Minor changes made to this week’s depth chart

Saturday’s game against Nebraska eliminated some of the indecision on Indiana’s depth chart.

Among the few notable changes to this week’s chart, Zander Diamont is now listed as the clear No. 2 quarterback behind starter Richard Lagow. Throughout the first five weeks, Diamont and Danny Cameron were both listed as second-string options. Now Cameron is slotted as the third quarterback in order.

Ian Thomas, coming off what IU coach Kevin Wilson called his best game to date, is now listed as the second-string tight end behind Danny Friend. Austin Dorris is now slotted third.

Robert McCray, who missed the first month of the season with a shoulder injury, is now listed as Jacob Robinson’s backup at defensive end. McCray has appeared in the past two games.

A’Shon Riggins’ emergence as IU’s top option at boundary corner is also now reflected on the two-deep. He’s listed as the starter over Ben Bach.

Here’s the full depth chart:

LT: Coy Cronk
, Delroy Baker
LG: Wes Martin, Hunter Littlejohn
C: Wes Rogers, Simon Stepaniak
RG: Dan Feeney or Jacob Bailey
RT: Brandon Knight DaVondre Love
WR: Ricky Jones, Luke Timian
WR: Nick Westbrook, Donavan Hale
WR: Mitchell Paige, Isaac James
QB: Richard Lagow, Zander Diamont, Danny Cameron
RB: Devine Redding, Mike Majette, Devonte Williams
TE: Danny Friend, Ian Thomas, Austin Dorris

DE: Greg Gooch
, Nile Sykes
DT: Nate Hoff, Ja’merez Bowen
DT: Ralph Green III, Patrick Dougherty
DE: Jacob Robinson, Robert McCray
LB: Marcus Oliver, Chris Covington
LB: Tegray Scales, Dawson Fletcher
CB: Rashard Fant, Tyler Green
HUSKY: Marcelino Ball, Zeke Walker
S: Jonathan Crawford, Khalil Bryant
S: Tony Fields, Chase Dutra
CB: A’Shon Riggins, Ben Bach

K: Griffin Oakes
, Aaron Del Grosso
P: Joseph Gedeon, Drew Conrad
LS: Dan Godsil, Logan Robbins
H: Joseph Gedeon, Mitchell Paige
KR: Devonte Williams, Ricky Brookins
PR: Mitchell Paige, Rashard Fant


  1. Actually McCray is a big deal. Always suspected he has the stuff to be All B1G at DE. Now we’ll find out for sure. He and Robinson are a hell of a combo platooning at the same spot. That OT is going to get wore out and raddled. More D pressing the opponent only helps our offense.

  2. No problem MM as apparently it wasn’t a big deal to the coaching staff till this week. But having him back is a difference maker. Not only for adding his performance but for enhancing Robinson’s too.

  3. The single biggest potential playmaker, Camion Patrick, is still missing? If available, he needs to be plugged in at running back, not at receiver. As for Feeney, he was ‘and/or’ for the last three weeks. I think this will be 5 weeks total, so far. He apparently has more issues than what’s being revealed.

  4. Chonnie, there is question about how strong his knee is after 6 months from ACL surgery. They can use him in the slot and have running plays for him on sweeps along with receiving passes. When his leg gets strong enough he will be used at RB.

    IU is getting important players back from injury and now we just need Feeney to get back on the field and playing like he did previously. It is time for IU to catch some breaks IE like NE did in our game with the two big passes. Hopefully getting the roster back, except for a couple of players lost for the season, IU can start clicking on offense and improve more on defense. This second half of the season are winnable games with the exception of UM which would be a huge upset if IU can beat them. Winning all games except UM IU can win eight games in the regular season.

  5. So is the continued listing of “or” as the starting deodorant (right guard, get it?) minor or major?

  6. Yes Feeney is the important piece to a better offense. The 2nd biggest piece is the D & ST’s getting more solid.

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