1. IU better take care of T.A. I wonder how long T.A. and defense will hang in there for an inept offense as season wears on….and for the future.

  2. With the exception of Zander, IU’s Offense was terrible in the first half. Just terrible! Lagow throws a pick-six, and once again, IU can’t score a TD from inside the red zone. At least our kicker is on target today. But this type of performance by the offense is going to result in a third of the IU fans leaving the stadium at half time and not coming back. They’ve seen this all before.

    Tom Allen has done an outstanding job, and we can all be very proud of how hard his slightly undersized defense is playing.

    I’m shocked that Feeney is not playing today. His concussion must have been very severe.

  3. I know IU has injuries on offense. However, there is a reason Lagow came through junior college ranks via Connecticut and Oklahoma State. The exceptions by fans are to high for him compared to his ability level. K.W. and IU are trying to make the best of current QB situation and the QB has been an issue since K.W. has been at IU.

  4. I agree t, for a coach that has a reputation for being a QB guru, the position has been an issue since Wilson arrived. I’ve yet to see anything that proves justifies his reputation. Wilson didn’t recruit Sudfeld or Tre Roberson, and with both of them on the roster, he couldn’t make up his mind who would be the starter. Sudfeld had great numbers last year, but that was because IU ran so many plays on offense. In spite of a strong right arm, Lagow is not ready for prime time. I think he’s thrown eight INTs in six games so far this season. And when he’s under pressure, he often throws the ball high, like he did numerous times today. And it appears Wilson does not trust him in critical situations. 3rd quarter, IU makes an interception, giving us a chance to take the lead. Third down and eight and Wilson runs it off tackle to the left, netting two yards. IU punts. A HUGE opportunity lost. I know Wilson likes his new defense, but that call was ridiculous. It was so bad, the TV announcers both commented on it. At the end of the game, we only had two timeouts left. That cost us about 45 seconds. The reason we didn’t have all three timeouts was because Wilson burned a TO earlier in the half due to confusion by the offense.

    Really proud of Allen’s defense, though. They played another great game. Two fluke pass plays and a questionable call on Nebraska’s fumble cost us, but today’s loss was on the offense.

  5. And don’t get me started about Wilson going for it on fourth down inside field goal range again. He’s got last year’s Big Ten kicker of the Year on his roster, and he does not try the field goal, instead failing to convert on fourth down (again). That “riverboat gambler” crap is costing us games.

  6. Again another close game, but no cigar!! what do the IU fans expect from Lagow??? Lagow was throwing high and throwing interception in spring ball now he is doing it in big 10 games…at the present time Lagow is not close to being a Nat Sudfeld….If Sudfeld would have had this defensive when he played, IU would have won 8-9 games…Social media once said that when IU gets a defensive they would win 8-9 game…well looking at the rest of the schedule, IU will be lucky to win 6 games…the offensive this year is horrible….i am to the point give Zander Diamont or Austin King a opportunity….they definitely cannot do any worst then Lagow…..if you go with Austin King maybe he will be ready next year…..IU cannot beat a team when their best two offensive weapons are out injured.

  7. The way MSU is playing lately diminishes the value of IU’s win two weeks ago. Bummer.

    Dear Mr. Glass, please do everything in your power to hold on to Coach Allen. Do not let him leave IU.

  8. I agree 100 percent with Po. Everyone in the stadium knew we had the momentum when we took possession of the ball after a late interception. Having scored a TD on our previous possession, somehow we decide to hand the ball off three straight times and punt. Brilliant play calling. Our chances of winning greatly decreased at that point. And the decisions to not attempt field goals when in the kickers range, with a nice breeze to the kickers back, river boat stupidity. P0, you are spot on recognizing the crucial mistakes made by our HC. Our offense seems to do much better when it pushes the pace and is aggressive. The conservative play calling in certain situations is not working and trying to keep the games close by being conservative with the offense worked out against MSU, but most of the time it won’t for the Hoosiers. Not sure if Allen will be a future head coach one day, but I Love his enthusiasm and ability to communicate with everyone.

  9. t, what worries me is that when IU loses home games like yesterday’s loss and the game against Wake Forest, it reinforces the decades-old narrative in the minds of thousands of IU fans that IU Football is a loser. I’m not sure Wilson fully understands the connection between that narrative and his refusal to go all out in trying to win against higher ranked teams. Calling three consecutive running plays and failing to get a first down after your defense intercepted a pass in the third quarter was really, really stupid. But worse yet, it reinforced the narrative that desperately needs to be changed if Wilson expects fans to fill Memorial Stadium on a regular basis. To a lot of people, it’s “the same sad old story but with different coaches.”

    1. Po, agreed on your concerns with the same old IU FB. With the remaining schedule other than Michigan, there is no excuse for a worst case record of 7-5. I hear the talk about Freeney and the impact to this offense but here is my question to that response. Offense is missing an All-American and another NFL prospect on offense. How many All-Americans do we have on Defense? We have a DC in his first year with recruits from other coaches, and the D is playing well enough to allow us a chance to win. We have an Offense that is built over six years by out HC and we talk about missing personnel. I mean, Nebraska’s QB didn’t practice and had a boot on all week, he was hobbling around, they were missing their best Tight Ends, but they win. Same story with WF. Wilson was right about this team, it is competitive, but not a good team. In year six, it should be a good team.

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