern is what Indiana wishes to be. Northwestern always develops a team image, are physical, productive on both defense and usually pretty productive on offense. They are always prepared and recruit well (kind of the Stanford of the Big Ten).

  3. the IU offensive is out of sync…….did Richard Lagow have a chance to run for a first down and looked like he was afraid to run the ball or take the hit??

  4. 5:53 left in the second quarter…4th and 2. A Wilson timeout to inject more ‘genius’. LaGow completes a pass 2 yards short. IU now 1 of 12 on 4th down attempts. LAST in the BIG.

    Has it occurred to anyone that only Jr. college qb’s are interested in playing for Wilson..guys that are praying that someone offers? I’m not ready for 5 more years of this!

  5. does anybody understand Coach Wilson decision to go for a 53 yard FG?? when he is always talking about field position or the swinging of field position….take the field switch??? your defensive coach needs some help from your porous offensive

  6. Junior College QB would be a good player at Indiana State. He may improve a little next year but it does not look good .

  7. does Lagow start the next IU game??? what kind of pass was that to Ricky Jones??? I am sure that Zander Diamont could have made a better pass than that??? lety go to the old saying “wait till next year”

  8. Wilson/Johns now 1-14 on 4th down attempts. Worst in not only the B10 but the nation. They still think that Devine Redding is a feature back. Now are you getting the picture?

  9. IU wins second half 11 to 0 as Northwestern becomes conservative is fools gold as has been seen many times. IU was never going to win this game. If the score became to close Nortwestern would simply turn up the heat and secure a Northwestern win. Northwestern does have several 4 star recruits on their team that surround 3 star recruits.

  10. Richard Lagow is Jay Cutler, big arm, big stats, inaccurate at the wrong time of the game…..Austin King or Zander Diamont cannot be any worst at this point of the season!!! screw a low level bowl if IU can get Austin King ready for next year….i have seen enough of Lagow to know he will never be a winning QB in the Big 10.

  11. The talent, the scheme and the coaching all intersected on the graph today, and it was a thing of beauty. Can’t wait for four more years of this. I think Vesuvius is even getting frustrated with game management and player personnel decisions. How many times could we have caught NW with too many players on the field? Our QB is too busy looking to the sideline to quick snap and draw the penalty. Game clock management in the second half gets a big fat “F”. Speaks for itself. Kick the field goal late in the first half and go into halftime with something positive and then you have the ball to start the second half. Way too much time left. Then when we score a TD in the second half, we have to go for two and don’t get it. If you make the managable field goal at the end of the first half, we don’t have to go for two in the second half and not get it. That’s four possible points thrown away. Take those four points and were down 6 with the ball late in the fourth quarter. Why use Diamont last week, but not his week? Makes no sense. Lagow was more inaccurate this week than last week. His passes were all over the place. High, short, ahead of the WR, behind the WR. It was painful to watch. Often times, receivers were wide open. As an ex football coach, this game had to be very hard for Vesuvious to watch. The poor decision making by the Wilson or lack thereof was very obvious today. The defense was aweful for the first quarter and played very hard the last three. Hats off to coach Allen for keeping his players in the game, after a very rough start. Allen has a ton of energy and enthusiasm and his defensive unit never quit playing and gave the offense several chances to win this game. Tired of hearing the excuses about offensive line injuries and losing key players to graduation, thus hurting the running game, thus helping the opponent load the box. That’s hogwash. This is year six. Where are the adequate backups? I’ve been reading for years about all the three and four star recruits Wilson has brought in. Where are they when starters get hurt or players graduate? Sudfelds stats and school records speak for themselves. That’s why he’s on an NFL roster. And as most people know, Sudfeld was a classy kid. He was a very confident player and Big Ten coaches had to prepare for him, because they respected his abilities. As far as having a quarterback now that lacks Big Ten experience, who’s fault is that? Why did we have to go to a junior college to find a starting QB?

  12. I do want to clarify that I don’t blame Lagow for IU’s offensive struggles. Coaching has a lot to do with game management decisions, and often the QB gets blamed. I think Lagow is executing the offense as coached. Just like any QB, he is going to have times of inconsistencies and poor execution. I think for the most part he’s played pretty well, but not great. Ben Chapell had some struggles early in his IU career, but he had time to learn the system and get comfortable with coaches, teammates, and being knowledgeable of opposing players and teams. When he became the starter, he put up some big numbers for IU and surprised a lot of people, including myself. Basically, he had much more time to prepare and he was a Bloomington High School Grad, so he was very comfortable and familiar with his environment and surroundings, with lots of friends and family close by. Lagow is basically a freshmen in some ways and with IU coming off a bowl game season, expectations were way too high. Media and many IU football gurus built those expectations way too high. I Feel he deserves more time to develop, but I think Diamont has paid his dues and deserves playing time when Lagow is struggling, such as he did today. What good does it do for the team or Lagow to continue playing when Lagow is struggling and getting screamed at by Wilson as he’s coming off the field. Maybe sitting and watching a little bit helps take some of the pressure off. I feel like Lagow is starting to feel some of the pressure from IU fans and maybe even coaches. Maybe he’ll grow from it and become mentally stronger by playing through the struggles week to week and not being pulled from a game. Time will tell. My blame is not with him. He has potential. I wish him the best and want him to succeed and I hope he realizes he’s had a lot of successful moments this year. Hopefully, he can build on the positive and learn from the mistakes. He has the physical tools to become a more accurate passer than he showed today.

  13. Lagow may have all the physical tools, but something is missing!! we are blaming the coaches for how time-out where used in the first half, it is up to Lagow to get the team to the LS and get the ball snapped in time….either he is having a hard time understanding the play or knowing what the play is….everybody is jumping on the offensive line but Lagow was not rushed/hurried on many of his passes today….the IU rushing game….27 attempts, only 84 yards for 3.1 average……..NW rushing…44 attempts, only 123 yards for 2.8 average…..total yards…IU-403 and NW-408…where was the game lost at inopportune time for horrible/missed passes and bad penalty……Lagow QBR rating for the game 41.4 and Thorson QBR rating for the game 72.0……where is Austin King, Danny Cameron or Zander Diamont, they cannot be any worst!!! At some point the game falls on the QB……that Michigan State victory is not looking that good anymore…..an the rest of the IU schedule is looking rough……Maryland beats Michigan State and Penn State beats Ohio State….looking like no bowl game this year

  14. Michigan State was obviously fool’s gold. The Hoosiers were simply the first to discover that fact. That being said, the team has certainly been more consistent than in the past few years. I don’t know what we have here. It’s the best defense in years but the worst offense in years. Never saw that coming.

    Given what we have been accustomed to Lagow has been, overall, a disappointment. He just doen’t seem to have the instincts, part of what some folks call the intangibles, that previous IU QBs have shown.

    This could still go either way.

  15. Shedding statistical light on comparative passing #’s gives an interesting contrast of 2015 and this year; Sudfeld for the year was 59.9% completions and Lagow to date is 59.7%. Lagow is on track to throw for over 3300+ yd. and 24 TD’s, NS was 3500+ and 27 TD. That of course comparing a Senior to a Junior. INT’s being a bigger contrast. I think Wilson sticks with Lagow and the #’s above support why.

  16. While we can still win six games and make it to another minor bowl game, yesterday’s loss to NW and another pathetic offensive output shows just how far behind Wilson’s program is, after five and a half years, compared to an “average” Big Ten program. Clearly, Wilson is under-performing. And now that he has a much improved defense, some of Wilson’s tendencies are getting exposed for what they are; stupid decision-making (1 – 14 on fourth down attempts! What’s the definition of insanity?) As for his ability to recruit and develop quality quarterbacks, forget the statistics, there is reason to question Wilson’s reputation as a developer of top QBs and the notoriety he enjoyed when he arrived in Bloomington. It’s a lot easier to attract top quarterback talent at Oklahoma than it is at IU. Unfortunately, Sudfeld may turn out to be IU’s best QB during the Wilson era at IU.

  17. Ya forget the statistical facts; like 8 2015 offensive starters missing for all but 6 quarters of 2016. Doing that makes negative opinions true and authentic.

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