1. The refs are having a bad day. IU’s special teams are having a bad day, and Wilson has mastered the art of stealing momentum from his team. What is he now, 1 – 16 on fourth downs this season? Wilson was a math major. Maybe he should have taken psychology. Whatever the stats, it’s ridiculous, and eventually becomes stupid. Wilson calls a QB sneak on 3rd down and one inside the five yard line with a 170 pound QB who losses ground? Stupid. Then he goes for it (again) on fourth down instead of taking the easy field goal. Stupid. Hey, let’s give Maryland the momentum back. Let’s suck the enthusiasm out of our fans and demoralize our young players. Instead of rewarding our young team with 3 points after a good drive and padding our lead, let’s allow our opponent to get all fired up because they made a goal-line stand. Let’s lose our lead just before half time and get people moving toward the exits, not to return for the remainder of the game. IU may still win this game, but it will be in spite of Wilson’s insistence to going for it on fourth down. He refers to himself as a “riverboat gambler,” I think he has a gambling addiction. The season rests on the second half of this game.

  2. Second Quarter: Ball on 3 yard line and 3rd and 3. Lou Holtz and N.D. calls Refrigerator Perry up the middle. IU in same situation: K.W. takes out after having success Z.D. and Natee and replaces them with Lagow and for a failed play. However, in 3rd quarter Lagow scores a T.D. Good for him and coaching staff does not choke on offensive side of ball. Good for them.

  3. Sputter, sputter, sputter. IU’s ability to score points continues to be an issue. Maybe Oasks is the reason why Wilson chooses to go for it on fourth downs?

    What is wrong with our Special teams?

  4. 4th quarter: I always liked Z.D. attitude but he made a major unsportsmanlike conduct mistake around ten yard line. Then, defense bailed him out by fumble recovery around 10 yard line. This time K.W. and staff did not choke. Natee 2 runs up the middle for TD.

  5. By my count, that’s six points IU has failed to score because of Wilson’s decisions. Does he want to keep this a close game until the end.

    Allen’s defense is bailing Wilson out.

  6. Question? Is Griffin Oakes on the take? Multiple kick offs out of bounds, missed extra points, fg’s..

    Diamant pops his mouth when 1st ten at five…no points….multiple unforced penalties out of bounds. Only this coaching staff could make this game still in question late in the second half.

  7. A win is a win, but much closer game than it needed to be. How many unsportsmanlike penalties did IU get? A missed Extra point, a missed field goal, a failed attempt on 4th down, and two failed 2-point conversions. That’s nine points we forfeited.

    Lagow played much better in the second half.

    Coach Wilson, congratulations on the victory. But from now on, please, please, please take the easy points when you can.

  8. I’m guessing Oaks is not going to win Big Ten kicker-of-the-year again this season. He had another bad day, and the rest of the special teams units didn’t do much better.

    Anybody know the attendance? Shots of the stands made it look like about 38,000 at game time, and about 25,000 at the start of the second half.

    Allen deserves a raise and all the awards available to Assistant Coaches.

  9. No team plays a perfect game nor will any coach call all the plays fans want them to call. I enjoyed seeing the offense show some innovation and performing well. 42 points against a Big Ten team and Wilson is called out for not trying a FG, which are iffy this year no matter how short or long they are.

    The offense made plays and had averages that produce wins while the defense made enough plays to win the game. Our defense struggled with one of the best running teams in the conference but made the plays they needed to make. It was a great game to watch and I hope the beginning of the offense to open up.

  10. We just beat a 5-2 team and had THREE hundred yard rushers. Sure, there were some mistakes but I found it thoroughly enjoyable. We had TWO quarterbacks rush for over 100 yards and a third had a solid passing game. Plus a running back adding another 100 yards. That’s crazy.

    Lot’s of offensive changes that will create preperation nightmares in the remaining weeks of the season.

    Good enough for me.

  11. Great game to enjoy and win by near everyone; exception being for Po Magnifico. The facts Chet stated x2. RL completes 64% because he had help from positive rushing and an OL getting it done. Best offensive game planning by KW and staff this season. Hell of a positive game for this program.

    PSU had a great practice today. Albeit against PUke.

  12. You know, PSU played their worst half of football this year against the Boils and still steamrolled them. They (PSU) couldn’t get out of their own way in the first half.

  13. I appreciate loyalty to one’s team, just not blind loyalty. Beating Maryland was a good and important win for this program, and I congratulate the players for staying together and fighting hard until the end. That’s a big difference between Wilson’s teams and many past IU teams. I also appreciate how unselfish the players continue to be, especially Lagow and ZD, who clearly support each other’s accomplishments during the game. I give Wilson credit for building that culture. That is wonderful to behold. But Wilson continues to make stupid decisions (i.e., 1 for 16 on 4th downs) that place the hard work of his players at risk. In yesterday’s case, a few of his decisions cost IU vital points and kept the game closer than it needed to be. It was outstanding that IU moved the ball so well throughout the game, but we should have won that game by 15 points. In spite of yesterday’s innovative offense, which Wilson deserves great credit for installing, he forfeited numerous easy points that jeopardized the win. Wilson’s program needs wins. The bigger the wins and the broader the point spread, the better. And Wilson’s program needs winning seasons. If he keeps gambling in defiance of conventional wisdom and forfeiting easy points, he’s going to cost IU games it can’t afford to lose.
    The less-the-ideal attendance in Memorial Stadium for yesterday’s game, on a warm and beautiful fall day in Bloomington, against a good in-conference team, tells you that a significant portion of the Hoosier Nation has yet to get excited about Wilson’s program. The fact that thousands of Hoosier fans left the stadium at half time and did not return, tells you that I was not the only Hoosier fan who was disappointed with a few of his decisions. When Wilson produces a winning season, maybe then my loyalty will go blind too. Until then, he needs to learn to take the easy points.

  14. I am really doing a lot of listening to what is being talked and speculated about potential PUke hires. Tons of crackpipe dreams by hopeful Pukers out there thinking Les, Kiffin, Art, Schiano, Sumlin and a couple of other highliners would tear down walls, climb tall mountains w/o oxygen assistance and get on their knees and beg to move to WL. It takes cash and they are at rock bottom. Even if they came up with the $ to higher a known HC they would then fall well short to hirer a full compliment of quality staff. A staff full of 2016 GA’s won’t cut it. Ill St. HC Brock Spack, maybe and he might cut it.. What maroons! POTFB.

  15. Po do you stumble over your own shadow? You do not even have what you think are the facts correct. It is not 1-16, it is 4-18. Blind huh!

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