1. Congratulations to IU’s defense. They’re playing great. Too bad Wilson/Johns called such a bad first half, allowing the defense to go without rest. Ten pass plays in the first half, three of which were screens? Either you have a good passing game, or you don’t. If you do, you use it. Wilson was way too conservative in the first half. This is not MSU, and we are not playing in Bloomington. Wilson forfeited the initiative.

    The refs made a terrible call and an even worse review of Lagow’s incomplete pass. It was a pass, not a fumble, and anyone with two eyes could see it clearly. How can a ref look at that on replay and get it so wrong? Just gross incompetence.

  2. Wilson continued to run the ball in the first half, and going backward too often. Did he forget that two of his best O-linemen are not playing in this game? Now he has to pass the ball in the second half, which OSU will be anticipating. Ouch!

  3. hope this conservative game plan pays off in the end….half-time and IU down 14 points..defensive is playing a good game….offensive pretty good….special teams not so good….get ready for some fireworks in the second half

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