Nebraska coach on IU: “They do whatever they can to steal defensive signals”

Nebraska defensive coordinator Mark Banker is preparing this week for an Indiana offense that has not yet reached its full potential.

He’s also preparing to have his signals stolen.

Speaking with reporters in Lincoln on Tuesday, Banker said Indiana’s coaching staff has a reputation around college football for stealing calls. Knowing that, Banker said, the Cornhuskers will rely on dummy signals and wristbands when they get to Bloomington for Saturday’s 3:30 game against the Hoosiers.

“What I know about them personally is the fact that they do whatever they can to steal defensive signals,” Banker said. “They work at it real hard. They’re going to get your signals, and they don’t get them before the game, they get them during the snap, and then they actually call the play at the line of scrimmage.”

Banker said Nebraska will use multiple signals to call defensive formations, with plans to change those signals throughout the game. Banker is in his second season at Nebraska, having followed coach Mike Riley from Oregon State last year.

When a reporter asked how Banker knows Indiana steals signals, he indicated it’s something understood around college football.

“Coaching is a very tight fraternity,” Banker said. “Other teams have played them. Other teams have coached with other coaches on different staffs. Word gets around. Like I said, it’s nothing earth-shattering. I know in the Pac-12, every defense that was called for Arizona State, they did the same thing. You knew it because their whole offense would be on the line of scrimmage, and the defense would be looking at the head coach who was giving the signals because he wanted to know what the formation was going to be prior to him making a defensive call.

“They try to do it prior to that and get the signals. Like I said, some teams work harder at it than others.”


  1. Sounds like the paranoia from the Presidential campaign has leaked over to sports. Or maybe other way around.

  2. I wonder why every team in the country has thee different guys sending signals in simultaneously? They must all live in fear of IU.

    1. Chet, soon – very soon – the entire college football world will live in fear of the juggernaut that is IU football. Bwahh hahaa.

  3. Sounds pretty smart to me.
    IU finally gets a respectable defense and they start throwing accusations. Wonder what it will be like when Coach Allen has a couple years to recruit.

    1. The comment shows very little respect for the Big Ten Membership. As. Warren Buffett ‘s statesthe N on the Nebraska football gear, is for” Knowledge”

  4. Unbelievable that he is coming up with a reason before the game to explain their loss to IU. Looking at the OSU game film must have convinced him IU is much stronger than people think. By the way, what he describes is not stealing or cheating in football.

    I hope IU comes out and slaps NE in the mouth running away with the game. It is time for the team to click in all phases.

  5. Mark Banker embarrassed himself with those statements. He sounds like a wimp. I hope IU is stealing the signals. More power to us if we are.

    BTW, I don’t know if they’re still doing it these days, but back in the 70’s and 80’s, Nebraska was one of the biggest corrupt football programs in the country. They were world class cheaters when recruiting players. I have two close friends that were recruited by Nebraska back in the 70’s. Perhaps I was naive when I first heard their stories, but it was unbelievable what Nebraska offered those young men and their families during their respective recruiting processes and what occurred while they were taking their official visits to Nebraska. I’m sure Nebraska was not the only program using illegal recruiting practices back then, but it allows a person to understand how that mediocre university in the middle of Nebraska became such a dominant national football power for so many years.

  6. Nervous, envious or both. Coming from the PAC12 where he says everyone does it how long did it take the idiot to figure out he out to disguise his signals like everybody else. I’m with v something has shaken this guy.

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