1. How ’bout dat? We all know MSU is no offensive juggernaut but that looked like a pretty sound performance.

  2. Never been so happy to be so wrong! Shame on me for doubting IU would win this game. They made it difficult, but they never quit and were rewarded with a huge victory.

    Dear Coach Wilson, please take the points when you have an easy field goal. Your defense bailed you out in overtime, but your call in the first half, on fourth down, well within field goal range, could have cost you this game. And give Coach Allen a raise and a new contract extension. You’ve finally found yourself a good defensive coordinator whose players won this game by sacking MSU’s QB on two consecutive plays in overtime.

  3. I said IU would win this game last week. I was confident then. MSU had 2 big games before IU and is not as talented as previous years. I was worried when Feeney and Camiel were not in the game. But they found a way. For all of those on this site that don’t think IU is a better team, now have to start believing. This was an ugly win but it was a win. This is a team that should be much better when the line is back at full strength. But for now. Way to go Hoosiers!!!

  4. 123, all credit to you. You da man for your belief in our Hoosiers. Shame on me for doubting you.

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